Friday, March 31, 2006

After The Rain

Walking in the morning after last night's storms, I decided this was a walk to enjoy what I saw. The grass is greener over night. I noticed two volunteer crocuses by the driveway - they are bigger than the ones by the front door. The birds were really singing away. I could hear Robins, Cardinals, Finches, a variety of Sparrows, a Baltimore Oriole, and oh so many more. The Juncos should be just about be ready to return North. They do so during Easter week no matter when Easter falls - that must be one of God's mysteries - how do they know it is Easter week?

Down by the canal bicycle path I came across a pair of Geese resting on the path. I don't think they took too kindly to me interrupting their break, but off they went down the embankment and glided silently in the water to the West. On my way back I could hear much honking and carrying on - maybe a rivalry for the lady.

I decided to walk around my back yard before finishing up. I saw a pair of Downy Woodpeckers pecking into an old pink dogwood tree that someday will have to be replaced. We salvaged the tree 18 years ago from a wind storm - although it flowers, it seems to be dwindling away.

Nice walks!

I've managed to vary my routes more this week and I think that helps.

Tuesday we dropped my son off for his spring band concert and we squeezed in a perfect mile around the park before going in to find seats. I prefer the walks that I take with my husband. It is a good time to talk about what's been happening. But that is the same walk that I've taken about half the time since we began this venture.

Wednesday, I parked at the YMCA downtown and took a walk with Dickens, my seven pound buddy. He managed a block, which is good for him, and then I had to carry him. We walked past the historic homes, circled Marland's Grand Home and returned to the truck. It came in at just a mile.

Yesterday, I parked at the #1 Firestation, also downtown, and took off toward the north past two parks, around and back. That's a good walk for catching up. It came in at exactly two miles.

Talk about flowers! It seems that spring is in high gear here. Once I caught a whiff of hyacinths and stopped to look for them. I found them half a block behind me where they were nestled in a corner on the north side of a house. Pear trees and redbuds are in bloom. And tulips! We're having an early spring. Usually only the daffodils are blooming at Easter.

I noticed that I do not get out of breath--even after two miles and a brisk walk uphill for four blocks and finishing it all by climbing the flight of stairs up to the firefighters quarters. My son goes up to lift weights in their weight room every third day, so that was the finish to my walk. But my legs! That is an entirely different story.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

We finished class at 3pm today and then I took a nap!!!

At 5ish we walked to the city here in Tallinn. Bought our tickets for the ferry home for next Friday and then went to check out the cinema times and prices. My friend and I will go to see the Pink Panther tomorrow afternoon. We only have class until 1pm and nothing on Saturday this session, for which I'm really grateful.

We then walked onto the supermarket -stocked up on bread and cheese and yogurt - and then the longer, noisier but less muddy route back to the seminary.

We probably walked 2km in total -or a little more- but we talked as we walked and enjoyed each other's company and that was such a blessing.

It's stopped raining but it's very grey and damp here now. Roll on spring. I'm longing for the warmth and the colours to return.

Wednesday and Thursday AM

Wednesday: Fast paced walk about 1 and 1/4 miles. Just as I was leaving out the front door saw four gold finches. They haven't changed color yet. When they do, they 'll look like the first dandelions of the season, bright lemon yellow. Down the road, the right of way between the road and the field has just started to turn from brown to green. I love the beginning of Spring. It is still chilly, but a warm up for the weekend is predicted. I let my brain take a rest this trip, just focused on a fast pace to see what a mile pace for me would be - 14 min mile.

Thursday: Using up some comp time for the next two days. Did a two miler today. Lots of birds around this AM. Cloudy and rain for this afternoon and tomorrow. Walking through the little town to the bike path, I'm seeing more signs of spring - ladders up for cleaning out the eaves troughs, rakes by porches for clearing away last year's grass, broken branches. And I remind myself to set aside a day for outside Spring cleaning. On my second mile, watched the cattle and calves as I walked. The calves are really growing and race about alot. I'm planning my day - cleaning and getting ready for Spring. I used to do more after work but am finding that little kit cat (Blue) needs more attention than the other two kit cats did at his age, so at night, spend more time with the kit cats and enjoying every bit of it.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Can you smell Spring?

Spring is gorgeous here in all its glory..... and today.... sniff... can you smell it????? It was everywhere - the smell of wisteria is now in the air. Too bad we can't transmit odors like that over the Internet. The dogwood are now on the wane as they are beginning to be more green than they are white. The only tree left to really put forth their greenery are the pecan trees which are the last to put forth their leaves.

I walked a little less than 2 miles today - it was pretty warm today as it got close to 80 degrees, if not a little over. So, sweat was a part of the workout today. Also sighted were the robins that were migrating through here. I just noted a few, so they will soon be in abundance as they migrate north for the summer.

Today was a day of taking Mom to the dentist, but we did do a little shopping today also. We had a good time and the weather was gorgeous.

I walked and walked today

I was brain dead or close after lectures today, so put on my coat and boots and headed towards the shore. It was wonderful. I saw sea-birds which have recently migrated back to Finland and swans and walked through a park.

It's not been a lovely day weather wise, but my heart is warmed, and I walked with a spring in my step even in the slush. Spring is on its way- but it was grey today - not that I noticed. I was so glad to be outside.

I walked for about 1.5 hours but part of that was unsuccesfully in the supermarket. There was a glitch and they couldn't accept any bank cards, and I only had enough money on me to buy a bunch of grapes.

Seems that lent is also about fasting. (laughing)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back on Track

Friends, I'm glad to say I am recovered and back to walking. The walks of yesterday and today were all about the dogs, and it was great to be out with them again. Tonight, as we took a second walk for the day, I was eager to be out and moving around. Yesterday I climbed a fairly big hill with them! It just feels good to breathe.
Glad to be back among you,


boring walk to the supermarket and back. In the rain. Nasty muddy puddles everywhere and slippery too - as the ice melts. We were almost splashed by a car too. Not a good day but it was good to get OUT. Again lectures from 9 am until 4:15 - this is NOT good for me.

But I'm walking. Probably about 3/4 mile. Wish it were more.But it's something and I'm grateful.

Monday Morn and Tuesday Morn

Monday: Just as I started walking, the sun was rising, creating a golden glow over the eastern horizon. That was followed by gray clouds moving in and blustery winds. No rain yet, but a shorter walk. The birds seemed to know rain was on the way as I only saw a few blackbirds and 1 pair of robins. I'm glad I was early enough to see the morning glow, as the rest of the day was cloudy, cold, and rainy. Very thankful for the rain.

Tuesday: A better day for walking, watching, and hearing. There were so many birds twittering that I had a hard time distinguishing who was singing what. The cardinals and robins are definitely thinking spring, nests, and babies. This walk was a walk of asking the Lord to help me plan a great number of projects in a one month period. Why is it everyone is at crisis schedule? As I walk, I think what my priorities should be and decide the first step should be to make a few phone calls for the specifics of what is needed, then go from there. With that accomplished, I find that I am looking a friend's new mail box with a cardinal cover and find that the ice plants at the base wintered over and should shortly bring pink flowers for me to see. Now it is time to start back and do some work, have some fun, and thank God for what He has given me.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I confess ...

