Saturday, May 27, 2006

Late Saturday Morn

So much for my plans - I'm really procrastinating and did not accomplish as much as I had hoped to yesterday. We have developed a unseasonally hot weekend.

I walked later than usual, so the temp was 88 degrees ( I don't listen to the heat index) and the humidity was up. The southern breeze helped some, but this is the warmest time I have walked this year. The roadside was mowed for the weekend, creating the smell of fresh cut hay. The birdsong was coming from the woods across the road. Along the way, the cattle were in the small pasture. It looked like three calves were playing "King of the Hill" on a mound of dirt.

Down through town there was not much activity and along the canal it was very quiet. Saw lots of dragonflies and some Monarch butterflies flitting along the bank. Even the fish were quiet. Since this is a Holiday weekend, I just took my time and enjoyed this day of summerlike weather.

Back along my road, I stepped up my stride, since I really need to get down to brass tacks with my yardwork.

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