Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Beauties

Was not up as early as usual. So it was a later AM walk than I was planning. As I walked out to the road, I was planning the yard cleanup for 2007 planting - this year I'm filling in where I lost roses and shrubs from last years drought with annuals.

It is about just a little breezy, but just right as far as temperature. The breeze carries all the spring flowers perfume with me as I walk. I am trying to walk my whole route on weekends - about three miles.

The effect on me - not near as stressed when it comes to the job, besides learning to really see and listen to what is around me. I wonder at how many different flowering crab apple trees I see just along the town streets and at the edge of the bicycle path, all different shades of maroon, red, pink, and white. What a wonderful sight!

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