Saturday, April 29, 2006

walking in spirit only

unless you count walking to the car and then around the supermarket today, I've not walked since Wednesday. And it's such a shame as there are crocusses out nearby (spied from the car) and the spring weather is fine. Hubby just took DD and her German exchange visitor + dog to Naantali for a walk and I so wanted to go, but even being in the car, and then wandering around the supermarket using the trolley as a zimmer frame was "too much" and I came back for a nap.

I'm feeling ok but exhausted after the op you see, but they did say I could start walking as soon as I felt energetic enough. Today no, but maybe tomorrow. Let's see (grin)

It's been lovely here to read what you've all been doing. 50 miles in 50 days - what a blessing to us all :)


Sally said...

Lorna, I think we'd be more worried if you had been walking!!! Praying for your recovery.

Cathy said...

I think the operation counts as walking. Rest and take care of yourself!

Joanne said...

Take care and recover fast. The blossoms will still be there when you get out and about.

Songbird said...

Gosh, yes, do rest and heal!