Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Evening Walk

This evening I took a nice walk, the first in many days since the virus and a few days of having a bit of slugdom in me. I forgot to bring my camera with me, and I missed the cat stalking the squirrel, and the more subtle flowering of our late spring. The smell of sweet shrub highlighted the walk as I listened to River of Doubt on my IPod.

The pedometer reported that I walked 1.83 miles, which adds to my measly 3.5 since Easter. Norma puts me to shame!

Total 5.3 miles.

Stormy Sunday

The rain is off and on - just when you think it will stay away for at least a mile walk, more clouds roll in. This morning, I did the treadmill. I watched the Sunday Morning Farm Broadcast. Usually watch it when doing exercises, but thought it would keep me interested enough to stay on the treadmill for twenty minutes. It did. I have to say, I'm ready to try the step climber instead. If I don't like it - I'll probably trade both off for a an elliptical. A week from now I start again with weight training, not free weights - just Nautilus. I have been such a slacker - I decided that my 60th year is the year I really do this life balance thing. And back to the weight machines is part of that plan.

Now the rain is on, but "April showers bring May flowers". We have a 30% chance of rain each day this week. I am hoping then that the farmers will have a chance to get the crops in.

Walking in heels

Although I got a little mileage today because of where I parked, I was wearing heels and the pace isn't too good. The choir sings at 8:30 and 11 a.m. services, so in between I duplicated the material for the art show and drove over to our newer campus. It's never easy to get parking there, so I got a small hike. On the return trip, I'd lost my parking at the old church, so had to park about 2 blocks away. This afternoon, I got a decent 30 minute walk around the condo complex appropriately shod. We're starting to get some overcast cloud cover from Illinois and Indiana but the sunshine is still holding.

24 miles since Easter.


I walked a little way today - first time since my op - but made the mistake of having the dog with me and now I think I overdid it a bit. Ouch

back soon

btw spring is over in Finland

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Picking up trash on my walk

At my regular blog today I wrote about picking up trash. On my morning walk around the condo grounds I noticed a lot of bottles and plastic bags had floated down the creek with the rains, so after about a mile, I went back in and got my camera. Then I went over to our Mill Run Church campus to help hang an art show, and thought I go down by the river first for another mile. That turned out to be a very bad idea because there was some sort of crew event with school buses and cars parked everywhere, and parents and grandparents running across 6 lanes of traffic to get a coffee at McDonald's. So I took a side street and got out of there. I walked at the park next to the church and saw a lot of trash there too.

This afternoon I got a large trash bag and went out with one of the "grabber" sticks that people with arthritis can use (I think it was my mother-in-law's), and pulled trash out of the creek and from under bushes. Filled it up completely in about 15 minutes--plastic bags, drinking cups, pop bottles, a for sale sign in several pieces, heavy plastic that appeared large enough to cover a mattress, some kind of metal panel, appliance instructions, newspaper ads and a long piece of wide red ribbon.

23 miles since Easter.

Frustrating, But Complete

My walk today was a frustrating mile, making figure eights around the bigger of our two local dog parks. It was frustrating because Molly did not want to walk! My husband stayed with her, while I walked on with Sam. Then Sam did not want to follow me, because he doesn't like a divided family. Eventually he did, and I completed my mile, but there was nothing particularly good-spirited about it. And that's a bummer.

Today: 1 mile
Total: 15.8 miles

Rain, Rain Go Away

A rainy Saturday - am still trying to get outside for a short walk. Decided to try the treadmill thing again. This time I hooked up the TV in front of the treadmill and watched a local weather show on tornadoes, storms, etc. I managed a little over a mile, then decided to really watch the program.

It has been a gentle steady rain. As I am writing this, I can see the beautiful green grass and the two blossoming apple trees. Everything looks so fresh. I hope this year sees us with more rain. The topsoil now is okay, but the subsoil still needs about 10 -12 inches to offset last year's dry conditions.

