Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter - The Great 50 days - 50 miles

Easter Sunday

Unfortunately my Easter has been disrupted by the flu, I think. Woke up with the normal flu symptoms - sore throat, headache, coughs. Since we have had many cases of mumps in the area and I did not have mumps as a child, I thought it best to stay home and make sure that I was not contagious.

Even so, I pulled out my Bible to read the passages of Palm Sunday through Easter.
Also read from a book of devotions and listened to church services on the radio.
I thought about what our lives would be like if Easter never happened - it is not imaginable.

I am feeling better after napping the late morning through just a little while ago. I guess the aspirin, chicken soup, and tea have helped. I am hoping this is a one day thing and will be doing my normal walk tomorrow.

It has been stormy and rainy most the afternoon. Such a day - tomorrow is supposed to be sunny to partly cloudy. So I will start the Great 50 Days on Day 2.

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