Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trotting Along on Thursday

Thought I would not be able to walk this morning, because of rain. But the rain quit just in time for me go the "3" before I got ready for work.

The trees were still dripping with the new rain. The air smelled so fresh and all around was glistening with the sunlight on the leftover raindrops. My neighbors down my road passed me on their way to work and gave a wave. I really missed the walks last fall, winter, and earlier this spring.

I have tomorrow and Monday off - so 4 glorious days of digging in the dirt, planting flowers, and walking.

My ticker

My ticker with the sailboat is also set at my regular blog, and my Thursday Thirteen is about this imaginary walk. I'm at 14 miles now for the walk to Lakeside (250 miles). I walked in the park today at 7:45--supposed to get to 93, so I didn't do the outside trails, but stayed in the shade.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Windy Wednesday

Another 3 miles this morning. The Blue Heron was checking out the food line in the Canal. The fish are very active right now - not sure if he was able to snag one as he swooped down over the water. Many baby rabbits and squirrels are running about along the path. At the edge of the water, I saw the blossom of a spiderwort and along the other side of the path, the crownvetch is just starting to bloom.

Met the other Malamute-Siberian Husky on my route. He barks more than his sister - she howls. They live across and down the block from each other. This weekend, he had made himself some trouble by tearing up the lawn cushions - snowy stuff all over the yard.

Pentecost to Labor Day

Mixing my religious and secular holidays, but I'm saying 250 miles of walking by Labor Day! I'm calling it Walk to Lakeside and back. Lakeside is our summer home on Lake Erie, and my husband says it is 244 miles round trip, but he's a bit anal (he also knows the number of minutes with pit stops and if the cat doesn't get sick), so I'm going to call it 250 miles. I did 5 on Sunday, 2 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday and 2.5 today, so I'm setting up my little ticker at 10.5 miles toward my Labor Day goal. I don't set goals for just anybody, so you ladies are very SPECIAL! This Thursday I'll do a Thursday Thirteen on the plan.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday was Monday Today

Monday holidays are always hard to come back from. Tuesday has double the work.
Managed 3 miles yesterday and 2 and 1/2 this AM before work. After seeing the weather forecast through next Monday - rain on and off, I may have overset my goal. I wanted to complete 3 miles in the AM and 2 in the PM. We'll see what happens - Either way it is good for me to walk, keeps me focused on when I should be thinking about work and when I should be thinking about play.

I met up with my Malamute-Siberian Husky friend and her owner this AM. We had quite a talk about our pets and how they light up our lives.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Finish the season at 89

I walked a mile on Friday and on Saturday. It was a bit rainy at the lake, but that brings the season to 89. I guess I'll start Pentecost still walking, but setting a goal doesn't work well for me. I walked 5 miles on Sunday and 2 today, so I'm at 7 for this new season. Walking is about the only exercise that works for me, so I'll stay with it.

Saturday morning when I left our cottage at Lakeside about 5:30 it was still dark. I heard some strange squeals, so I went back inside and got a flash light. Six kittens between the steps and the foundation. I'm afraid they are getting so big she won't be able to get them out. It's one thing to drop down with the little blob of fur in your mouth, quite another to jump straight up. After talking to the neighbors I think this is the 3rd location.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Goal, New Ticker, New Post

Had to do some revisions. Decided to continue on with the Walking for a Focus on Work/Life Balance. First goal is an additional 60 miles by June 9th. After that, who knows?

Added 3 more miles after Church. Sunny and a little breezy, but such a wonderful day. Tackling cleaning garage and basement - would rather be walking.

Minutes of exercise

Here is my new ticker to start off the new season. This is my goal for the week and will change as I figure out the bigger picture.

Friday and Staurday

Late in posting, but wanted to finish out the week. Well, I did not think I could do it, but with some sunshine last evening, I did - 2 miles on Friday and 2 and 1/2 miles on Saturday evening - 51 miles. Met more old friends from my route last night and spent about an hour catching up with news.

