Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Monday and Tuesday Mornings

It seems I need to take a break at night to write of my day's journey. Then I wouldn't need to be catching up. These last two days have been good walking weather. Yesterday I took my usual route down through town and to the bicycle path. Not very eventful, too early- everyone was half asleep, even the birds. It was very quiet and peaceful, my thoughts went to my work and so I went through the day's schedule and what was needed for the agency's board meeting. So much for life balance.

This morning was cloudy and looking like it would rain any minute. I have many white lilies of the valley out my front door and by the driveway, there are some pink ones. They smell so yummy.

I took another route through town to the Canal. The geese were by the water - have not been able to find a nest, but it must be close by because these two do not venture too far away.

This is a two miler round trip so I head back to get ready for work.

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