Thursday, June 11, 2009


My walking has been confined to the weekends, but wanted to share a close encounter yesterday morning.

As I was starting my morning exercise, I was surprised by a doe and a fairly new born fawn in the orchard. Of course "Mom" jumped the fence, leaving baby in the tall grass on my side of the fence. If only they had stayed in the woods on the other side of the road. The doe, as they do, bounded into the field. I imagine she wanted to head for the small woods between two fields - about a 1/2 mile away. I went to the fence line and there the fawn lay so quiet, yet not seeming to be frightened. I lifted the fawn over the fence and into a bed of tall grass. The baby was light as a feather. What a sensation to be that close to God's new creation! The doe had stopped not too far away and watched. I then went into the house.

Lucky that I did what I did for the neighbor's yellow hound was in my yard right after my going inside. Thank goodness he was too busy sniffing for rabbits. I called out my window for him to "Go Home!" and for once he did.

The doe was there with the fawn when I left for work - hopefully they reached the woods and are safe, as the farmer neighbor was spraying the fields when I came home from work.


Norma said...

I think what looks like flight on the part of animal mothers is their instinct to attract attention to themselves to draw you away from the baby. I see that with the ducks in our area. I don't see any babies, but the mother appears from nowhere and is quacking and flying away from the little ones.

angela said...

We had a doe born last year in the grazing land behind our yard. I think the cattle fencing really made it difficult for mother and baby. Whenever we mowed, the baby would try to jump the fence. The mother showed herself a few times jumping over the fence to admonish the doe and put her back in place. I so wanted to help and glad to hear that you were able to negotiate that easily.

Anonymous said...

How lucky to have wildlife to watch. it sure beats the same old walkpath or worse yet, the trendmill in a basement. If you want to talk about dedication...and these 90+ days,where does all the water go I am drinking! I've been walking for over 10 years now and find it takes a lot to get me to sweat anymore??? Each summer after my birthday ( I am now 70!) I try to walk 7 miles in a day..This summer I barely got it done before this current heat wave arrived.In addition to my 5 miles a day I do not count my morning walk with the irish or my evening walk with my sisters and always the Irish. On average I think I do 6 plus miles a day. I gave up record my miles because the ped-o-meters never function very long or I charge out of the house without one. I find my days is not complete without some walking,winters around here can be challenging and I walk regularly on our golf course,there I have seen deer, fox and wild turkey and in late fall ducks and geese.Keep walking ladies. I will be thinking of you. Lynne -Northern Illinois