I am ready to set new goals and a new ticker.

The sun is out, ready for a bright and glorious day.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Tomorrow is the Feast of the Pentecost and for some will be their time to transition to a new goal. Mine will change for several reasons:

The weather is so hot down in the deep south that the heat is oppressive much of the time and takes the enjoyment out of the exercise - not to mention health issues.

Going inside to the YMCA offers to diversity in what I can do. Treadmill, bicycle, elliptical and swimming. SO... my challenge to myself is going to go in minutes beginning tomorrow.
I am very content with my accomplishment below. Since beginning to exercise and changing my eating habits in mid-late February, I have walked close to 120 miles, and I am down 26 pounds.

I will keep up with my miles on a separate ticker from my exercise minutes - but I am going to set my goal to 180 minutes a week - that's 30 minutes a day with a day of rest there. I haven't decided the duration of the ticker yet, so I may just set it up for one week and make changes so I can keep up with it weekly. Clear as mud -eh?
What are your goals for the summer?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Morning Sun

Friday AM this time,. Haven't been out yet today, but wanted to update where I am.

2 and 1/2 miles each on last Sat, Sun, Mon, 3 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Wed - the last 2 were in the early evening - walked with a friend to get a Dairy Queen. That was the incentive. Thursday AM was 3 miles. Just can't seem to get home from work in time to do some at night. The walking sticks are great. If you happen to get a hold of the April issue of FITNESS magazine - there is an article about using them. There are several brands - mine are LEKI. There is a website -

My route by the canal is coming alive with Big Fish jumping. I'm watching construction on a new home. This weekend will be just for R and R - no work brought home. I am going to do some more walking, plant some annuals in posts, and just have a glorious weekend after 12:30PM today.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow Lake Erie

I walked a mile last evening and a mile this morning so that makes 87. Tomorrow we head for Lake Erie for the Memorial Day week-end. We'll be loaded down. Paintings by my husband to go in a show, the cat and all her needs.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday and really hot!

I walked a mile yesterday and a mile today, and may go out again. It is clouding over. So I'm at 85. Today I took 2 plastic bags with me; one for trash and one for my hand. I'd seen something blowing around in our area. By the time I cleaned it up I decided someone had cleaned up a pet or a baby, and then tossed the tissues out the car window. Yuk. Good thing I had that extra bag! A good waistline exercise.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday and HOT

It was in the 90s today while walking, I had to cut my walk to 1 1/2 miles today because of the heat, but I am nearing 3.0 mile an hour walk now! Woot!


OK...on my last ticker I was at 50 miles, then I posted 3.6 without ticker update. Yesterday I did .5 (those tenths add up!!) on the treadmill before workout and today Beta the Chubby Bordie Collie and I walked (no "wogging" today) 4 miles. So I am at 58.1 miles. And I put my goal out to 70.

Monday, May 21, 2007

83 miles

I didn't get any walking or meaningful exercise yesterday. It was a munchie day. My husband's Haiti Mission group had a reuion--food. Then our SALT (church couples group) group met--more food. I really needed that walk. So I walked 2 miles today bringing my total since Easter to 83.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday-Saturday update

One mile each day, so I'm at 81 miles. Not really spectacular since the weather's been good for walking--a bit coolish. So many "eating" events. Should do more--walking, that is.

Friday, May 18, 2007

mile upon mile...

3.6 for me and Beta the Border Collie. I even tried (like Cathy) to "jog" abit here and there. Not really a jog but not a walk. I'm going to call it a wog! Would like to get back to being able to do a 5K - with all wog and no walk! Going to the cabin for the weekend so hope to get more miles in...will update the ticker when I return.

Friday Already!

Here it is - another week gone. Time really does fly.

I am still trying to walk twice a day - but am late getting home after work. Even so I managed to add 18 miles this week. When I hit the 50 mark - I'll set my ticker for new mileage and a change of ticker scenery. As I was walking this evening the neighborhood resident pair of geese flew over and landed for just a few minutes in the half plowed field. Then off they flew. My farmer neighbor is really late in getting his crops in - he usually is done planting by Mother's Day. As I walked down by the canal, I heard a big splash. The fish are again starting to spawn and feed more from the surface, probably mostly carp.

