Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And Now it Is Wednesday

Four Mornings - Four Great Walks

I've been able to walk every morning, a little different turn in my paths each day. It was early summer Sunday and Monday with 90+ temperatures, but with walking early in the morning, it was a little cooler. I have been seeing roses and lovely annuals throughout my walks.

The fish are still jumping and I saw a big snapping turtle in the canal. Little did I know that I would be rescuing a snapping turtle from the road yesterday. That is not part of the walking, but it was such an experience - I had to use the snow shovel to carry him to the brush by the ditch, with him snapping at the snow shovel all the way. And then this morning, there he was on top of a sand embankment by the road. I think he was digging himself into the sand. He was nowhere to be found tonight.

On the walks, the birds are singing so beautifully. As I walked this morning, I thought about the dear brown thrasher who sings at 4AM just outside my window. I wonder if he is the gggggggg.....grandchild of one of our summer boarders from the 1960's. I wake up thanking the Lord for such a lovely alarm ring.

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