I confess that as of yesterday I was ELEVEN miles behind!

What with spring break travel and then three days of bitterish drizzle and a day or two here or there on which I was otherwise preoccupied, I fell behind. I intend to make it up by walking two miles a day. Today is a good day to begin while the weather is favorable and the sun is shining. Maybe I ought to even walk three!


Originally uploaded by see-through faith.
Before coming to Tallinn (Estonia) I had a meeting in Helsinki (capital of Finland) eija from the heavenly train met me after the meeting and we went walking. I've never done this before but we walked on what I call the lake in Helsinki- though technically it's the Baltic Sea.

The house was on the far side - and I renamed it 'Lorna's mansion'. eija promised to find out its official name for me (laughing). Isn't it lovely though?

Estonian flag

Estonian flag
Originally uploaded by see-through faith.
As promised ... this was taken on our walking guided tour of Tallinn old city. I thought I'd taken better pictures but most are of doors (because I have a fascination with those)

This is the Estonian flag. White for hope - black for the earth (soil) and blue for the sky.

walking in Tallinn

Lectures until 4:15 today meant I was really ready to walk.

And I did.

Unfortunately it was quite slushy and the walk to the supermarket wasn't really very nice. We then walked to the cinema complex as we'll probably go to see a film on Friday (the Pink Panther - has anyone seen it yet?) so we went to check times and prices. We took a different route back to the seminary, along a busier but snow-cleared route.

Tomorrow I try to get out at lunchtime I think.

How's your walking going?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend Walks


Still chilly, must be doing me some good as I'm moving faster than a week and half ago. Took a later afternoon walk after a day of planning home improvement projects and a little (remember that word) Spring cleaning.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds, but could see the sunlight shining through in some places. At my half way point - no ducks or geese around the canal, but saw a few robins and heard many, many blackbirds. Walking past the field, I saw that the cows were all settled in by the barn with some hay.

The week's weather forecast is for warmer and some rain - the rain is much needed. We are down by 10 inches for the year. And after a winter of not much snow, the rain will be welcome. So it might be the treadmill again for part of next week

Sunday Morning:

Much better walking weather - warmer and not much wind. The birds are starting their spring songs - yes, I need those new bird houses this week.

This is really great to walk and write about my short daily journey. Benefits - gets me outside even before I start gardening, causes me to really see and hear what I encounter, good memory exercise in writing, and just allows me to be me with God. There is not one step of my walks that He has not guided in sight, sounds, and thoughts. His Guidance gets me back on track when I start worrying about work - I smile to myself and think "Thank you, God for being here with me to share what You have created".

reporting in

I'm in Tallinn (Estonia) right now and hope to get walking again tomorrow

Since Tuesday I've only walked on Wednesday and yesterday (Saturday)

Wednesday in Helsinki - I met with a friend - we walked on the water in the centre of Helsinki - did sightseeing and it was great (and exhausting)We walked for about 1.5 hours.

Yesterday I went on a guided walk of the old town of Tallinn (photos to follow soon I hope) - we walked for 2 hours and it was FREEZING cold.We went for a cup of hot chocolate and I'm happy we did.

On Thursday I walked to and from the bus stop (10 mins max in total) and that was the only time outside as far as I can remember.

and Friday I don't think I walked at all (at least outside) But I did climb the stairs a few times (grin)

I also need to work on connecting with God. That's fallen to the wayside too. The conference was SO busy.

Be blessed

Friday, March 24, 2006

A Snowy Morning

Light fluffy snow greeted my step outside. As I turned out of the driveway, I heard the cardinals calling to each other. The snow topped off last summer's hydrangea blossoms with fresh new coats. Snowflakes landed on my jacket, reminding me of my teaching days when we would trek outside to catch the snowflakes and look through a magnifying glass to see each was special. When I taught at a Lutheran School - we called it "Custom Made by God".

This morning was a Morning Walk with the Lord. No thoughts muddled my brain. It is good to walk , listen, see, feel, and be thankful that I am enjoying what is given to me. No ducks or geese today, but heard many redwing blackbirds. As I was finishing, heard the red-headed woodpecker pecking at a tree in the woods. Greeted by outside cats waiting for a hello, a pet, and a snack.


TGIF from the deep south - we are having a bit of a cold spell for these parts. The high will be in the 60s today which is cold for late March. Yesterday it rained in the afternoon and the carpet was being cleaned so options were walking were limited.

I am posting today to give myself a mid Lent evaluation of my progress.

  1. I have not walked every day - some because of the little toe mishap, some because of scheduling. However, I HAVE walked more intentionally this Lent, and mostly because of having this group. However, there are aspects of this that I am beginning to enjoy more and there is less sense of dread to go walking.
  2. Every year I have dreaded Lent, it seems so depressing to me - perhaps that is self imposed - however, this year, it seems like there is certain "lift" to Lent - could it be because of the walking?
  3. Has my Lenten discipline been successful so far? Yes, I think so - from the standpoint of being actively taking on a discipline that has many benefits to me so I can be a better steward and servant to God.

How do the rest of you feel as we are past the midway part of Lent (we are, aren't we? or is it about half way?)

I do have glorious Spring pictures to post. That will have to wait until after work.

Have a good Friday.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still a Chilly Walk

Another day of lower temperatures than for Spring, but it is good for walking. Just a very slight breeze. When I arrived at the bicycle path, the geese and ducks must have been having a party, lots of honking and quacking. It was a fast walk today, not many clouds. They came later.

I do enjoy this time to think about everything under the sun or not. Mostly I just like to walk and look and listen to the world around me. Every day there is something I really hadn't noticed - like the new growth on the red cedar evergreens. And so I look forward to my walk tomorrow - what else will I discover?

only a few hundred metres today

Here in Tallinn and only walked for 10 mins today. Had a 10 hour day at the conference. Tomorrow might be the same but am considering skipping lunch tomorrow so I can get out. Watch this space.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tuesday - Uh and Now Wednesday

Tuesday was cold and blustery. Besides being up til the wee hours preparing an analysis of my agency's budget, too windy for an AM stroll and did not get home until after dark. So it was to the treadmill with the bitty kit-cat (Blue) at me heels. I lasted all of 10 minutes - vowed to take off work early on Wednesday to do a good couple miles.

Wednesday - home early enough to do about 2 miles. Mind is wandering through many topics of interest. First half of walk thought through an accounting process problem. Second half of walk - met one of the townsfolk whose mail box had not survived St Paddy's Day. He was setting up a new box. We talked a bit about the town history, said our byes, and I was off to finish my walk with dusk setting in. Crocuses are up, but am not sure if they survived the cold winds. Will look tomorrow before I start out.

Calling in Sick

Well, I have hit a trough in the midst of Lent. I've been running a low-grade fever since Saturday night, and haven't been up to walking (although I did spend 40+ minutes on the elliptical earlier that day). I'll let you know when I get back to it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday - but about Monday

Yesterday I walked over a mile - my first walk since the toe incident. Nice day and I took pictures. However, I am working towards moving my files from one computer to the new laptop and I don't have my graphics program here to tweak and resize my files yet. (I probably have something on here that will do it, but I am quirky enough to only want to do it on a certain program.)

