Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Jaunt

Up and at em early today - Cold unMay weather is predicted for later and for the weekend. Before my walk I took down the hanging baskets and wind chimes since there was a wind advisory for this afternoon.

Down the road I start, treated to early morning sounds and to the smell of fresh cut grass. I look over to the field - and I'm seeing the corn sprouting.

We've had some locally heavy rain here that washed away some seed, but this field looks good. Down through town and to the bicycle path,the back home to get ready for work. Some days off through Monday. So I will be digging in the dirt Monday, planting shrubs, roses, and lily bulbs. May eyes are always bigger than my arms, but I wanted to replace what i lost last year. Hopefully this year I will be a better steward to my garden.

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