Friday, May 26, 2006

6 Days of Walks

Here I am - catching up again. Walked my usual routes since Sunday. Today added a mile, since I have a long weekend. Spent most of the walks focusing on responsibilities at work, but still enjoyed the scenery. Today, this walk was just for me to enjoy what beauty was all around me.

I must say, the Yellow Rose of Texas rosebush has never been in such bloom. I almost lost it in 1999 when the mowers kept cutting it off and I was too busy to realize what was happening. Salvaged the yellow beauty by covering with boxes for 2 years. Now it is growing full force.

My walk this AM met with a bevy of irises blooming, all colors. In some yards there were the usual purple, yellow, and lavendar. In other yards were rainbow hues of all sizes.

Had to stop and pet my Malamute friend, Moose. He's such a big baby and loves to have is stomach rubbed.

Then down to the canal. Early enough this AM to hear the fish splashing and surfacing for food. I think the Mayflies are out and although they usually aren't found during the day, it is shady enough by the canal for them to still be around in the early morning hours.

Back to the house. Have lots of planting, weeding, and yardwork to accomplish.

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