Thursday, September 05, 2013

Finally had time to find account for blog and passwords. Broke wrist the end of January - back to normal now. Still working and walking as much as have time for and am doing 5K walks/runs, plus did a 10K in July. No more running, but am at a 15 - 16 minute mile. Hours at work changed so walks are now after work except on weekends and days off. Miss those early walks during the morning twilight and sunrise hours, but at least have 5 of those walks during a 2 week time. Usual path plus another mile, so full course is 5 miles. This last summer, have added some creatures seen along my walks in addition to the usual critters: a family of ducks - Mom and Pop and 4 babies, a pileated woodpecker (have seen only twice in 10 years), deer (does and bucks), a family of 4 broad-winged hawks. I'm calling the next 4 and 1/2 years of my walks - walking to retirement. Hopefully, although my position is term, I'll be able to work until April 2018. Then, full retirement and lots do catch up on my acre, both inside and out.