Monday, May 22, 2006

out and about in Canada

Friday. I walked and RAN miles of airline corridors and made my connection in Heathrow, London. What's more my bags did too, but they weren't hot and sweaty when they arrived!

Saturday. I went with Erin (Biscotti Brain) on a walk in a place called Marcy's woods, which lead down to Lake Erie. Fabulous!

Sunday (that's yesterday I think!) we visited Niagara Falls and then walked around a bit (mostly window shopping up and down the main St -so I'm not sure that counts) in Niagara on the Lake. We didn't get out of the car in Niagara as it was drizzling and there was a cold wind howling, but those Falls are amazing. I was here about four years ago now and they ministered to me then, and again now. The power of those Falls is NOTHING compared to God's love.

Some pics coming from Canada soon. (I hope!)
But wanted to drop by and give you all a big ((((hug)))) and say I am walking and I am happy! (grin)

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