Thursday, June 29, 2006

bowing in the wind

bowing in the wind
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If you are wondering about the title - my friend Elina wrote a wonderful worship song about 18 months ago - about us bowing before God. I was reminded of this when I saw the grass and flowers worshipping today.

DD and I went on a long ramble on a nature trail not far from here. Mindy - the evangelist - was off lead and came flying back at one ponit having disturbed a swan and her cygnets! But we had a lovely (long-ish) hike.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Four miles for sure

I don't have a pedometer, but guessing by my time, I'm figuring 4 miles yesterday. I walk along the lakefront, then choose a side street through town for the return to the cottage.

I don't know these ladies, but I thought they looked like they were having a great time on vehicles quite popular with the kids around here. That's Lake Erie behind them. I asked for permission to post this on my blog, and they said yes, and then, "What's a blog?"

more fraudish feelings

haven't been walking for a while - not even with the dog - DD's doing that.

I did go cycling on Sunday - and it was lovely. Planned to go yesterday too - but the first rain in weeks. Also raining today but not as heavily. The garden looks lovely.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More light

This picture was taken this evening the sky was wonderful, it started out cool this morning, but by the time we got out for a walk it was warm. I have been struggling to get out and walk recently, pressure of life and all that...
Fresh resolve!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lakeside at Night

My husband is trying out his new camera. We walked down to the lakefront last evening so he could try out the night settings.

Sort of misty, but this is Put-in-Bay (island in Lake Erie with a monument from the War of 1812) with the view finder

These are all the old timers (some who might have been here as teen-agers) sitting on the pavilion waiting to see a lovely sunset.

and they weren't disappointed

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Walking in Thought

Walked in early afternoon, weather was glorious. I really must become a bit more competitive with myself. I have been procrastinating with stepping up the pace in these walks and finishing the planting for 2 weeks. But... for today, I will just take things at my current pace.

I was greeted with many hello barks from one of the many puppy friends I have made on these walks. And around the bend, an orange striped tom cat comes to have his ears scratched. It is just after dinner, so everyone must be resting. I meet some bicyclists on the Canal path. The water is rippling, whether it is from the breeze or the critters underwater - not sure.

I'm now looking at my wild yard - mowers will be here this week. I haven't accomplished much more than 9 days ago. So, will work on one section later this afternoon.

The joys of exercise

I've never felt like this, no matter how regularly or successfully I've exercised, but here's what Live, Love Laugh, a Christian who works in a police department says about it:

"Percentage of Americans who own running shoes but don't run: 87% [Norma's in that group]

Today, I will leave work, meet up with my husband and go for a two mile walk. This is a time for me to reflect, to pray, to listen. By the time I get finished, I am so invigorated I feel like I could take on anything. I started this routine to lose some weight, but also to relieve stress. I then I go for a swim just for the pure enjoyment of it.

I challenge my friends and family to get into a regular exercise routine. American Health is quoted as saying, "Regular exercise toughens the mind as well as the body. After working out three times a week for six months, one group was found to be 20% fitter. Bonus: they also scored 70% better in a test of complex decision making."

Saturday, June 24, 2006

playing with the light...

walking on the beach this evening doing some photography and playing with the light

Summer Saturday

Friday: Missed Walking - early to and late from work and too tired for the treadmill.

Saturday: Out early - It is to be a wonderful morning and early afternoon. With that thought, I am up to my usual routes and then down to the bicycle path by the Canal. The turtles were sunning themselves on the logs, but scooted into the water as I passed, then up again to sun themselves.

Saw the rabbit family - the babies are growing up really fast. They were breakfasting on purple clover. A young, young squirrel was having the time of his life running up and down the trees.

Thought about my plan for the day. A little yard work this AM and since it is supposed to rain this afternoon, I'll head to the office for a couple of hours.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday AM: Raining cats and dogs on and off all day. But when I got home, it had quit so I'm walking. Just two miles today, but need to get back to my AM schedule. As I walked down my road I noticed that west side of the ditch has at least three big patches of poison ivy - I'll make sure to steer clear, do not know if I am susceptible. The air was still humid but it was not too hot. The daisies and cornflowers are agian blooming after being mowed once. The farmer neighbor is spraying weeds in the soy bean field. Lots of giant rag weed coming up. Went down to the canal and back. On my way back, I see the fireflies (lightening bugs - we call em here in Illinois) have come back to provide some entertainment.

Thursday AM: Not so early today - dentist appointment first, rained from 5:30AM til 10:00AM. Just as I returned home, the rain stopped - I decided to walk the two miles. The sun was coming from behind some clouds and shone on a Robin, really highlighting his red breast. The gold finches and swallows were flitting about. That's good - not so many mosquitoes as a result. The humidity was down and the air smelled so fresh. I could smell many of the flowers that were blooming and enjoyed watching the clouds break away as I walked. Turned around at the canal and then back home to prepare for work.

not much to report (again!)

it's been hot here - too hot for walks - though DD and I have walked to the store and walked the dog (a little)

Now we're off sailing for a couple of days - so no walking there ... but it will be outside a lot at least.

