Sunday, April 23, 2006


I'm feeling a bit of a fraud - cos today again I went cycling - for about an hour- with the dog. Cycling isn't walking - but I've enjoyed this.

Today we headed out of town past our local supermarket and then on the bike path through an area where they are building new homes. I was amazed how fast they are getting on with the job.

A couple of km on we took a steep right (the dog did great) and then up a hill (not too steep) and along by a small forest /woods. She dog slowed down hopefully (she'd have loved to go for a run off lead there I think, but as she's on heat not the wisest thing to do) so I spoke in a firm voice eteenpain (forward) and she started moving faster again, ears back. And I laughed.

We took another successful right after 2-3 km and headed home at a bit slower pace. Walking the last ½km so I guess I did walk some.

How has your day been?

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Songbird said...

I think your cycling sounds great! I am taking the day off to rest my sore heel pads and will resume walking tomorrow.