Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Great Fiftieth Day

And so the Fifty Days have passed with much enjoyed. I do think these walks have tuned me in to the world more and have opened up my eyes, ears, and feelings to what God has given me.

Early walk this Morning to enjoy This Fiftieth Day. All the birds were chirping and singing. The squirrels were enjoying an early morning run and the turtles and fish were having a splash party. The sky was so blue that it seemed not to end and the few clouds that sailed by were like fluffs of cotton.

A sad ending as I had to bury one of the outside cats - run over sometime last night. His two siblings sat by as I dug in the soft ground and placed the box in the space prepared and covered the grave with dirt, then placed three large rocks atop so the grave couldn't be dug out.

Now to prepare for the upcoming week.

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