It seems that ordinary time is the time for improvising and doing lots of other activities ... but I've missed the regularity of walking ... so hoping to get back into the study in the morning / walk at lunchtime routine from Monday on. We're planning a cycling trip to Naantali (about 20 km one way) with a friend one evening next week too.

Let's see :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Back to walking- all asignments completed and the poppies were in flower more pictures here .

Already Tuesday

This has been a busy three days.

Sunday - Outside and walking and enjoying! God's Little Creatures are very busy these days - saw many rabbits and their babies and lots of squirrels. The flowers are beautiful, but we again need rain. I still have trays of flowers to plant and bushes to put in - so as I walk, I'm planning the planting areas. I know this week will be treadmill until Wednesday AM. Then maybe I can do at least 2 miles again outside.

Monday - Late at work so it was the treadmill. "Blue" kit cat likes to attack the ramp and then jump on for a little ride. Managed 15 minutes.

Tuesday - Working again late so treadmill inside tonight. Can hardly wait until tomorrow AM to be outside and enjoy my route along the canal and all the lowers and fauna. Aldso must finish the planting of the annuals.

Here I am--walking around the NORC

We live in a condo complex--prettiest place we've ever lived. I've been walking 2-3 miles a day with my radio or "Team of Rivals" a book on CD. After today's walk, I came back and got the camera.

At our door--probably need more sun to really bloom

Our magnolia blooms quite late, but smells wonderful

A number of the neighbors were also out for a walk. I liked their hats.

A NORC is a "naturally occurring retirement complex" a term for a housing area where there are few children, but it is by choice, not design.

where is everyone?

I just got back from camp and expected to see LOTS of posts ... where are you all and how is the walking.

I didn't walk much at the camp. From the main house where the kitchen and our room was, to the big house where the toilets were, to the sauna where DD was staying and to the lake. I swam almost everyday though.

It's hot here. I walked the dog to the supermarket with DD this evening. Still hot (25C) after 7pm. We bought (expensive - 6 € / kg) strawberries and walked home. the dog dragged her heels.

I'm looking at the garden and thinking it needs a lot of attention too but I'm tired after cooking for 40 for 6 days.

Be blessed

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Slow Start This Week

Sunday - Tuesday: Dreaded Treadmill
Wednesday - Back to Outside: usual path
Thursday - Friday: Now I'm cookin'

Saturday AM:
After a week of not knowing when to walk/jog since I still am planting flowers, I have now decided early AM is my favorite time to do the routes. As I walk this AM - no running or jogging - my weekend journeys will be to reflect and look around, I am planning my week. Doing much better with the flowers than the last two years, just a few annuals left and then 12 bushes to plant.

It was so peaceful this morning - the birds were in wonderful harmony and the sun was just coming up. As I walked by the canal, I saw a muskrat gliding along and heard several bull frogs. The fish were not leaping, but could still see some just under the surface. As I passed by a turtle catching his breakfast, I must have startled him as he swam away.

Back to the house, and enjoying the roses that are blooming.
Then as I open the door, I almost had a visitor - a tree toad. What a find that would have been for the three kit cats!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Not much walking- too much sitting in front of the computer- I am going to make up for it though!

Monday, June 12, 2006

back on track

walked today. twice.
First at 11ish with DD and the dog over by the river in Halinen. Glorious day - the sun is shining and it's hot (for Finland) about 22C at that point.

then after cooking we wandered down to the local store. Left my watch to be repaired (strapclasp broke in Canada) got my driving sunglasses fixed (they fell apart at the cottage yesterday)and then bought strawberries.

Back home - lying in the garden with a book and a dish of strawberries. it doesn't get much better than this

and I walked too.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Soggy Saturday

A whole week of walks, ending with Race for the Cure. My walks this week averaged two miles, with today's being just over three miles. Today's walk is special - best friend is a second year breast cancer survivor. My other walks for the week have been the usual route through the little town and then along the Canal. I have started to do some running and am doing more speed walking. My routes now will vary because I will be adding "around the blocks" to add 2 miles to my route by the end of July.

Today we finished the route and were just walking to the parking lot when we heard the roll of thunder. Rain poured down for about an hour, then let up. After rained off and on. With the weather the way it was, I went shopping for flower odds and ends to finish up the flower beds. Off on Monday, so tomorrow afternoon and Monday will be planting time, then weeding / trimming, and snipping off the dead flowers so more blooms will come.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A week of walking

Although I haven't been running a total, I'm averaging 2 miles a day--some days more. So I'm at about 97 miles since Easter (I'm still calling it an Easter walk). Last week-end we were at the lake house getting ready for the Methodists who roll in tomorrow for their conference (Lakeside, OH which was featured on CBS Sunday morning show last week).
The weather was so fabulous, the lake looked like it had white ants on it--I'm surprised the sailboats weren't running into each other. This is my husband sitting on a bench with friends/clients (he is an architect and designed their cottage and they've become friends). The posts you see are not a fence, but are for holding the sunfish sailboats which will appear when the regular summer crowd shows up.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Still walking inside

Oklahoma City is in the middle of yet more heat and drought--so Perky Fitness Chick and I are becoming morning walk buddies. Her chatter isn't too grating, and I'm rotating the DVDs so that I haven't memorized her lines--too much.