It looks like it has stopped for a while, so I will try again for a quick walk.

walking in spirit only

unless you count walking to the car and then around the supermarket today, I've not walked since Wednesday. And it's such a shame as there are crocusses out nearby (spied from the car) and the spring weather is fine. Hubby just took DD and her German exchange visitor + dog to Naantali for a walk and I so wanted to go, but even being in the car, and then wandering around the supermarket using the trolley as a zimmer frame was "too much" and I came back for a nap.

I'm feeling ok but exhausted after the op you see, but they did say I could start walking as soon as I felt energetic enough. Today no, but maybe tomorrow. Let's see (grin)

It's been lovely here to read what you've all been doing. 50 miles in 50 days - what a blessing to us all :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Fearless Friday

Even with just myself and the kit kats, mornings are busy. Tess and Bitty Bit - the older two settle down and play, but fearless Blue has no fear. He almost slipped out the door to take on the outside cats - caught him just in time. Then I was out the door and on my way.

The trees and flowers seem to be blossoming longer this year. The viburnum still smells so sweet - what a great feeling to enjoy all that is around you and thank the Lord for making it all possible. Maybe I'm just seeing them better when I walk. Even when I'm driving to work, I'm enjoying the view more and fretting less .

I did 2 miles today - not sure of total since Easter. I want to be up to 4 miles a walk before mid May. I love to walk really early in May and June - the morning has such a golden glow.

As for the treadmill - when I must I will, but I'd rather be seeing my corner of the outside world.

21 miles

Today I got in 2 walks, at least a mile each, and if the weather and my knees hold up, I might try one after our Friday night date. In the morning I slipped Mozart into my cd player and walked at the park, detouring through a neighbor of really big houses and elaborate landscaping.

In the afternoon, I walked here at the condo, and went down by the creek to pause and watch the tadpoles in the sunlight. A mother duck and her 10 teeny babies came up the bank, saw me, then turned around and got back in the water. Their camouflage is amazing. If I hadn't been watching them enter the water I wonder if I would have seen them.

21 miles since Easter

Today my first walk

was on the treadmill while I watched Judging Amy. A mile and a little.

Then I went home and walked the dogs in the gentle rain. They are naturally white dogs; after the walk, not! But it is time for a bath, and this helps to ensure that DH will do it as he has planned. It is something he procrastinates about.

The smell of concrete newly wetted...wonderful. The smell of earth growing damp - amazing! Thanks be to God!

oh, and yesterday I did 5.37 miles. So 23.6 miles since Easter.

Two wheels....

Today I swopped my feet for two wheels and went for a bike ride, but as I covered 10 miles I hope you'll let me off. Friday is our day off so Tim and I headed out onto the Norfolk was a beautiful day.

Nature Walk or Dog Walk?

Our Thursday walk at the Nature Preserve was more a dog walk than a nature walk, as we met several friendly dogs along the way. Sam and Molly ran out to greet them with delight! I, too, was delighted to realize that the Red Trail, a mile of very root-y path with a couple of big ups and downs, was much easier for me than the last time I did it about a month ago. Getting regular exercise actually works--amazing!!

Edited to add: Today we went back to one of the trails maintained by our city, down by Pretty Pretty River, scene of our famous icy walk of winter. We met up with a nice woman and her equally nice black lab and all of us walked along together to see the falls. This is nowhere near a rugged hike, but it is a trail with lots of ups and downs and is very good exercise for both the dogs and me.

Thursday: 1 mile
Friday: 1.2 miles
Total: 14.8 miles

A Long Work Day

Early to work - no time for a walk and late at work so I'm again on the treadmill. It should be called the dreadmill.

I miss the outside walks, when my mind can wander with me as I walk. Inside it is quite a pitiful sight - I really can not make it for more than 15 minutes. Tomorrow AM - up and at "em" early, so to see the morning sun come up over the hill.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It has been a beautiful day today, and a walk was just what I needed after a funeral visit this afternoon. I walked with Tim across the fields towards the river, the blossom is out everywhere...

Now tell me there is no evidence for design!!!

