Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday AM: Raining cats and dogs on and off all day. But when I got home, it had quit so I'm walking. Just two miles today, but need to get back to my AM schedule. As I walked down my road I noticed that west side of the ditch has at least three big patches of poison ivy - I'll make sure to steer clear, do not know if I am susceptible. The air was still humid but it was not too hot. The daisies and cornflowers are agian blooming after being mowed once. The farmer neighbor is spraying weeds in the soy bean field. Lots of giant rag weed coming up. Went down to the canal and back. On my way back, I see the fireflies (lightening bugs - we call em here in Illinois) have come back to provide some entertainment.

Thursday AM: Not so early today - dentist appointment first, rained from 5:30AM til 10:00AM. Just as I returned home, the rain stopped - I decided to walk the two miles. The sun was coming from behind some clouds and shone on a Robin, really highlighting his red breast. The gold finches and swallows were flitting about. That's good - not so many mosquitoes as a result. The humidity was down and the air smelled so fresh. I could smell many of the flowers that were blooming and enjoyed watching the clouds break away as I walked. Turned around at the canal and then back home to prepare for work.

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