We are at peak spring bloom so I did take pictures - folks around here are having quite the time with the pollen and what it does to them. I am fortunate to not have that.

I got home from work today late - and realized that many of my days will be like this after school until the end of the school year - writing IEPs in special education will be part of the routine for quite some time. :(

I have a meeting in a few minutes so not sure if I will get a walk in this evening or not. The best of intentions....

didn't think I'd get to walk today

unless running around counts?

... it's been crazy here, and I'm stressed out.

TS is sick. 9th day of fever. Unexpected trip to the doctor who is as puzzled as we are.

I found out one assignment due - is only half done. I think I quit when the going got hard.

My preliminary course paper won't format right. (sigh) I've given up. Preliminary means they expect us still to work on it. I hope. Hoping too that the content is better than the lay out.

But I did walk anyway :)

I had to deliver the books for school to my substitute. (I'll be away the next three Fridays). I looked out -saw the sun was shining and the dog looked expectant. And 'what the heck?' - grabbed the books and her lead and set off. And I'm so glad I did.

20 mins there. 30 mins lesson planning. 20 mins back (dog laughingly taken from my by loving husband half way home - he was on his bike coming from the office) and so I had time to commit the next few days to God.

Tomorrow I walk in and around Helsinki. Hope to take some pics.
Then I'll be in Tallinn for the next couple of weeks.

I'll have my lap top - so I'll try to log in as often as I can- depending on internet access. But I will be walking. Most days at least.

Be blessed

Monday Sun

The sun hidden behind the clouds created a golden red sky, but once the sun was up, all that could be seen were the clouds. The old saying "red sky in the morning, fisherman's warning" is holding true for south of my community - snow. My brother called from Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday and e-mailed
today - big snow storm. I don't think we will see but an inch or so. Oh, how I would like a last spring snow.

This walk, I counted 15 calves in the field - up 3 from my last check. Some of the older ones were "feeling their oats"- running and bucking. It was a cold walk with the wind blowing from the NE. I came in to the house with rosey cheeks. A Good Start for Monday Morning.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sunday, Monday

Yesterday I walked home from church. That was it. About 20 mins. The weather was pretty ghastly - a biting wind and there was new snow on top of the ice. I sort of 'minced along' as my dad used to say.

Spring in Finland is a time of teasing. You think it's just round the corner, only to find you're still in the thick of winter - in spite of the longer brighter days. Today has been just like that.

Early this morning it was minus 12 C. Yep cold! then we had a snow storm. About 3 inches fell in next to no time. But by lunchtime it was a warmer, only -3 C, and the sun was out again. I walked locally - for about 25 minutes with the dog. And loved it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Late Sunday Evening

I must say that it has been a week sans walking, with my little toe healing. I am assuming it was only bruised instead of broken since it only feels slightly tender. I am hoping tomorrow to walk - it should provide some photographic delights as we are nearing peak blooms. Pollen is abundant also.

Sunday Morning Stroll

A quick paced trot this AM, but slowed down to talk to a neighbor up the road from me and was clued in on train vs truck collision at the crossing by his house. That is the second in less than a week in our township. Said my "byes" and picked up the pace since the weather might be some what messy this week and I might be using the treadmill instead ofbeing outside.

It was chilly but sunny and I watched a Robin scurrying after a leaf. Spring is just around the corner. Don't like to wish my life away, so I am contented to wait for the seasons as they come. Each day brings changes along the road and paths. Around the drveway bend and there sit outside cats waiting for another handout and a pat.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

sick on the sabbath

I've been sick today. Migraine (along with vomiting). I woke up at 5am- and 7am - slept until 9am - lay in bed with the covers over my head. MADE myself get up to make lunch for the family. Ate some. Went to bed from 1pm until after 4 and then woke up feeling GOOD. Hallelujah!

Hubby and I went out for a long walk around 5.30pm. We went down to the dog park (which I'm not keen on) but there were no other dogs to play with and so we walked on down to the river. Not the usual path I take, but we clambered down to the river itself. We've had a bit of a thaw and then it snowed again heavily today so I was uneasy to walk on the ice - but the dog did and loved it.

I saw a wonderful sight for sore eyes. Water gushing from a stone. It's a bit like in Narnia when it's no longer 'always winter but never Christmas' and the thaw starts :) We walked a longer route home too - me sort of trotting to keep up with hubby's long strides - and got home at about 6:45.

It was wonderful


Missed writing yesterday - working late and then some home improvement stuff. Our midwestern Illinois weather seems to be hanging on to winter. Yesterday morning was brisk but refreshing - the sun was just barely up over the trees a quarter of a mile away.

At my turn around point, saw and petted one of my favorite four legged friends - a big Malamute named Moose. We relate well. Someday if my kit-cats will allow, we'll have a Malamute again. And so to start the day, I go.

This Saturday morning, I walked about 2 and 1/4 miles and a little later in the morning. The cows and calves were chowing down and the neighbor farmer was checking the herd to make sure all was well. As I walked, my thoughts were of all the awesome senses we have and how God directs us to use them. If we listened to His directions, we would probably enjoy more. One of my New Year Resolutions was to take more joy in what has been given to my life.

I'm off to work this Saturday - this position I have held for almost two years. Another of my walking thoughts was of the 10 months of unemployment and what one of mentors told me when I lost my grant funded program at my previous agency. He said," The Lord has another plan for you." I carried that message throughout my job search and consider what I am now doing as part of that plan. If it weren't for the Lord with me, I would not have been able to facilitate all the changes needed to assist dealing with less funding from the government. And so with that thought in mind, my longer walk ended at the front door and off to work.

mostly evenings

Not a great week for keeping with the walking, I'm afraid, but I did get to walk under a gorgeous full moon with husband, and in a nice drizzle last evening for St. Patrick's Day.

It's actually raining here! Finally. I look forward to getting out under the clouds and rain today.

Friday, March 17, 2006

In and Out

Yesterday, due to a sharp wind, I decided to do my mile (or more) on the elliptical. I certainly exercised more than I do outside, but it was hardly meditative since I was watching a DVD the whole time!

Today, #1 Son and I took the dogs out to a neighboring town for a walk in the woods, about a mile-and-a-half, I think. The dogs really enjoyed running off-leash, and I enjoyed being with my son before he returns to college tomorrow.

It's still cold here, and windy, much colder than I would like for March 17. How was the weather for your walk today?

St Patrick's Day

Join the party 2006
Originally uploaded by see-through faith.
I have no idea who this guy is - but he has the 'still winter' look of many Finns doesn't he?

Hubby and I walked down to town this evening with the dog, handed her over to DD and continued into town. (about 2.5 km one way) A local pub (Hunters Inn) was having a St. Patrick's night bash - with live music and it was great fun, with a lively atmosphere.

They were giving away these hats with guiness. Since we didn't order any we didn't get one :( But we had a good time nonetheless and home by 9.00 as promised.

