Friday, April 28, 2006

21 miles

Today I got in 2 walks, at least a mile each, and if the weather and my knees hold up, I might try one after our Friday night date. In the morning I slipped Mozart into my cd player and walked at the park, detouring through a neighbor of really big houses and elaborate landscaping.

In the afternoon, I walked here at the condo, and went down by the creek to pause and watch the tadpoles in the sunlight. A mother duck and her 10 teeny babies came up the bank, saw me, then turned around and got back in the water. Their camouflage is amazing. If I hadn't been watching them enter the water I wonder if I would have seen them.

21 miles since Easter


Joanne said...

Baby ducklings - just love them. Makes me want to read "Make Way for the Ducklings".

Cathy said...

You are way ahead of me in the walking department. Your picture is so pretty. Think I will listen to Vivaldi on my walk!