Monday, May 25, 2009


I am finally getting with the program - it is taking a little longer than I thought (won't start Nautilus for another month).

My walks have been fruitful with flora and fauna.Along the canal path, I have watched mama goose, papa goose, and 4 goslings. My other bird finds include 2 blue herons, at least 1 pair of Eastern Bluebirds, lots of Robins and Goldfinch, Flickers, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Red-Winged Blackbirds, and the most surprising of all - a Pileated Woodpecker. The canal is alive with turtles and fish and along the banks and path squirrels and bunnies are playing. Plants and shrubs are blooming in abundance - even found a shrub in my rose bush brambles that I'm not sure whether it is something I want to keep or if it is a pest - must look it up in my gardening books.

This weekend has been spectacular. My brother was here from Nebraska for a couple of days and I have been digging in the dirt and trimming and weeding. This is a good start this year - slow,but if I remember to get myself out of the office early enough in the evenings, this will be a great stress reliever besides helping my waistline.

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Norma said...

I'm impressed that you know all those names--I'm pretty much limited to robin, sparrow and cardinal.