Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can this Spring hold?

Yesterday, May 1, one of our local newspeople said that we'd had 15 days of 70 degree weather in April, and one in the 80s. We can't remember a prettier Spring because the storms never came to smash and scatter the blossoms and petals. Our rains have been at night, and gentle. So, I should stop patting myself on the back for being so faithful to my routine. Last night's book club at Barbara's had everyone on her back deck overlooking a sweeping lawn down to the river that flows though the Clintonville section of Columbus.

I got two walks in yesterday--one about noon, and the other with my husband after supper. The flowering crabs are mostly gone, and we're not too good at identifying plants, but I think they are white dogwoods and azaleas. I got some photos, but haven't downloaded them yet. Now I'm off to vote.


This neighbor is gifted with plants

Leading me away from the babies

26 miles since Easter.
Update: 2 walks today, 30 minutes each. Now 28 miles since Easter.

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