Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three Spring Morning Walks

Time is flying by. I have managed to do the eary morning walks all week. Each morning I have met new characters along the way, a white toy poodle named Harley ( for Harley Davidson Motorcycles) -such a ferocious bundle of fur, he really just wanted to get acquainted, a family of bunnies - mama and 4 babies, and a loveable orange tiger cat.

The mornings are just cool enough for the fish to still be doing splashing and jumping in the canal. That should last about one more week, my fisherman friend told me they were still spawning.

The walks through town provide a great look at different flowering plants. Of course I have to stop and take notice.

On my way back, I kept my eyes open for the turtle, but haven't seen since Wednesday AM.

Today I did my three miles. I need to set a faster pace - Race for the Cure next Saturday - 5k (just a little over 3 miles). So this next week, I will be doing speed walking and some running. Now to the office for a couple of hours and then home to yardwork.

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