In The Field

Gray, Cloudy Morning and a slower walk today. Spent the first part of my walk counting the new calves in the filed - at least six new ones since the first of the week. I will spend time now watching them grow and play.
There is at least one bull in the field - with a five wire electric fence separating him from the road.

Then I'm walking to plan my day, what I want to accomplish, and a prayer to the Lord to give me lots of patience. Almost back to the house when I saw the crocuses just peering up from the ground. Can't wait to see their purple blossoms. And I'm set for the new day.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

not much to report

I did a very dull round the block walk with the dog at lunchtime today. 20-25 mins so about a mile.

Later on I saw the most glorious sunset - from the warmth of our car and no camera. But it was the blessing of the day.

Toe Report

Believe it or not, my toe may look bad, but it actually hurts very little. It's a bit tender, and I actually put on my walking shoes to walk. But once I did, it was just tender enough that I didn't want to push it. So.... the shoes were a reminder to my feet not to forget them!

Yesterday the humidity was as low as I have ever heard about here - 10% - and we had a little bit of a cold front come through. That will last about a day.

I hope that by Friday I can be walking again. I am enjoying the posts and look forward to joining back on the walks.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Cats' Meows

First thing out the door were the six neighborhood kittens / cats meowing for breakfast. I have three inside cats who adopted me. Three is more than enough.

Then out the driveway to the morning chirps of Robins and Cardinals - reminding me I need new birdhouses this year. A short time through the little town to the bicycle path. Ducks and Geese were flying overhead.

Then back to the house.

Ready for the day and thankful for all I have.

looser trousers

Losing weight wasn't an objective for lent, but it's happened anyway (grin) I haven't jumped on the scales but my favourite trousers feel more comfortable. And it's GREAT! I also noticed that I'm walking a bit faster too.

Today I walked to MILs (15 mins) left the dog with her and walked on to the old market square. (another 5-8 mins) Had lunch (soup and a sandwich for 5€) with a friend and then walked back to collect the dog, and back home via a different route as I ordered some flowers for a funeral. Total walking time 45-50 mins.

This morningit was sunny again with a pale blue sky, but now it's a little overcast again. The temperature is only -1C. Spring is definitely in the air - and some of the snow is disappearing. It sort of melts from underneath. Most peculiar really.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Brisk First Walk


I'm Joanne and new to this. This is my first try at blogging, can not think of a better way to start than with a group that shares a similar pleasure. I live in Illinois just a half mile from a small town. In the morning, I walk with the sun rising in sight; in the evening, I can see the sunset and twilight.

I think this is a terrific plan of action for me to start the day. I have a purpose in mind for this Lenten Season - that I take time to enjoy and thank the Lord for the beauty and wonders that He has given to us. Sharing my walks with you will remind me to truly "take time to smell the roses" and perhaps still catch a snowflake or two. My walk today was quite brisk but not near as cold as in Finland. We have had strange weather - warm spring weather on Saturday, cooler and blustery weather Sunday, with thunderstorms, much needed rain in the evening, then in the "teens' and "twenties" today. They're even saying snow for Wednesday and Thursday. Really don't mind, would like to have a snow storm, followed by the smell of spring in the earth when the snow melts. Tomorrow I will take the bike path by an old canal.

Around and About

I got in another very brisk mile, following in the long strides of my tall husband today. The route was the same, and happily, it didn't start to rain on our parade of dogs and people until we were in the last tenth of a mile!

How were your walks today?

dull and overcast

It was warmer today (about -5C) but overcast. Seems you can't have it both ways. Trouble was that when walking at lunchtime with the dog I felt cold so turned back half way. We walked for 20 mins max.

Later this evening I walked to church for my Swedish lesson. That was another 15-20 mins, and somehow a little more satisfying. I studied my verbs en route and could manage the little test we had. Next week nouns - which are so complicated in Swedish. sigh.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend in a cafe not far from the cathedral in the old town square this side of the river. Parking isn't easy there (and pricey) so I'll probably walk down, maybe taking a back route to make it a bit more interesting.

The dilemma is what to do about the dog - she usually has a walk at lunchtime. Wonder if I could drop her off at MILs or at hubby's work place while I eat lunch. Mmm?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Oh no, I broke my toe

Today I was walking in my classroom and remember hitting the edge of my toe on something (for you folks in colder climates - today was the first day I saw many folks in sandals without socks, moi included. It really didn't hurt until about 5 minutes after the fact so I really can't remember what I did - all I know is it started hurting so I could barely walk. As the day has progressed, so has the bruising. Whether it is broken or not is not certain, because what can be done if it is broken? All I know is that I didn't walk today. I'm disappointed, bummed, because things were going well with my walking. My prayer is that it is badly bruised and I can be on my way to walking soon.
By the way, the foundation garment came in today and I truly believe that it's going to provide the support I need to prevent chafing.
Keep on walking and let's hope this little toe's problem is short lived!

Drizzly Walk

Today I took the route to school and home again with the dogs and my husband. He is home for 44 hours (but who's counting?). When he heard me say there was a group walking a mile a day, 40 miles for 40 days, he joked that we could just get it all done in the first two days. Yes, you tall thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail, *you* could do that!

By the time we reached the school (thanks to Molly Dog's dawdling before we got off our own block), The Princess had already headed home in the rain. We got home just after she did.

It feels good to be part of a community undertaking this discipline. I am grateful for all of you.

walking under the moon

I'd planned to go down to the river again today. A phone call put paid to that idea. "Are you ever going to collect these books you've put on hold?" (theology faculty. I'd forgotten all about them)

I put my coat on right away, grabbed the dog and off we set. The theology department of Åbo Akademi is at the back of the university, so a 20-25 min brisk walk. Usually. Only the dog procrastinated. You see, today the sky was blue again and the sun was shining but the temperature has risen - it was only -5 - spring was in the air, and that meant every snow pile had to be rolled in, every tree sniffed, every exposed bush investigated. I'm laughing now but it was a bit frustrating at first, until I gave in and let go and allowed God to use the time in me too. Spring is inthe air and that means change. What do I hold onto? What do I let go of? Just where is my identity anyway. etc etc.

At 8pm DD asked *Mummy will you come with me to walk the dog?* Sigh. I so didn't want to go, but she rarely asks so I joined her. It was a beautiful starry, moonlit night. She wanted to talk about her options at school. I listened but I didn't agree :( Why is peer pressure so hard? DD is great at handicrafts (knitting and sewing) but wants to drop it because it's the granny club! She's struggling with school academically (slight dyslexia) but wants to take Spanish. I'm not sure if it's her best friend or a boy she likes that's the impetus, but this is NOT her thing and it will be a mistake.