On the mail run

I do the mail run between church campuses on Thursday morning, so when I was finished, I parked the car in the side lot and walked in the neighborhood around the church. Although I've often driven in this neighborhood (1950s-60s ranch homes) I haven't walked it. I passed by house where a dishwasher, trash compactor, and two wall ovens were sitting in the yard waiting for trash pick-up. The ovens were pink. Now, how long has it been since pink kitchen appliances were a "must have." And I don't mean this retro stuff, either. They were the real thing.

19 miles since Easter


Whew - we think we are finally on the mend - both of us feel better but feel wiped out from this virus. Verdict is that we don't wish this on anyone. We will both return to work today, I have a end of year review /IEP meeting on one of my students today which plots out their upcoming year's educational plan.

Depending how today goes will determine my ability to walk far enough away from a bathroom and still feel safe.
Thanks for all the well wishers and I am really enjoying reading the different places folks are walking and what experiences y'all have along the way.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Before writing class

Twice a month I participate in a writing class at the library. For several years we had a leader, but now we just pass the responsibility of writing a prompt and watching the time around the group. At first I thought I'd walk after I parked at the library, however, I knew the temptation to go in the library would be too strong, so I walked around the condo grounds before I left. It was quite cool in the early a.m., but by noon the sun was bright and warm. Blossoms are falling fast.

18 miles since Easter

Tuesday and Wednesday Together

Tuesday - Spring took a step backward - cold rain, wind in the A.M. Late night at work , so on the treadmill. I hate this contraption - boring!! I really need to use the step climber instead. Kit kat "Blue" is so fearless - he jumps right on the belt and tries to catch my feet. 15 minutes - I've done about 3/4 mile. That's all folks, I'll be outside tomorrow AM

Wednesday: Still a little chilly. We had a light frost. I don't think the buds and blossoms were affected too much. The trees are still looking good. Walking through town, I see many different lilacs - lavendar blues, lavendar, deep purple, and white. My lilacs are just starting to open - I'll have a look see when I am home tonight.

I am trying to stay focused on my walk today - thinking about work can wait until I arrive at the office.

A longer walk tomorrow, won't stay in bed as long.

Looking for Moses

I walked my mile today in search of our cat. He went out on Sunday evening and we haven't seen him since, I've called the vets and cat shelters, and this afternoon I walked about 3 miles delivering flyers with his picture. Not the most fun walk but heres hoping!

A horse is a horse,

of course, of course.

I woke up in the early hours with a charlie horse. It has been *so* many years since I last had one, I had no idea whether to flex or point. (It's flex, darn it, flex!!) Heat or ice? Couldn't get up to make it happen either way.

So, a day off, as the calf muscle still feels like a very tight ball. Pass the Advil!

if it"s Tuesday

There are times when I get terribly annoyed by Perky Fitness Chick. She repeats herself across her videos, and she's always very, very enthusiastic.

But as I was collapsed after a 2 mile workout yesterday (there are some other movements in there to keep things mixed up), it occurred to me that following the program allows me to turn my brain off for at least a little while. Sometimes when I'm out for a walk by myself my brain starts to interfere. Letting Perky Fitness Chick do the thinking while I try to keep up is actually kind of helpful.

And you wouldn't want Dostoyevsky leading your workout.

(2 miles yesterday, 1.5 this morning with a new tape which goes much faster.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Busy Day

This was one of those day when work spanned many, many hours, but I made a date with the elliptical machine and hopped on after tonight's Church Council meeting. I knew ahead of time that I wouldn't be able to push myself to 45 minutes. My heel pad is still bothering me, so I planned to do 30 minutes instead. Since it takes me 20 minutes to walk a mile, and this was 30 vigorous minutes, I'm going to call it 1.5. (Mileage is the one thing the darned machine doesn't give me!)

So, there was no outdoor walk today, but there was a beautiful sunset to admire on my way home from church and a good, sweaty workout.

Today, 1.5 miles; Total, 12.6 miles.

Walking again

I'm walking again, I finaly feel fit enough in mind and body, so dragged myself out for a spring walk...