What is pleasant (although not under the heading of walking) are evening swims Husband and I are trying to work in at least once a week in the complex pool. Usually by the time we go we have the place to ourselves and can splash and dog paddle however we want to.

I bought a bright pink kickboard for motivation. It helps.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Five Tramps in Mud Time

With husband, daughter and the two dogs, I struck out for Posh Neighboring Town Community Park today, a new destination for us. I didn't quite make it to 50 miles over the past 50 days, but I will not let that discourage me from continuing! We walked a little over a mile through muddy woods and fields. The weather changed from rainy to sunny to rainy again during our walk. Molly enjoyed lying down in a stream three times. We didn't mind because it was beautifully clean, or seemed so. But on the way back to the car, she did the same thing in a muddy puddle. Not so beautifully clean. And The Princess and I each came close to losing a shoe. It was straight to the shower for me when we arrived home damp, muddy and happily tired!

walked but not much

Sunday down to the waterfront (Lake Ontario) for lunch after church.
Saturday: Unionville parade and high street in the teeming rain
Friday: Around the mall in the drizzle. (walked miles!)
Thursday: Down the main street and then to Highway 7 for dinner. Lovely.

Now at the airport - will walk miles of walkways at aiports over the next 24 hours.

Home this time tomorrow.

Walking a mile a day. Thank you God for this place, space and fellowship. Amen

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Great Fiftieth Day

And so the Fifty Days have passed with much enjoyed. I do think these walks have tuned me in to the world more and have opened up my eyes, ears, and feelings to what God has given me.

Early walk this Morning to enjoy This Fiftieth Day. All the birds were chirping and singing. The squirrels were enjoying an early morning run and the turtles and fish were having a splash party. The sky was so blue that it seemed not to end and the few clouds that sailed by were like fluffs of cotton.

A sad ending as I had to bury one of the outside cats - run over sometime last night. His two siblings sat by as I dug in the soft ground and placed the box in the space prepared and covered the grave with dirt, then placed three large rocks atop so the grave couldn't be dug out.

Now to prepare for the upcoming week.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Three Spring Morning Walks

Time is flying by. I have managed to do the eary morning walks all week. Each morning I have met new characters along the way, a white toy poodle named Harley ( for Harley Davidson Motorcycles) -such a ferocious bundle of fur, he really just wanted to get acquainted, a family of bunnies - mama and 4 babies, and a loveable orange tiger cat.

The mornings are just cool enough for the fish to still be doing splashing and jumping in the canal. That should last about one more week, my fisherman friend told me they were still spawning.

The walks through town provide a great look at different flowering plants. Of course I have to stop and take notice.

On my way back, I kept my eyes open for the turtle, but haven't seen since Wednesday AM.

Today I did my three miles. I need to set a faster pace - Race for the Cure next Saturday - 5k (just a little over 3 miles). So this next week, I will be doing speed walking and some running. Now to the office for a couple of hours and then home to yardwork.

Friday, June 02, 2006

quiet stroll and brisk walk

Yesterday evening we went for a quiet stroll into the little centre of Unionville, and the touristy type shops ... then a brisk walk (about a mile each way) to a restaurant for dinner.

Today we walked around the mall. Does that count?

I stopped off at Laura Petites and bought a great pair of trousers on sale (great reduction!) and 2 tops. Wish we had stores like that in Finland. Still need to shorten them somewhat, but they fit nicely and I'm happy.

A multitasker exercises

I saw a guy jogging near by. . . talking on his cell phone. . . while pushing a baby stoller. . . with two toddlers aboard.

I walked another mile last evening when it cooled down between thunder storms. Now I have 80.5 miles since Easter. We're going back to the lake today--hope to get some more long walks in. And BTW, not a pound has fled. In the "old" days I would have been 10 lbs lighter and firmer.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Around town

It has been rainig again, and really cold, but Jaonne (youngest daughter) and I went shopping, we walked around Kings Lynn looking for a suitable birthday present for her older sister. Found two nice tops and a bracelet.

Cards for 22 yr old daughters are so hard to find!
Easily coverd a couple of miles.

Count before I lose track

I had 69 miles as of Saturday. Let me figure--2 miles on Sunday. Then 3 miles on Monday, 1.5 at the Lake and 1.5 at home in Columbus walking in the evening when it cooled down a bit (It's been in the high 80s and low 90s here--very unusual.) Tuesday only about 1.5, and Wednesday about the same because of the heat. So I think that puts me at 77 miles since Easter. Today I'm doing the mail run for the church, so if it's not too hot I'll step out a bit.
I start here for the pick-up

take the mail here, pick up a box and return

Update: I walked a mile after the mail run, picking a shady north south street and another 1.5 in the afternoon. For me, spliting up the walk time works best. 79.5 miles since Easter.