Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Skies

Been doing the 4 miles everyday - sometimes cloudy this week but mostly deep blue October skies (even early in the morning). See all the wild critters getting ready for winter.

Love this weather - hope it stays this way through the first week in December.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shin splints

Kathy tipped me off to a Walking FB site, and on that I saw this. Shin splints are a huge problem for me (that and hating to exercise), so I might try this. And I love big words--"medial tibial stress syndrome" will be my next "organ concert" topic with the retired librarians.

When we were in Illinois last week, the Chicago station we were listening to in the car said it was the best October weather in 18 years. It's been gorgeous also in Ohio, with cool and rainy just showing up a few days ago. But it's times like these I miss our old neighborhood where I could walk to shopping and the library. I could do that here too--if I were 10 years younger and didn't mind dashing across 4 lanes.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Long time no post - have a little more time to walk now - no changes at work, in fact hours working have been more. But in August and October, managed to get weekend trips to Nebraska and Minnesota to see family.

Today - home and just accomplished the 4 miles after puttering around the whole day. The leaves are really slow in turning here. Some Maples have turned - the Oaks are still green. We haven't had a frost yet. Not many people out this afternoon - I'm surprised becaused it is sunny and fairly warm. The "4" was okay, but I really enjoy my early morning walks more. I guess I like to watch the world wake up.

Met my new neighbors - and a really big dog. Big but very friendly!