Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm Playing Catch Up

Monday through Wednesday:

Monday was rainy most of the day, so it was again the treadmill. Short and not so sweet.

Tuesday was much better - out early and enjoying the early morning sights and sounds. When I walked out of my driveway, I saw a tulip plant that decided to show pretty faces again. I think the bulbs have over time buried themselves too deep, so I have a project for later this year - to carefully loosen up the soil all around the flower beds. The birds are having a marvelous time - cardinals, robins, the gold finches, brown thrashers, and so many others. I believe I heard an oriole this morning. I walked down to the Canal and a little ways beyond. I finally totaled up my miles - 24 as of today.

Wednesday - another great morning. Up and out by 6AM. The sun was just popping over the hills and my friend, the brown thrasher was singing from the highest tree across the road. There was a mist rising from the field and I could smell the moist earth. They have cut the grass by the Canal - the water was so peaceful - I heard the geese nearby, but did not see them. This morning is a good morning for walking a fast pace, but I have to cut my walk to 2 miles rather than 3 - need to be to work earlier today.

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