Friday, May 26, 2006

we walked miles!

We went to Ottawa yesterday. What a lovely town. I do have photos but still haven't figured to get them from my camera /laptop to anyone elses so I can access flickr. So you'll just have to take my word that we had a fabulous day. We walked from the bus-station to the parliament, and did the self-guided walking tour. Fabulous buildings and landscape too.

We had lunch (yummy Indian)in the main pedestrian street (apparently the first in Canada!) and then walked to the Rideau canal (connecting Kingston to Ottawa) and the locks. I have a thing about canals. We even went on a canal holiday for our honeymoon. (grin)

We were in Ottawa for 8 hours and walked almost all the time, as well as to the bus-station and back, so a lot of miles!!! in sunshine and with a grin on my face the whole day. (Oh we found a great Christian bookstore too - and I was so restrained it hurt)

Today I'm back in Kingston and we've walked a fair bit with a brisk 40 minute walk to look forward to after this. I'm in need of a holiday. Yikes! This is my holiday.
Weather a bit rainy today, but the forecast is good for tomorrow. Hope they are right as we're doing a 3 h boat trip to the thousand islands.

pics to come, one of these days!
Be blessed

PS Alice has posted some pics here

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