The good news is that she will take cookery, and continue English (that wasn't in doubt) and will take 1 h of Art each week rather than music. So now my prayer is: Lord show her and me Your will and help her be herself instead of bowing down to the demands of her friends. Help me be a good mum in this one who listens but also gives sound advice. Amen

But the walking was good. And cos we were talking went fast.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I definitely walked my mile (and then some) yesterday! I spent the day on retreat at a Benedictine monastery near Oklahoma City, and since the weather was just gorgeous, I spent most of the day walking the grounds and reflecting. I had never been to a monastery before, so I really had no idea what to expect, but I guess I anticipated that aside from a "welcome", I wouldn't hear another human voice all day. Boy, was I wrong. Nuns can be *quite* chatty! In my travels around, I exchanged a few words with a young man whom the sisters allowed to fish in the pond on the property. There was also another woman staying in the guest house with me, and she wrote me a nice note before I left asking for my prayers and saying she enjoyed sharing the "sacred space" with me. All in all, a very refreshing experience, and though it was a brief one, I hope to return soon. I re-gained some much needed perspective on certain events in my life from one of the spiritual directors, enjoyed a delicious kidney bean salad, participated in the community worship, and walked my socks off! Blessings to all of you!

glorious day

before the show

I did so much walking today I think I can rest tomorrow. But it's been wonderful!

Today DD showed her dog. She did really well -with a sixth place in quite a competitive class, but even more I enjoyed the time we spent together outside before hand. Here you can see her next to the railway line - with Turku cathedral in the background.

After the show we went home, fed the dog, and then together walked to the city for a celebratory pizza. She took the bus home, and I went for a walk on the river with my camera before the English service at the cathedral at 4pm.


You can see what a glorious day it was - and I was intrigued by the snow-laden benches. This one is in front of the cathedral taken from the riverbank.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday in the (Dog) Park

We went to the big dog park for our walk today. If #2 Son had not been along, I would never have achieved my mile, as Miss Molly was all for the socializing today. But walk the mile I did, including hills, and I have the (stiff) leg muscles to show for it! It was beautiful here today, in the 50's Farenheit, sunny--but very, very muddy. Ah, spring! In Maine, it is Mud Season.


Today I went to the high school track to walk - for the simple reason I wanted to walk around the track and count the number of steps I took in 1/4 mile to calculate my stride - I know now it is hard to count that many. Well, once I went that far, I said to myself - let me double check to make sure I didn't screw up the count so I went around again - well, with 1/2 mile out of the way, I went ahead and finished off the mile. I was the only one walking this afternoon in 80 plus degree heat. When it gets this warm (notice I did not say hot, because that is not HOT here), one is smart to slow down a bit because it does take a little more energy, however, probably not as much energy as would be to stay warm when it is below freezing.
The dogwoods are getting ready to put on a show so I will give it a few more days before taking pictures as they show off. Also the cars will be covered in pollen.

I did not walk Thursday as noted in the posting before and I did not walk yesterday - I should know better than to sit down when I get home before going out to walk - SLUG that I am. I fell asleep and I was good for nothing after that.

Sooooo...after shawl ministry and Daughters of the King, before I stepped foot in the house, I thought it best to get my walk in. I am glad I did!
I feel the same way you all do - this group holds me accountable for this discipline that I should not restrict solely (soul-ly :) ) to Lent. Of course, there is the Great 50 days.....

on the Aura

it was MUCH warmer this afternoon. The temperature raised from -21C to "only" -7C, so DD and I walked on the river Aura today. We walked for about an hour, but not very fast. And it was glorious!

There's an unofficial ski-path and we saw many ski-ers out enjoying the spring sunshine. So many people have walked there there's a real path too. Not that Mindy kept to it. She must have walked twice the distance we did.

It's been so good to be accountable for this walking, and today I really enjoyed it. The days are getting longer too. Hallelujah!

This is Mindy, the best evangelist in our family, with me.

So far, so good ...

If the goal is forty miles in forty days, I'm doing well. I'm only one mile behind. I missed Thursday. I'll have to do a double today to make up for it.

Yesterday I managed to get my walk in around the tennis courts, again. It was another last minute effort to get my walk in before it became too dark. It failed. Halfway around, I paused, and looked ahead and looked back. The park lights line most of the walk along the eastern side but the streetlights along the west are sparse and from where I stood, seemed fail to illuminate the walk ahead. My imagination is too keen. Nobody else was on the walk, making me feel eerily alone. I even considered sprinting through the middle of the park just to get back to the truck before darkness closed in on me. I opted to turn back and retrace my steps. Still, I'm pretty certain I managed the full mile by the time I'd finished.

I can be such a wimp!


Friday is my busiest day. I teach at jr high school. That doesn't mean I can't walk though, but yesterday I only managed a 10 min brisk walk from the cinema to a cafe, and then another 5 min walk from the cafe to the school where hubby picked me up. I had planned to walk to the cinema, but it was far too cold.

Today doesn't look much more promising. It was -21C when I dropped hubby off at his pick up point this morning. MINUS 21 C brrrr.

But the sun is shining. and the sky is blue. For this I am so thankful!

Friday, March 10, 2006

make way for ducks

When husband and I first were apartment hunting, the manager here pointed out some ducks that had made their home around the pool. They come back every year, she told us, as the pair of mallards waddled around.

When I went for my walk this afternoon, there they were, first lounging by the pool, then hanging out on a front lawn. Well, what passes for a lawn here in OK this time of year.

I love the idea of a pair of mallards not only having that kind of direction-sense, but also that they are attached to this complex in what one could not exactly describe as "greenspace."

It made me very happy to see them today.

I sang a mile

Last night we rehearsed for 2 hours - and this piece spoke to me in terms of Lent in our walking journey. It's an interesting piece, written and composed in the 20th century. Poem is written by Janice Kimes - it's in 7/8 time so not a good "walking" piece, but the words fit this group to me.

this spring,
is time
for walking
on the soft earth
in sounds that sweeten the air
and reach beyond
the long dark sleep;
for sun to warm the cheek,
and quicken breath;
a time to shed the griefs
that brown the spirit
of beginning;
to trust the restless energy
demanding space
and speak of life,
my own,
which recreates itself
in you.
- Janice Kimes

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Can I Sing a Mile?

I just got off work and will be leaving soon to go to my rehearsal - it's about an hour away. I just got through talking to my husband and I told him I was getting ready to walk. He said, listen, we are leaving soon, going out to eat, you are going to go to rehearsal, you can't do EVERYTHING. So, being the "obedient" wife I am (I don't think he reads my blogs, though he knows I write and have one - and I KNOW he would howl if he read that descriptive remark about being obedient.), I will not officially walk today - now I must reason this all in my head and "justify" how I can not walk.
  • I'm going to sing a mile tonight
  • I have walked over a mile every day so maybe I will walk 40 miles during Lent, but not a mile a day.
  • I guess I will walk on Sunday this week.
  • My husband told me not to walk - that I can't do EVERYTHING
  • It might rain.... tomorrow...

I am loving the pictures of where folks are walking and the snow pictures are great. I promise you if it snows, I will not go walking - I have no idea how to handle the snow/ice - we don't have clothes warm enough here to endure any length of time out in weather that is below freezing for any length of time. By the way, as a teacher, I won't go out if it is under 50F with the kids - most parents of very young children here would prefer us not to do that. Isn't it funny how temperatures are all relative depending on where we live?

Well, better go, got to get ready for some Brahms, Mozart and a little operatic medley!

