Saturday, May 06, 2006

More Glorious Days

Here it is Saturday and again I'm catching up on my writing.

Thursday and Friday were late nights at work, but I knew that was going to happen -- I walked in the early morning. The blossoms this year are still going strong. The dogwoods are gorgeous. I'm seeing and hearing more birdsong. The brown thrasher has yet to find a place for his nest - not sure if he has found a mate.

Saturday - I'm out the door to the brown thrasher's song. I hear the wren to the north. I thought a saw a bluebird, I hope.

As I head into the little town, I see a robin flying with a long piece of yarn. The yarn trailed after him like a banner from a plane.

The little early phlox are staring to bloom. I'm waiting to see the blossoms of the iceplants that wintered over by a friend's mailbox.

I'm just at the Canal and can hear the geese - their nest must be near by.

At my turn around, I stop to visit with a puppy friend and head back to my home.

It is a beautiful day - all my windows are open to let in Spring !

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