Friday, May 26, 2006

On the Trail

Although I have been absent from the blog, I have been walking most days. Today we had a lovely tramp through the woods at Posh Neighboring Town Nature Preserve. Molly Dog has been sick, but felt perky enough finally for a real walk this morning. Of course she had to lie down in whatever puddle of water she could find to cool off along the way, so we have a dirty dog on our hands. But the walk was worth it! Ladyslippers and lilies of the valley were in evidence. In a muddy spot we found the track of what may have been a moose, since it was awfully large for a deer. The woods smelled wonderful. We took some connector trails that were new to me, and I even felt inspired to do a little running.

This walking has been great. Cathy, thanks again for starting this supportive community.


Lorna said...

it is supportive isn't it? and I'm so blessed to be part of it.

Norma said...

Me too. Some days when I hesitate I wonder how I'll face "the girls."

see-through faith said...

how is Molly now songbird?

oh and Norma that's not my movitation ... I love swinging by and seeing how others are doing, where they are walking, what they are thinking and love to share my stories too.

You are all so inspiring.