Have Nano, Will Travel

Yesterday I managed to locate both my iPod Nano and the ear buds (why they were not in the sam place to begin with is a mystery for the ages), and so I had musical accompaniment to the first segment of my walk to pick up The Princess at school.

For your amusement, the shuffled songs were:

"Mean Eyed Cat"--Johnny Cash, Unchained
"His Yoke is Easy"--Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Handel's Messiah
"Oh No"--The Commodores, 20th Century Masters
"Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion"--Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Handel's Messiah
"Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler)"--Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing

(I hope you find these selections as amusing as I did.)

On the way home, instead of Madeleine Peyroux, I got a detailed description of how many "fortune tellers" The Princess made at school yesterday.

"Do you want your fortune told?" she asked.

"Sure." I'm a good sport, after all. I listen to Fatboy Slim and Flogging Molly because the boys put them on my iTunes.

"Maybe not this one, though," she said, referring to the "fortune teller" she was holding. "It's all bad things that could happen to you, like today you'll trip over something, or hurt someone, or hit your head. Maybe we could try one of the other ones in my backpack when we get home. I have about twenty."

"Okay," I answered, wondering if any learning occured at school this day.

Then, I tripped.

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Quick post

I did walk a little over a mile, according to my "trusty" pedometer, but I do know it was over a mile - according to the mileage on the car. My husband and I walked after he got home from work. So very different walking after dark as you can peer into the lives of people's homes as they have their lights on and curtains open. (not that I am a peeping tom - but I did notice one of my distant neighbors has 3 deer heads on their wall - INTERESTING!)

I find it so odd to see a frozen lake -- I don't know if I could trust walking on it, much less build a fire on it - such a foreign concept to me! Those of us would never take a young child in that kind of cold weather - we would be scolded for exposing to the cold air and surely the child would get sick.

IN terms of a freezing camera - I think I would put it inside my shirt close to my body to keep it from freezing and then take it out for a quick snapshot... would it still freeze? Of course if it froze it might stick to your skin or make you cold!
Gotta scoot - work calls.

winter wonderland 3

third stop for a photo was only a few meters down the lane - we call this the bear lane as the kids and I used to sing the teddy bears' picnic song when we walked here when they were tiny.

More pics another time.
Sorry these are three separate posts.. didn't know how to put more than one photo in using flickr. (any advice very welcome)


winter wonderland 2

This is the lane at the top of our drive. Again I was walking in the opposite direction and looked back and took this photo.

(on the way home ofcourse I walked towards this. Just before the car on the right you walk right down the bike path which is also our access to our house.

winter wonderland 1

This is where I start from everyday. It was about -12C when I walked at midday today. I actually walked up instead of down in this direction.

Time squeeze!

Today was one of those busy days. As it turned out, I managed to get in my walk, but sqeezed myself out of time to eat before time to head to the church for bell choir. I just did the quick mile near my house this evening. It was just dusk as I walked down the hill, facing west. The sky was layered from the horizon with a dark salmon glow, a layer of swirling, almost glossy gray clouds, a layer of soft blue hue, and then more gray clouds--promising rain. I didn't take my eyes off the sky until I reached the bottom and turned toward the south.

It is amazing how quickly the walk passes now. I was halfway through my walk before I even thought about distance and time.

If the temperatures this summer soar as much above normal as they are now, we are in for a blistering hot one.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

slipping and sliding

Today I walked from our church to the town centre. It's about 20 mins. Maybe 25. I'm no good at timing myself as I don't have a watch and it's too cold to take our the mobile.

I had an appt at the bank - was a bit early - so went to the reading room for a quarter of an hour and read the Sunday Times magazine. It was a real treat. I think I'll do that more often. The library reading room was packed. Lots of people reading newspapers and magazines and journals. It's ages since I was there last - and now they have nice comfy chairs and sofas as well as tables and chairs.

After that I walked to the market square to buy some flowers. I so wished I had my camera and might go down again soon. it's been pretty cold out so the potato-sellers have carpets over their potatoes to keep them from freezing, and the flower sellers are in tents with candles burning to keep the flowers warm. It all looks a little Eastern European but it's probably the only thing in this city that does.

Later on I walked back to near the cathedral for a meeting. And then back to our church where I'd left the car.

Not exactly power walking today - far too slippery for that - as we have fresh snow on the ice - but well I walked at least a mile and enjoyed it.

God is good :)

well, I did take a walking Sabbath

Yesterday was just too crazy, with driving to the diocesan retreat center and back (and it was really too warm for a walk out at the center after our clergy forum).

But I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I woke up with real energy and desire to do my mile. I've really dragged the last few times, and the only way I got through them was b/c husband and I were doing it together.

Will someone remind me when I am tempted to stop again that I am feeling better, experiencing fewer cravings, and less hungry during the day?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Excuses, excuses and more thoughts

Yesterday when I got through walking in the 80 degree weather, I noticed some tenderness/chafing on my bra-line - oh my goodness - a red streak about 3 inches long and tender....

Today I got my hair done - it looks so good....... don't want to sweat......

My foot hurts at my instep....

My pedometer is not truthful or either the video isn't. The walking lady on the DVD says we walked a fast powerful mile. Pedometer says .56 miles. I believe that lady on the DVD.

I did the DVD thing so I could avoid chafing and be a free spirited woman.

I ordered this tonight. I think I need more support and less chafing.... kind of like binding the feet but about 4 feet up.

My hair won't look as good tomorrow, I think I will go and sweat.

By the way, I have never seen a frozen lake. I remember seeing a REAL icicle when I was a little girl.

Our digital camera's battery would never die because it was too cold... it would die of heat exhaustion.

Tomorrow night our Lenten study will begin - The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning - have any of you read it?

Talking and Walking

Today I planned to take the dogs to the big dog park on the other side of town. The weather was beautiful at 10:30 when we arrived, sunny and in the mid-40's. Spring!!

My intention was to walk the loops of the park and time myself, to see if I was really walking for 20 minutes or only doing a combination of dawdling and walking. But my phone rang twice, once for a work-related call I couldn't avoid during my work day, the second time a doctor's office returning my call. I kept walking, but lost track of time and distance. Between and after the calls, however, I was able to clock the larger loop of the two, and as we were leaving I took the shorter loop and now can see that two complete trips around the total park will get me my mile.

Will somebody please tell Molly? She prefers to greet other dogs and people at the gate, or to socialize in the big field. I think I need better bribes for that girl!!

walking on water

I had the most marvellous walk today.

I went to the frozen lake with a friend and the dog. We walked in the sun for about 45-50 mins. In some places it was hard going (snow on the ice) in others we could walk more briskly as there was a road on the ice.

When we turned around after 20 mins (1 mile) we noticed that the wind was now on our faces - It had been behind our back earlier. It was minus 12C today so a very cold wind!

I took my camera.

But it was too cold and the batteries died immediately. Sorry :(

I walked with a friend. We talked a lot. And then moved on into prayer. It was very much needed as I'm really struggling with something big right now.

PS forgot to say that Mindy (our dog the evangelist ) was off lead most of the time. She befriended a couple of ski-ers at one point and motivated them to ski harder by running alongside. I couldn't stop laughing If I walked 2 miles today, she walked 5 or 6 (at least!)

