Saturday, May 20, 2006


Early start this morning. I'm hoping the farmer neighbor doesn't mow the side of the road before tomorrow. I'm headed into the office today, but want to dig up a part of the daisy when I get home this evening.

It was great walking weather - cool, but sunny. As I walked down the road, I heard the baby birds rustling in the ditch along the road - frogs, baby rabbits, baby wrens, maybe even meadowlarks. Could not see what was there, grass was so long. Hope all the critters will survive a mowing.

Walking by the canal, I heard a lot of splashing. The bank was pretty steep and without my glasses, I had to wait until the splashing got closer. At first I thought it was beavers. Then I saw some dorsal fins - in my head, I could hear the theme song from "Jaws". There were several rings of splashing. I then thought there were also snakes or eels because I could see a beastie zigzagging in the water. Finally I saw a couple of fish heads. There were at least 6 schools of fish feeding - probably carp. But it did add to the excitement of the walk.

Back home, the iris are starting to bud and will soon be blooming.

This really is truly a lovely way to start the day!

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