More photos on my blog

Tuesday afternoon and all is not well

Last night after rehearsing with the singing group, I felt a bit nauseous but figured it must be late and I was hungry so I got a bite to eat on the go and headed home. I woke up at 4 am and was sick with what seems to be the virus. Husband also woke up with it too. Got a call from daughter who lives 80 miles away (she was with us this past weekend home from college) and she did the exact same thing this morning. I don't know the last time I have had a stomach bug, but I can say that I won't be walking at all today - proximity to the facilities is very important.

Still feeling puny too - husband has been quite pitiful too. Hopefully this is a 24 hour bug.

all sorts

walked with the dog at about 1pm today - probably only about 3/4 of a mile but it was a fast pace going out , and she dragged her heels coming home again.

Gorgeous weather (for here) light blue sky and one or two puffy clouds ... but still no real sign of spring in OUR garden and only a few whispers elsewhere, but it was warm. I went with no coat and only a fleece which I took off quite quickly.

We went through one small wood (she was on lead as she's on heat right now - but luckily we didn't see any other dogs anyway) and back a new route. About 25 mins in total so might have been closer to 1mile afterall.

Then (nothing to do with walking but want to tell you anyway) I went to town with a friend. I bought curtain fabric and made new bedroom curtains this evening. If you knew me at all you'd realise how close any of that is to a real 100% miracle - and I'm pretty proud of myself. Oh and I bought us a new bedspread too.

(still to make cushions butI have the fabric and the cushion - I'm glad I got that as the curtains came out a big lighter than I expected - so the blue cushions will help darken it all a bit -- hopefully I'll be motivated to do that all next week when I'm taking it easier under doctors' orders. Not sure how that will affect the walking, but tomorrow I still walk anyway. hopefully a bit longer and a bit nicer route)

be blessed

miles walked - no idea, 8 ???
miles cycled prob 15,
curtains made 1 pair (and the ties too!)

Daily walking

Not sure it counts that my 2.73 miles so far today are all daily walking. I've parked farther away and taken the stairs to "up" the steps. But the dogs really want me to walk outdoors with THEM! Tonight, maybe, kiddos. It's quite chilly here, though, for this time of year. In the 50's.

Just wanted to let y'all know I was still ambulatory!


Sleep walking

I was so sleepy this morning, that I went to the park about 9:30 a.m. for a half hour walk. But it didn't help. I've concluded (because mornings are my best times) that the urns were switched at Panera's this morning and I got decaf. So I think I'll pop over to Caribou and get some high test. I might take in another 30 minutes while I'm out.

Update: 17 miles since Easter.

penalty box??

So--if your Monday mile was to the frozen yogurt shop and back and on the return trip you were actually eating your boysenberry yogurt, does it still count??

Monday, April 24, 2006

change of scenery

I got to do some walks in St. Louis this past week, where the temperatures were much more, well, temperate than here at home in Oklahoma City.
These photos are all taken in Forest Park, which is St. Louis' answer to Central Park.

At the end of my walk, I stopped in to visit my favorite exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo (free!)--the penguins.

I am also particularly fond of the Art Museum on its perch overlooking the city on Art Hill.
Now that I'm home, it's back to walking with Perky Fitness Chick on DVD. I have found myself moving up to her 2 mile walk, and am ready even to tackle one of her longer DVDs.

Monday Farming

It is 6:10AM and I am out on the road just passing by the field. The farmer is finishing turning over the dirt in this field today (it is actually about an 160 acre field - no fences). The side of the road is filled with violets, deep blue to rosey lavendar and the grass seems to be growing before my eyes.

Across the highway and through the little town to the highway overpass by the Canal bicycle path - 1 and 1/2 miles. The walk is going quickly. I see a small flock of male gold finches perched on last year' cattails, must be having a good gossip session. I think the females are already sitting on nests in the woods - I haven't seen the soft brown females for a couple of days.

Headed back now, met two dogs and three cats along the way. Walking up the road towards my home, I see a rainbow of color in my yard - tree and shrub blossoms. What a wonderful way to start a new week.