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Pedometer

Today I walked a different path, some parts remain the same since I leave from the house and start walking. The area we live in is not hilly, but it is not flat as a pancake either, so there are a few times where the heart rate goes up a bit.

I bought a pedometer at Walmart - I do like gadgets, and this one I have yet to really "tweak" to get it "honest" so I know my "miles walked" are not exact. I, like y'all, walk about a 20 minute mile (why rush? - well I am pushing it now since I am not in great shape). Anyway, the pedometer keeps me wanting to see it go over the 1.0 mile mark. It takes into account your stride, which I have a short one.

Anyway I walked about a little over a mile in 80 degree weather. Yes, you folks that are in cold weather, it's pretty warm here right now. And I have never walked in snow before. Oh yes, with this warm weather, I notice some of the bugs are out, which is the grim reminder that mosquitos and other varmints of the insect variety will soon come out and be pesty. :(

As to taking off Sundays, those are little "Easters" and really are not included in the 40 days of Lent. However, I probably will walk some Sundays, knowing full well when Holy Week comes, I might be pushing it to make it every day towards the end of the week.

Y'all go to the Frappr link and mark where you all are walking! And keep up the good pace - y'all are keeping me very accountable - and I need that!

Monday Mile

Today I walked a brisk .7 miles in the roundabout way to pick up The Princess at her school. She was late coming out, having gotten into a conversation, so I had a bit of a wait before completing the mile by walking home with her. It seems to take me about 20 minutes in all (not counting cooling my heels in the school yard!...).
Tomorrow the dogs and I go back to the dog park for the walk, where I am going to be more attentive to how many minutes I actually spend walking and try to get a better sense of how far I'm actually going.


I am a late comer. I didn't even mean to sign up really but then Cathy's invite came in the mail today. And I realised that this would be good for me, in many many ways.

I don't own a pedometer so I have no idea how far I walk. But I figure that 30-40 mins is probably about a mile. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Today I walked to the shoemakers and back. It took about 45 mins. It was actually closed when I went (opens at 12 noon Mondays!) so I almost had to walk back again - but a friend gave me a lift. This evening I walked back from church too. That's about 20-25mins but at a leisurely pace.

For me perhaps more important than the walking itself is what I allow to go on in my brain. The skull theatre. Today has been a really hard day (for reasons I cannot yet go into) but this morning I was able to turn the walk into a prayer walk which was good. Everytime I found my thoughts coming back to me - I deliberately turned them to Jesus. A good discipline but not always easy.

Coming back from church I was trying to seek God's guidance. Unfortunately I was talking too much to hear HIm well. Tomorrow I try better.

For those of you who don't already know me - my main blog is called see-through faith. My name is Lorna by the way, and I'm doing this walking in the snow in Finland. I'm happy to be doing this pilgrimage with all of you.

be blessed :)
Yesterday was my day of rest, but for those of you that posted your walk, made me think that my "little Easter" should have gotten me off my duff and walking as celebration for the glorious day it was. I did drive a couple of routes I walked to get a more accurate mileage since my goal IS a mile a day or more (but heaven forbid I go over 2 at this time!).

I have no excuse except I made it my day of rest since the 40 days during Lent do not include Sundays.....however.... it does include Holy Week - YIKES!!!!!!! that will be a busy time.

One of those weeks, at least will be beach time so I should enjoy walks around the fresh Gulf air. I will be with friends that are like sisters to me, so that is a double bonus (first week of April, here I go!)

Will post later in the day to give my walk update. This blog is holding me very accountable!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good evening, everyone!

I began tonight's walk in a lousy mood. As I pulled on my walking shoes, I was grumbling at Emily for her little "thank you for keeping me accountable post". I read it at 9:19 PM, approximately 2 minutes after she posted it, and by 9:20 I was out the door and on my way down my street - procrastinator extraordinaire that I am.

It was a little chilly, but the stars were out and it was really pretty. We moved to this neighborhood in October, and I had never walked it at night before. Since we don't have a lot of street lights out here, it was kind of dark - so I took the opportunity to focus on what I could perceive with my other senses.

I heard: dogs barking, train whistles, neighbors' TV sets, cars on the nearby highway, gravel crunching under my feet.

I smelled: freshly turned dirt, fabric softener, or maybe dryer sheets (someone was doing laundry), gasoline (as I neared the corner convenience store).

I could feel: tingling in my fingers and itching in my legs as I picked up my pace and got some blood flow going.

I could taste: minty toothpaste - I had just cleaned up from dinner and was about to get into my pajamas and settle in for the night when I sat down at the computer for just a minute to check my email. That led to the invitation to join this blog, which led to reading Emily's post, and there you have it.

I began tonight's walk in a lousy mood. I finished it eternally grateful for the gifts of sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, and yes, two sturdy legs for WALKING! Thank you, God, for tonight's little break from my constant agonizing over what my spiritual gifts might be - thank you for the reminder of the gift of my senses and how amazing they are!

Have I told you lately

how grateful I am for the accountability this group provides?

I came home from church with a splitting sinus headache and the need for a clergy nap. It was just so sunny and bright (and warm) outside. I really didn't feel like taking a walk.

So Husband and I went for a walk this evening after dinner, taking my usual path around the complex. It was so nice to be out at night, cool weather, stars, and shadows revealing things I had never noticed before.

Good for the heart on many levels.

Late late report!

Yes, I've walked for the past two days.

Day before yesterday, Ike wanted to skateboard with his friends, so while in the area I stopped to walk around a city park that has a blacktopped walk around it. In the middle of the park, the walk goes past the public tennis courts and a frisby golf course. There is something about that formalized walk that keeps my mind focused on the exercise and I hate it. I am always looking ahead, gauging how much farther I have to walk. Still, it was also a different scene than what I am accustomed to. I came across a group of kids on their way home from school. I walked behind them for quite a way, feeling like an eves-dropper. I couldn't help it, truth be told. I walked 18 minutes, so I feel fairly sure that it was a mile.

Yesterday we tried twice to go take a walk in a different area, but teenager Ike interferred both times. As a last resort we walked down and around the housing addition behind our house. Same-O, same-O.

The weather looks promising again today. I'm afraid drought makes the skies predictably blue. If it does finally rain, I'll be running in it to celebrate.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday's walk

Pictured here is a mighty oak in the yard behind me.

Interesting that I looked forward to today's walk - I am not one to look FORWARD to exercise, but the weather was glorious - with the high in the upper 60s and the humidity low - it just doesn't get much better. And to think in the summer time we can go months without seeing the temperature in the 60s in the evening. I took a different route and went a street over to go down a less busy street (though none of the streets in the neighborhood are really busy). The walk was pleasant and except for the one runner who crossed paths with me, only a few cars/trucks passed by. An occasional dog barked at me, but mostly I saw squirrels. I believe I did see a Lady Banksia rose blooming and the spirea are in bloom, which again is ahead of schedule. I completed the 1st CD of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and I will try to complete this CD, but I just don't think I am an auditory listener of books. I am trying though.
Post Script: I forgot to mention - the pedometer noted 1.64 miles - but I will have to check it out with the car's odometer.
Tomorrow is a Sunday OF Lent, not in Lent - so are we celebrating a little Easter?