I have managed to shave 5 minutes off each mile - now at a twenty minute mile. That puts me in better shape for the Race for the Cure 5K on June 9. I'll still be using the walking sticks , really like them.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

79 and cool

I got one mile in yesterday afternoon and one today, so I'm at 79. It has turned very cool again. Today I wore one of those nylon 2 piece outfits over my clothes, but it got sort of hot. Soaking rain early--I hope it moved on over east to help put out some fires.


This is nifty - I reached 50! Previously posted the 6 and today am adding 3.5 miles of ground covered on a beautiful day in the great northwest with Beta the Bordie Collie. 50! And have bumped the "goal" now out to 60. This is so much fun. Sometimes I think to myself I'll have nothing to post if I don't just get out and get going - and then off I go!!! It is motivating and encouraging. Picked up the books Eat Cake and Step Ball Change and realized I'd read Julie and Romeo as well as Julie and Romeo Get Lucky. I thought that author sounded familiar! And I am on a mission to understand and then put into action the buying of an appropriate (maybe the word is compatible) mp3 and then downloading audio books on it. I'll be doing a lot more walking outside and biking over the next 3 - 4 months because that's the only time you can go outside up here in the otherwise frozen tundra of MN!!! And the vet says Beta the Border Collie needs to lose a few pounds so I'll be addressing that issue with daily walking!! Biking does nothing for her because she's older and can no longer keep up on longer distances so we bought her a burley (pulls behind the bike) and now she rides in style.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walkin' in the Rain

I walked 3.3 miles and the last 1/2 mile it rained! Glorious rain we need so badly in south Georgia. Just hope others in this area reap the benefits of the precipitation. It wasn't much, but better than nothing!

Wednesday at 3

I walked a mile yesterday afternoon, but none yet today. So I'm up to 77 miles. I'm really fuming. I'll need to walk it off. Read about my new cooktop.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday morning

I walked four miles yesterday in the immediate neighborhood, enjoying the flowers and trees, and one mile this morning. So I'm at 76 miles. I'm waiting for the carpenter who is going to install my new stove top, so I'm walking close by where I can keep an eye on the drive-way. It's a given that an opening made in the countertop in 1990 will not fit a different model 17 years later, so this could get messy and dusty. I've moved everything that wasn't nailed down, put skillets and roasters into the wall ovens and covered bookshelves and furniture with sheets.

Old stove top, one eager burner, two half-hearted, and one out to lunch.

Monday, May 14, 2007

3 + 3 = 6

3 miles on Sunday with my daughter and 3 miles today with my dog. I'm at 46.5 miles so far. Will upgrade my ticker on my next post.

Mother's Day

After church, attended with our son, we went to our daughter's for a wonderful salmon dinner--with tender crisp asparagus and tossed salad. I walked 2 miles on Saturday and 2 on Sunday late in the day (like 7:30 p.m.) so that puts me at 71 miles. Oh yes, and a lemon pudding pie for dessert. Now I remember why I thought I needed that walk!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Morning Walk

Got up early this morning and decided to walk - it was in the 60s and I knew the day would get hot so decided to go ahead and enjoy the morning. Walked 2.6 miles which put me over a milestone of 100 miles since I have been keeping up with walking around the world

Listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons on my IPod. I want to know how the birds know the right time to chirp in the music???

I did play a little game with myself -- I made mailboxes along part of my route as points where I would start "jogging" and then stop.... then walk some.... then "jog".

I use "jog" very loosely, since the jog was not faster than my walk, just a different movement.

