Saturday, September 30, 2006

Serious now

We got back from California last Sunday. You can almost see the change between Californians and Ohions while you're waiting at the airport gate for the return trip! I walked 3 miles each Monday-Wednesday, rained on Thursday, about a mile Friday and two miles today. I've listed my food triggers at my Thursday Thirteen so I can keep them in mind and avoid them.

girl's day

the men were away today - so it was girls' day for DD and I today.

We'd planned shopping and that meant taking the bus into town. Only we missed it (by a hair!!!) so had to walk about 1km more to catch a differt one. This happened twice! (Can you believe it? - we couldn't!)

That, plus all the walking around town means for some tired ladies this evening!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Week of Walks

Time and the seasons are flying by. Work is still at best a challenge and at worst a big intrusion on my personal life and inner calm - which is why this walking journey is so important. Now in to work an hour early and off at regular time will have me home in time to walk/run or walk /contemplate for at least three miles. Weekends will be AM walks.

Yesterday I saw the blue heron carefully perched in the water at the canal. I slowed a bit so as not to startle him, then continued for another 2 blocks or so and headed back, again carefully walking past his perch. It worked - he stayed the whole time. I went about two more blocks and then saw him gliding over the water.

What treasures to watch and hear during my daily trek. Even with problem solving during these walks - I can see, hear, and feel God's Grace and Love and thank Him for all He has given.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


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haven't been blogging much ... real life caught me ... but today I went mushrooming in the forest ...

I've been walking too - probably not a mile a day - but something anyway and yesterday I cycled which was great.

We're having an unseasonally warm autumn - the leaves are only just starting to change and fall - and it's good to be alive. 'nuff said!

Stop and Go and Eat

We're in California for a week and I could be walking or swimming, but I'm not. Just the usual walking while sight seeing. Today we're going on an architectural tour that we've set up through a private tour company. But mainly I'm walking from the house to the car, from the car, to the restaurant, and then back to the car, so I'll have a lot of remediation to do when I get home.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Muddy shoes

Yesterday I got in only the 2nd mile I've walked since Labor Day! I've been recovering from a cold, but could have gone out if it weren't for repair going on in the condo area. Finally, yesterday morning about 7:45 I thought I'd get out before the smelly trucks arrived, but as I opened the door they pulled up.So I hiked through the wet grass and mud to the Lutheran church next door and walked in their peaceful parking lot before the mommies arrived to drop off the pre-schoolers.

I think the mud has dried, but I'll have quite a clean up.

Early, Early Saturday AM

Could not sleep, so will write some.

With the sun rising later, walks during the week are at 2 miles and on weekends, back to 3+ miles. Have been able to get the 2 miles in most days.

This AM was very quiet. I miss doing the mile on the canal bike path because the early morning sounds are so peaceful along the path, but I can do that mile or two on Saturday and Sunday. As I walk down my country road, I notice the corn and beans beginning to turn for harvest - about 3 more weeks, I think. I'm watching for deer in the fields and even in my yard (munching on apples). The squirrels are scurrying around, hiding their winter feasts.

These gentle walks are good for me to sometimes mull over a problem at work and still be able to pleasure what the Lord has given.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Greetings from Ohio

The weather has been wonderful, and I'm envious if you are out walking, running, biking or swimming. I'm inside with a cold so I've hardly put one foot in front of the other except to go out and get my coffee in the morning and come back home. Maybe next week I'll catch up with you all.

Monday, September 04, 2006

swimming a mile

I went swimming today -right after school. And it was great. Indoor pool (the outdoor ones are closed now unfortunately as autumn's round the corner)

I swam 1km in 27 minutes
and then 200 m (freestyle) - so probably not quite a mile but still fun!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

walking and loving it

Been out and about for the past few days. The weather is unseasonally warm with occasional showers - so picking the right moment is good

Today I walked the dog to the flower shop, then cycled to a party with my teenagers, after which DD and I walked the dog. The nights are closing in ... so it was already dark - the air was clear and fresh and we really enjoyed our stroll

September Haze

The second of September: Have walked each day this last week at least 2 - 3 miles unless rain came down.

Wednesday AM, traveled back to house (mile and 1/2) with a wee kitten about three weeks old. He was sitting soaking wet in the middle of the canal bike path, at the interstate overpass. I call him Survivor - he is used to being in a house. Have an ad in the newspaper and called the local vet and police to see if anyone will claim him. If not, will fatten him up and take to our local pet store that is really good about adoptions or call our local animal aid society. With 3 kit kats inside and 6 neighborhood cats that make the rounds in the neighborhood for hand outs, I really need to find Survivor a home.

This AM walk was just right, meeting acquaintances along the way. The flowers are still blooming and saw some beautiful sun flowers with the goldfinches flittering about.

Supposed to rain tomorrow through Tuesday. Monday we are doing a fun run/walk so hopefully we won't need umbrellas.