Thursday, June 01, 2006

Count before I lose track

I had 69 miles as of Saturday. Let me figure--2 miles on Sunday. Then 3 miles on Monday, 1.5 at the Lake and 1.5 at home in Columbus walking in the evening when it cooled down a bit (It's been in the high 80s and low 90s here--very unusual.) Tuesday only about 1.5, and Wednesday about the same because of the heat. So I think that puts me at 77 miles since Easter. Today I'm doing the mail run for the church, so if it's not too hot I'll step out a bit.
I start here for the pick-up

take the mail here, pick up a box and return

Update: I walked a mile after the mail run, picking a shady north south street and another 1.5 in the afternoon. For me, spliting up the walk time works best. 79.5 miles since Easter.

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lorna said...

you run the mail from one church building to another? interesting! thanks for the photos.

You've been such an inspiration and encouragement here. Thank you!