Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slow Start This Week

Sunday - Tuesday: Dreaded Treadmill
Wednesday - Back to Outside: usual path
Thursday - Friday: Now I'm cookin'

Saturday AM:
After a week of not knowing when to walk/jog since I still am planting flowers, I have now decided early AM is my favorite time to do the routes. As I walk this AM - no running or jogging - my weekend journeys will be to reflect and look around, I am planning my week. Doing much better with the flowers than the last two years, just a few annuals left and then 12 bushes to plant.

It was so peaceful this morning - the birds were in wonderful harmony and the sun was just coming up. As I walked by the canal, I saw a muskrat gliding along and heard several bull frogs. The fish were not leaping, but could still see some just under the surface. As I passed by a turtle catching his breakfast, I must have startled him as he swam away.

Back to the house, and enjoying the roses that are blooming.
Then as I open the door, I almost had a visitor - a tree toad. What a find that would have been for the three kit cats!

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