Norma, I just got notification that Eat Cake was ready for pickup so I will be getting that tomorrow.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Walking in Kalamazoo

I have no way of quantifying my long walks around campus--lots of steps and hills--during this enjoyable several day medieval conference, as well as in the airport. But I'm sure it adds up to at least three miles, so I'll claim 30 miles done and 20 to go.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday's Child

Well - here it is Friday - 7 days and 10 miles. I am trying to walk in both the morning and when I get home from work. That hasn't worked out yet since I manage to stay at work too late. Tomorrow I will be able to try 2 miles - AM and 2 miles - PM

My route is familiar but always new in sights. A huge Oak tree by the canal bicycle path came down sometime before my Wednesday walk. I had to investigate - right at the root line -there was nothing left of the deep roots. I would imagine the people who live near by heard a "big thud".

I haven't seen the blue heron yet, but many ducks and geese, lots of squirrels, and bunnies.

I have to really concentrate on coordinating my walking sticks to my steps - getting better. Maybe I'll be able to cross country ski next winter.

67--walking my age

I walked a mile yesterday late in the afternoon (with 1776), and 2 miles this morning in the park. While there I complimented another walker (maybe mid-70s) on her outfit, and heard all about her kidney disease and why she was carrying an umbrella on a sunny day (she had beautiful skin). I told her she was smart--but I also learned about a disease I'd never heard of and can't begin to pronounce. Found out her parents had come from Russia, so I asked her if she spoke Russian, and she said, in Russian, "Yes, I speak a little bit, but my parents said it's like a child." Must be why I was able to understand her.

Then there was a group setting out potted flowers and I asked one of the volunteers if they were for sale. She said No, they were all ordered and to be picked up at the park. Must have been a huge project. Then we realized we used to walk together in 2001 at one of the rec centers when they still had open time for walkers. But she was very busy, so I moved along. Not a day to get the heart rate up, I guess.

Our bedroom is just about finished. Stop by for the before and after photos. We had to mix early 60s modern with arts and crafts since nothing else was available.

40.5 miles

Finally in the 40s!!!! Just swimming along! I do my walking on the treadmill before workout. I got a mile in Wednesday and 1.5 miles in for today. Tomorrow my daughter is running her 2nd half marathon south of the cities. (She ran her first full marathon last fall.) Will get some walking in there I'm sure as we walk to a place along the route to cheer her on then walk back to the finish.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Heat is working against me

It was in the 80s Tuesday and Wednesday, so those 2 days I had 3 miles, and one today, so I'm at 64 miles. Might sneak another in yet today.

Sea Lion

Walked the beach again yesterday--a little shorter cause I was still finishing up my paper and otherwise getting ready for my trip. Prayed my office and saw a big beautiful sea lion (well, it could have been a seal--didn't get a good look at the ears)swimming really close to the beach. Wow!

Twenty-seven miles. :-)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

2.4 miles today!

I walked 2.4 miles today with my route around my neighborhood. Norma, loved the sharing of your books for your book club. I, too, read mostly nonfiction, but the book club gives me an opportunity to read fiction with others. We flip flop each month alternating between non fiction and fiction.

I have and idea for the long season of Ordinary Time or season after Pentecost. Why don't we set our own goals? Some of us might want to do "activity minutes", some might do bicycle miles, others walking. We can set the goal as we like, either by month, or until Advent. Be thinking if this is something you would like. That way we can have some flexibility during this time.

Added 2.4 miles today...

Three more today--60!

The weather was fabulous today. I walked a mile in the early morning, a mile after lunch, and another mile about 4 p.m. I'm moving right along with my audio book, and got it on the list for next year's book club. So I'm at 60 miles now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Walking a New Week

Two Days of Walks

2 miles yesterday and 2.5 miles today

I had my ticker in last night, but I wasn't able to have it paste as a ruler, it just pasted as computerese. I'm not a techie at this stuff, any ideas at what I did wrong?

I think I am getting the hang of the walking sticks somewhat, but I'll never be great at coordinating with arms and legs. Went a half mile on the canal bicycle path and kept looking for some turtles. I think it is too early for them. I saw a beautiful duck just gliding along. I also saw my friend"Moose"-a big Alaskan Malamute who now has a friend- a Siberian Husky.