Walking the Dogs

Busy day here, so I had to make do with the 1 mile neighborhood route with the dogs. As is always the case when we walk with my husband, the pace is brisk! Molly Dog dawdles for the first part of the walk, then speeds up ahead of me. Sam strains to keep up with her and keeps me going at speed. By .4 miles, my shins burn, but the last half-mile feels good.
The weather is dull here today, and I'm afraid so is this report. But I walked!!
How goes it with you?
(Today, 1 mile; Total Miles--11.1)

Walking the old neighborhood

Last evening I got to Gethsemane Lutheran about 30 minutes before the benefit concert, so I walked around the area for about 10 minutes, but I was wearing sandals and a skirt so I couldn't set much of a pace (so I added it to today's mileage). The trio was lovely, and as far as I can recall it's the only time I've ever heard Gypsy Rondo (Haydn) and Golliwog's Cake Walk (Debussy) on the same program, and I had played both when I took piano lessons as a child.

Today I picked up my Mozart CDs at the library and then set off with my disc player through the neighborhoods where I walked for 34 years before we sold our house and moved in 2002. On those streets I had pushed a baby stroller for two, for many miles, rode my no-gear bike without a helmet, and walked many a mile, sometimes at dawn, when I walked much faster.

Update:16 miles since Easter.

Turku Cathedral Easter Sunday

I don't think I posted this. This was taken outside the cathedral here in the city - on Easter Sunday afternoon. The candles were lit at the EAster vigil I think.

Beautiful ?


I was bemoaning to eija yesterday that there were no signs of spring here yet.

I was wrong!

Today I heard the birds singing, one tree (a willow I think) showed definite tinges of green, some lawns (raked over the weekend) looked less grey than a day or two ago, and a few bushes had the very first whisper of budding.

There are no shoots for spring flowers here yet - I did look closely - but spring is here! I even walked without a coat (but with a warm fleece on)

oh and I walked - with the dog - about half a mile, after cycling for about 3 on my own, down to the old town square and back. No camera I'm afraid but take my word for it, the dark winter is over here in southern Finland.

Praise God!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday afternoon

I don't like to be busy, and this is a busy day, a day it might be easy to not walk. On the other hand, it is also gorgeous; blue sky, fluffy clouds, breezy. And I promised. Thirty minutes a day. So it was off to the park, even more filled with parents and kids playing soccer than yesterday.

If I were queen, I'd forbid parents taking their cell phones with them when they accompany children. As I was admiring the beautiful spring hues, the family time, the happy squeals and encouraging shout outs from parents, I also noticed a number of men leaving the crowd to talk on their phones. Women do it too, but I didn't see any today. What could be so important? You are there to support the team, not just your kid. Disconnect. It's for the children.

Now a nap, then off to hear my friend Sharon perform at a benefit concert at 5 p.m. for a homeless shelter, then our Bible study at 7 p.m.

To date since Easter: 13 miles.


I'm feeling a bit of a fraud - cos today again I went cycling - for about an hour- with the dog. Cycling isn't walking - but I've enjoyed this.

Today we headed out of town past our local supermarket and then on the bike path through an area where they are building new homes. I was amazed how fast they are getting on with the job.

A couple of km on we took a steep right (the dog did great) and then up a hill (not too steep) and along by a small forest /woods. She dog slowed down hopefully (she'd have loved to go for a run off lead there I think, but as she's on heat not the wisest thing to do) so I spoke in a firm voice eteenpain (forward) and she started moving faster again, ears back. And I laughed.

We took another successful right after 2-3 km and headed home at a bit slower pace. Walking the last ½km so I guess I did walk some.

How has your day been?

Sunday Birdsong

6:30AM - The sun has just come up. The geese are flying south to the Canal. As I walk down my front walk, I hear so many different birds - cardinals, robins, chickadees, goldfinches, redwinged blackbirds, and the brown thrasher. There is dew on the grass and leaves. I can smell the dirt from the field and know that the farmer neighbor will be planting this week.

Down by the Canal, I hear another brown thrasher, again from the highest tree branch. The Canal is smoothly drifting water today. More trees are blooming - it is not just my dogwoods that are late, it seems to be the norm this year.

