Sunday, June 25, 2006

The joys of exercise

I've never felt like this, no matter how regularly or successfully I've exercised, but here's what Live, Love Laugh, a Christian who works in a police department says about it:

"Percentage of Americans who own running shoes but don't run: 87% [Norma's in that group]

Today, I will leave work, meet up with my husband and go for a two mile walk. This is a time for me to reflect, to pray, to listen. By the time I get finished, I am so invigorated I feel like I could take on anything. I started this routine to lose some weight, but also to relieve stress. I then I go for a swim just for the pure enjoyment of it.

I challenge my friends and family to get into a regular exercise routine. American Health is quoted as saying, "Regular exercise toughens the mind as well as the body. After working out three times a week for six months, one group was found to be 20% fitter. Bonus: they also scored 70% better in a test of complex decision making."

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