Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Already Tuesday

This has been a busy three days.

Sunday - Outside and walking and enjoying! God's Little Creatures are very busy these days - saw many rabbits and their babies and lots of squirrels. The flowers are beautiful, but we again need rain. I still have trays of flowers to plant and bushes to put in - so as I walk, I'm planning the planting areas. I know this week will be treadmill until Wednesday AM. Then maybe I can do at least 2 miles again outside.

Monday - Late at work so it was the treadmill. "Blue" kit cat likes to attack the ramp and then jump on for a little ride. Managed 15 minutes.

Tuesday - Working again late so treadmill inside tonight. Can hardly wait until tomorrow AM to be outside and enjoy my route along the canal and all the lowers and fauna. Aldso must finish the planting of the annuals.

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