Sunday, May 14, 2006

feeling such a fraud

walking the 40 miles in 40 days in lent was great, but somehow I feel I've failed badly in Pentecost. Ironically the weather's been lovely whereas in lent it was ghastly.

I know I had an op etc etc but still.

Thursday was the last day I walked and I enjoyed it. I also cycled then.
There was no real excuse on Friday. yes I'm immersed in my thesis ... but still ... sigh. Yesterday was 'too windy' What? to walk! Give me a break. (and yes I was stuck rather heavily into my thesis again)

anyway today I'm out and about again. Walking to church in 30 mins time (it's about 1 mile) then mothers' day lunch at MILs and walking home again. I'll (probably) cycle down to the cathedral this afternoon too.

and the good news is that next week I go to Canada. The first weekend involves some walking and the following week a lot more (as my friend doesn't have a car and I won't have a bike)

so watch this space.

Today is a new day and I rejoice :)


Norma said...

Sounds like you're getting some walking in spite of yourself.

Sally said...

You are not a fraud Lorna , sometimes life just steps in we cannot do everything!

see-through faith said...

thanks both of you. Feelings can be deceptive as we all know .. :)