Saturday Mile

Today I finally walked that mile I clocked that has its route by the elementary school. #2 Son and I took the dogs out on their leashes and walked it together. It makes me think the route at the dog park might be a little short, although given that one is through the woods and up and down hills while the other is on sidewalks around the neighborhood, it is hard to tell. Certainly the hills make the heart beat a bit faster.

The mile took just about 20 minutes, plus a minute of waiting while Molly enjoyed some dog nip in the schoolyard by rolling wildly on her back!

How was your walking today?

Friday, March 03, 2006

it's not very complex

A while after we moved here to OKC, I plotted out a path around our neighborhood. I'm pretty sure it's at least a mile, since it takes me over 15 minutes, even at a good clip. To get the most distance, I walk through all the alleys as well as the streets. Tuesday is the worst, because that's garbage day. It's not very scenic, but it gets the job done. Once I get up the little rise and start heading back down, I start to pick up steam, but that first bit is always daunting.

The first two days were easy, today just felt like walking in sludge.

A chilly walk

Although my daughter was home from school with a tummy ache, by lunch time it seemed clear she was really having more of a "personal day," so I headed out to the dog park with

Songbird's Merry May Gamgee croppedMolly
Rosier's Loyal Samwise GamgeeSam.

There are several hills at the park, and I made a point of going up the steep ones at least once each. I must admit to being a little short of breath, but I think that is partly a function of having a reactive airway and walking in the wind. I ran into a dog park friend who keeps a slightly better pace than I might, so that urged me along.

It felt good to be outside and walking!!

Sights along the walk

I thought to offer my little piece of the world to you, I would share with you pictures of things that I saw on my walk. The image to your right is a groomed wisteria which has not bloomed or started to show is beautiful lavender flowers that look like grapes. By the end of Lent, it should be in all its glory. The only thing I won't be able to show you is the smell.

Next is a camellia bush by the name of Reverend John Drayton from our yard. It was a Valentine's gift to ourselves - we got it instead of the Pink Perfection we thought we were getting. It is really showing off right now, though still small in size, it is fully blooming. Camellias can be huge bushes and can grow to 12-14 feet and bloom anywhere from November to March or so. This is a late blooming camellia as it starts blooming around late February. Many are blooming during the Christmas season unless we have a freeze that burns them. We have had so little cold weather that we are about 3 weeks ahead in terms of spring, though the dogwoods are holding out a little longer.

Annie, Mom's little Yorkie, walked with me along the way. She had to stop every few inches to make her mark and then she started chasing squirrelsI walked 1.3 miles today. Didn't listen to my book on CD, but to the sounds of nature and traffic. The camera gave me a chance to stop and take pictures of the signs of Spring that are way too early for these parts as well as those plants that are still barren.

Beginning late:

*Annie here*
Thank you, Cathy, for this idea and for sharing it. And, to you, too Emily, for having mentioned it and aroused my interest.

I began a day late yesterday. My husband and I often do walk when the weather permits, but we don't normally make it a daily discipline. Yesterday we kept our walk to a strict mile, but a convenient one. As luck would have it, if we walk the nearly two blocks down to the corner, turn and walk downhill, approximately four blocks, one block south, then turn back--all uphill *argh*--one block north, then two blocks uphill. That's a sharp little upturn, too. It is right on, an exact mile. Sometimes when we have the time and the inclination, we branch off at the bottom and go down along the Arkansas river. Those are the best and most inspiring walks. I bore my readers to death telling about them and I am sure my stories are repititious, to say the least. But maybe I'll bore y'all with one later!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today I really did not want to walk - I was dog tired today - have ANOTHER new student - this one with Down Syndrome and just turned 3. So before I got home, I went to the park with a holding pond in the middle and 2.7 times around = 1 miles so I went around 3 times. My pedometer registered it as 1.21 miles. I started listening to Reading Lolita in Tehran today since I have been wanting to read it. I am trying to concentrate on it, but have a hard time with recorded books.

I did take time to notice the interesting bark on the River Bark Birch in the park and will try to get a photo of it as it caught my fancy - it's bare limbs have a nest exposed. The azaleas are blooming though several weeks early for this part of the world.

I also notice I was the only person walking clockwise around the path - everyone else was going counterclockwise. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I have driven another course which measures 1.3 miles and will take that tomorrow.
This group will keep me accountable and inspire me - thank you for being a part!

A Day Late

Yesterday, in which early morning and evening Ash Wednesday services bracketed a series of crises, was not one in which I could map out my mile of walking.

Today, however, is a new day, and I have taken good steps.

First, this morning I mapped out a route that takes .7 miles to get me to the playground at my daughter's school, with the walk home taking .3 miles. This means that even on a busy day I can drop my car at home at 2:45, walk to pick up The Princess and walk home with her. There is hardly ever a day that I can't manage to do that, since it's exactly the block of time I try to be at home (2:30 to 3:30) to check in with both kids when they come home from school.

Second, I clocked my walk at the dog park with Molly and Sam this morning. It takes just about half an hour to do one-and-a-half loops, and this includes some hills, which make it an even better walk for all of us. We took a break after the first loop, to give them a chance to play with other dogs, then did the last third.

I feel good about having two options. It makes the commitment feel realistic. I like walking outdoors because it's good to get away from screens and phones. Today I was with a friend, so I didn't have a prayerful walk, but that will happen, too.

Thank you, Cathy, for this suggestion and for making this blog.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I started today with a cold evening walk across the city of Cambridge U.K I am currently studying there at Wesley House as a part of my Foundation Training for ordained ministry. It was cold but a great walk over the river and through the park... will walk around the town here tomorrow I hope God will make divine appointments to cross my path...

Ash Wednesday's "Walk"

Today I had to multitask when I did my walk. I wanted to watch a walk video to see if I liked it. It stated that after the walk, I would walk 1.5 miles - it's a 35 minute video, but really only lasts 30 minutes in terms of exercise/walking. It had some other exercising, but I did a straight walk. According to my pedometer, I had completed 1.14 miles - which I am not sure of its accuracy or not, but I know I can walk a mile in less than 30 minutes so I know I walked AT LEAST a mile which is all I have set for my goal.

I am doing this for several reasons:
  • +I just had an encounter with my blood pressure staying high and going even higher due to stress. Walking helps stress
  • +My cholesterol is higher than it was the last time I had blood work done.
  • +I wanted to do something for Lent that was productive for my health as well as give me time to reflect and pray. I have never been terribly intentional about a Lenten discipline because I really don't like Lent, and I always said I was going to give up Lent for Lent. This year I figured I might want to get serious about it.
  • +Oh yes... I will give up french fries for Lent. Probably should give up ice cream, but I don't want to be irrational.

Please join us even if you join us late - it's never too late.

(I don't know why the bulleting is not showing up on this blog - so I put "+" instead.)

Ash Wednesday

40 days - 40 miles - it's a Lenten discipline several of us have decided to take on during Lent.
Won't you join us? It's not too late!