Friday, April 28, 2006

Nature Walk or Dog Walk?

Our Thursday walk at the Nature Preserve was more a dog walk than a nature walk, as we met several friendly dogs along the way. Sam and Molly ran out to greet them with delight! I, too, was delighted to realize that the Red Trail, a mile of very root-y path with a couple of big ups and downs, was much easier for me than the last time I did it about a month ago. Getting regular exercise actually works--amazing!!

Edited to add: Today we went back to one of the trails maintained by our city, down by Pretty Pretty River, scene of our famous icy walk of winter. We met up with a nice woman and her equally nice black lab and all of us walked along together to see the falls. This is nowhere near a rugged hike, but it is a trail with lots of ups and downs and is very good exercise for both the dogs and me.

Thursday: 1 mile
Friday: 1.2 miles
Total: 14.8 miles


Joanne said...

Up and down trail - great for both you and the dogs. Exercise is amazing - if I can just keep away from the M&M's.

see-through faith said...

sounds lovely :)