Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Walks

We had two lovely walks this weekend, and by "we" I mean I was out with my husband and our dogs. On Saturday morning, we walked about a mile at the Trolley Park, now a quiet and lovely place for a walk. All the buildings are gone, leaving behind a riverside path, some modest hills and an unfortunate view, from one end, of the city's recycling center with its mountains of discarded items. But aside from that last, which is only visible from one small section, it's a very nice place to walk.
Sunday afternoon, we went to Mackworth Island, where the trail of 1.25 miles encircles the island. Molly and Sam have to be on the leash, and this means I sometimes have to jog to keep up with the pace! Good for me, right?

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Cathy said...

Good for you is right - those dogs will keep you running!