Not sure if tomorrow AM will bring rain - I hope not. I'm on a roll with the walking AND my yard has not yet been mowed. Just found a new contractor to mow - we'll be making hay from the grass if it gets any longer. Looking forward to seeing more tomorrow!

Three more--57 miles

One mile yesterday and two today. It's a great day to walk, but I have book club tonight and need to stay on task and finish our May selection. I rarely read fiction, but Eat cake by Jeanne Ray is just delightful. I've been laughing out loud.

Every mile counts!

Had planned to do more walking up north this past weekend but the weather was not all that good. We did get to do 9 miles of biking on the trail - old, now tarred, RR track - no hills =) with Beta the Bordie Collie in the Burley. Some fierce pollen was in the air because I sneezed much of the weekend! Think I could log that on Get Fit on Route 66 as a legitimate postable activity????? Did walk 2 miles tho and stayed after workout today and did another mile on the treadmill. I'm chugging along!!!!!!!

Halfway There

Did a little shorter pier walk yesterday while Matt and the kids splashed, cause I had to make sure and hit the highway in time for the 5:00 mass I was supplying for.

25 Easter miles. :-)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

54 miles

I went out after supper for a mile + last night and thought I'd get some in today, but the rain started. We're going to a Derby party tonight, and I know the outfit will spot in the rain, so I'm thinking of wearing a long raincoat, and carrying my slacks in a sack, changing in the rest room when I get there.

My First Miles Back On Track

Hi All,

First - you all have been real busy - congratulations on all the miles!

This week was the week.

I am now off the walker and on one cane part time.

I did two miles this morning with the Nordic Walking Sticks. What a great way to start off my weekend! I may regret my zeal later today, but I could not contaim myself when I started down the road. In my little town of Colona, there are still many flowering shrubs blooming, as well as tulips and wild sweet william. I love it -the smell of newly mowed grass, the flowering shrubs and spring flowers, seeing renovations being done on my deceased uncle's house, and again meeting my 4 legged friends from my last year walks.

My ticker will be in at the next walk.

Have a wonder-filled weekend!

Friday, May 04, 2007

53 miles

One yesterday and one today, so far. We've got painters and carpenters here at the house, so I have to stay close by. After they leave I'll have a massive clean up of dust that has landed on every surface.


Matt took today off so he did the pier-to-pier walk with me, and was impressed at what a workout it was taken at a good pace :-). And since it was midday and quiet we saw tons of dolphins, including a pair who paced us right along the beach for quite a while. Makes me want to walk with my sweetie more often...

23 miles for Easter.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

51 miles

I walked a mile at the park and 2 miles at the condo today. Waved to a gal who was my aerobics instructor 25 years ago--now she makes house calls to help people get in shape.


Walked the piers on Sunday, saw a dolphin arching and troops of pelicans that looked like Klingon birds of prey. Matt and the kids played ball and frisbee and I cut ten minutes off my normal time of 1hr, 20 minutes--felt good to get my heart rate up more.

20 miles down, 30 to go!

mile upon mile....

Went early again to workout and walked a mile....slow and not all that steady but I am going to keep at it! Know this blog is not about anything but walking but on Monday I did bike around the lake near my house - 10 miles in an hour! Killer hills on the west side!!!! When I get better/stronger I'll pull Beta the Border Collie in the Burley. Gotta get y'all a picture of that. It is good for a laugh. Walk on, walk on......(bike on, swim on, dance on...just keep moving!)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

High heat today

I added two more miles on Monday and three today, so I'm at 48 miles. I think I'm going to have to push that little marker ahead to extend the miles. Time goes fast with an audio book (1776 by David McCullough). I'm into the winter of 1775-76 and hearing/reading about the awful conditions. The British sentries froze to death at their posts--we've always heard about how tough the weather was on the American soldiers who were poorly clothed and armed (they were issued spears to save on gunshot), but the British soldiers were really unaccustomed to ice and snow of the Boston area.