Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soggy Saturday

A whole week of walks, ending with Race for the Cure. My walks this week averaged two miles, with today's being just over three miles. Today's walk is special - best friend is a second year breast cancer survivor. My other walks for the week have been the usual route through the little town and then along the Canal. I have started to do some running and am doing more speed walking. My routes now will vary because I will be adding "around the blocks" to add 2 miles to my route by the end of July.

Today we finished the route and were just walking to the parking lot when we heard the roll of thunder. Rain poured down for about an hour, then let up. After rained off and on. With the weather the way it was, I went shopping for flower odds and ends to finish up the flower beds. Off on Monday, so tomorrow afternoon and Monday will be planting time, then weeding / trimming, and snipping off the dead flowers so more blooms will come.

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Norma said...

Good for you for doing a special walk for your friend. You both benefit.

A friend of mine, a 2x cancer survivor, walks with my name in a Heart walk.