Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Riding in the snow and sleet (on the exercycle)

I just rode my bike through beautiful Loch Etive Scotland for about 12 minutes. VITA Digital Productions. We got 4 virtual jog and bike ride DVDs for Christmas. It's 59 minutes, but I'm out of shape, and ate too much for the holidays, so we'll do this in segments. It begins on a roadway with birds chirping and sheep bleating with gorse (yellow) and Blue Bells blooming (late May). I'm not there yet, but the explanation says I'll see the ruins of a stone cottage used in the 1960 movie, Kidnapped. As the sleet and snow hit the window of my office, it's a nice diversion.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Photo on the frig trick

Posting a photo of me (thinner) on the frig door never seemed to work. But I saw a recent photo of Isabella Rosellini with her twin sister Ingrid and 1/2 sister Pia that might work. She has really packed on the pounds--still beautiful, however. Now 60. Where does the time go? Trying the exercycle again and have asked for cycling dvd's of Italy and Ireland for Christmas.