Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Morning

We had a little more time today than on a weekday, so we drove out to a neighboring seaside suburb and explored the trails at Robinson Woods. We took the Outer Loop trail, a rambling 2.4 miles enjoyed by both dogs and people. We met a jogger along the way, but otherwise we had the place to ourselves, aside from the breeding salamanders. It's a beautiful spring morning, sun shining, temperature in the low 50's.
Much like yesterday, my heart and lungs wanted to go a little faster than my sore legs/feet would allow. I seem to have hurt my heel pads, and they complain to me.
Molly came home with very muddy feet and is also complaining, saying "Woowoo!" at the back door because I won't let her in until the dirt dries!!
Miles today, 2.4; Total Miles, 10.1.

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see-through faith said...

seaside .. oh I'm envious, but happy for you ofcourse (I mean I am nice too!)

hope your feet feel better soon, and Molly shakes the sand and mud off.

wish you lived nearer ... your walks sound such fun!