Sunday, May 07, 2006

Why I do the mail run at church

I'm a member of Upper Arlington Lutheran Church which has 3 campuses. Volunteers drive between campuses each work day delivering mail and printed material (print shop is at one location). Here's how I got this job.

One Sunday in 2003 as best I recall, a woman (about 100 lbs overweight) asked me if I'd be the "do-nut person" for the 8:30 service. They are delivered, but someone needs to get them to the coffee machine and do the set-up. "No way," I said. "That's the devil's work." "I agree," she said, "but I knew you are a morning person and just thought. . ." her voice trailed off as her eyes scanned the Narthex for another candidate. So I volunteered to be the Thursday mail courier for the 10 a.m. run between locations. A little late in the day for me, but fewer calories.

2 miles on Friday, 1 on Saturday. 2 chocolate do-nut holes at church this morning. Total: 37 miles since Easter.

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