Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday evening - welcome new walker!

We have a new walker amongst our midst. Purechristianthink will be joining us on our journey. Welcome and thank you for joining us.

I walked about a mile and a half last evening. I saw a young rabbit (2nd time I have seen it in the same yard, so now I know where it lives), woodpecker (need to research it to find out which one), bluejay and mockingbird. I actually did see some "human beans" working out in the yard.

I am listening to River of Doubt, which has proven to be quite entertaining. It's an historical account of Teddy Roosevelt's trip through South America and the trials and tribulations on that trip.

Today was straight to rehearsal for the group I sing with "Voices of Angels" = we are preparing for our concert in May.

Since Sunday, I have walked approximately 3.5 miles, so need to get a move on!

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see-through faith said...

WELCOME pcit :)