Saturday, April 29, 2006

Picking up trash on my walk

At my regular blog today I wrote about picking up trash. On my morning walk around the condo grounds I noticed a lot of bottles and plastic bags had floated down the creek with the rains, so after about a mile, I went back in and got my camera. Then I went over to our Mill Run Church campus to help hang an art show, and thought I go down by the river first for another mile. That turned out to be a very bad idea because there was some sort of crew event with school buses and cars parked everywhere, and parents and grandparents running across 6 lanes of traffic to get a coffee at McDonald's. So I took a side street and got out of there. I walked at the park next to the church and saw a lot of trash there too.

This afternoon I got a large trash bag and went out with one of the "grabber" sticks that people with arthritis can use (I think it was my mother-in-law's), and pulled trash out of the creek and from under bushes. Filled it up completely in about 15 minutes--plastic bags, drinking cups, pop bottles, a for sale sign in several pieces, heavy plastic that appeared large enough to cover a mattress, some kind of metal panel, appliance instructions, newspaper ads and a long piece of wide red ribbon.

23 miles since Easter.


see-through faith said...

good for you :) and thanks!

Blogger said...

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