Tuesday, April 25, 2006

all sorts

walked with the dog at about 1pm today - probably only about 3/4 of a mile but it was a fast pace going out , and she dragged her heels coming home again.

Gorgeous weather (for here) light blue sky and one or two puffy clouds ... but still no real sign of spring in OUR garden and only a few whispers elsewhere, but it was warm. I went with no coat and only a fleece which I took off quite quickly.

We went through one small wood (she was on lead as she's on heat right now - but luckily we didn't see any other dogs anyway) and back a new route. About 25 mins in total so might have been closer to 1mile afterall.

Then (nothing to do with walking but want to tell you anyway) I went to town with a friend. I bought curtain fabric and made new bedroom curtains this evening. If you knew me at all you'd realise how close any of that is to a real 100% miracle - and I'm pretty proud of myself. Oh and I bought us a new bedspread too.

(still to make cushions butI have the fabric and the cushion - I'm glad I got that as the curtains came out a big lighter than I expected - so the blue cushions will help darken it all a bit -- hopefully I'll be motivated to do that all next week when I'm taking it easier under doctors' orders. Not sure how that will affect the walking, but tomorrow I still walk anyway. hopefully a bit longer and a bit nicer route)

be blessed

miles walked - no idea, 8 ???
miles cycled prob 15,
curtains made 1 pair (and the ties too!)

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