It is so peaceful early, thanking God for all and that He is near ends my walk.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Evening stroll

On this morning's walk I took along a cd player. I discovered why it wasn't working. Batteries. So I put in "Best Loved Hymns" performed by the Choir of King's College, Cambridge. It had earlier been raining, so I particularly appreciated this verse from "Morning has broken." It seems to be about the Garden of Eden, at least that's what all the firsts make me think.

Sweet the rain's new fall
Sunlit from heaven,
Like the first dewfall
On the first grass.
Praise for the sweetness
Of the wet garden,
Sprung in completeness
Where his feet pass.

For this evening's walk I popped in a promotional CD for gospel radio--I think. I forget how I happen to have it, but our church library has a "freebie" box for donated items they don't use, so that was probably the source. It was really quite fun, although I think gospel must be a waltz beat--I was either walking too fast or too slow. It lasted just about 30 minutes, ending with "Turn your radio on" with Albert E. Brumley Jr. and Merle Haggard. Love that song.

I counted 21 crab apple trees blooming along our complex's drive, and really the perfume was quite strong. I didn't notice it yesterday morning on the walk in the same area. Must be the time of day, or they have "ripened" and are dropping fast in little white blossom drifts.

12 miles.

A busy park walk

I'm so thrilled to be walking with all of you. Cathy just invited me so I'll tag along. Since I don't have a pedometer, I'm just figuring 1 mile for 30 minutes, which means since Easter, 10 miles.

The park was gorgeous this morning with so many flowering crabapple trees in bloom. I think there were more cars than blooms, but I found a place. Both the children's community soccer teams and baseball teams were practicing, and one group had about equal numbers of parents and children. Don't you love to see that? I took a photo of what I think were great-grandparents sitting in chairs under a large beach umbrella. I also saw an unusual dog and asked his owner if I could get a picture, but he said no. Actually, I'd taken one before he saw me.

11 miles.

Saturday Beauties

Was not up as early as usual. So it was a later AM walk than I was planning. As I walked out to the road, I was planning the yard cleanup for 2007 planting - this year I'm filling in where I lost roses and shrubs from last years drought with annuals.

It is about just a little breezy, but just right as far as temperature. The breeze carries all the spring flowers perfume with me as I walk. I am trying to walk my whole route on weekends - about three miles.

The effect on me - not near as stressed when it comes to the job, besides learning to really see and listen to what is around me. I wonder at how many different flowering crab apple trees I see just along the town streets and at the edge of the bicycle path, all different shades of maroon, red, pink, and white. What a wonderful sight!

Saturday Morning

We had a little more time today than on a weekday, so we drove out to a neighboring seaside suburb and explored the trails at Robinson Woods. We took the Outer Loop trail, a rambling 2.4 miles enjoyed by both dogs and people. We met a jogger along the way, but otherwise we had the place to ourselves, aside from the breeding salamanders. It's a beautiful spring morning, sun shining, temperature in the low 50's.
Much like yesterday, my heart and lungs wanted to go a little faster than my sore legs/feet would allow. I seem to have hurt my heel pads, and they complain to me.
Molly came home with very muddy feet and is also complaining, saying "Woowoo!" at the back door because I won't let her in until the dirt dries!!
Miles today, 2.4; Total Miles, 10.1.

does cycling count?

I cycled today - with the dog - probably 8 or even 10k.

We even found out that the biannual herring market was going on - and the city looked lovely. But I think I'll be saddle sore tomorrow.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Walk

This morning my husband and I took the dogs out to the Nature Preserve again and did a combination of the Red and White Trails. Someday I will find the charger for my digital camera batteries and take a picture of the place. That route is 1.5 miles, including some hills.
Yesterday I didn't get to walk at all, but Wednesday afternoon I did another half mile with the dogs, so that brings me to 7.7. I'm sorry to be counting up, but I know I'll be away for most of a week in May and probably won't be walking then, so I'm trying to keep track now!

It feels good to be outside, especially on this beautiful day--sun shining, temperatures in the low 50's. Aerobically I feel in better shape; orthopedically, I'm still sore from Monday's hike.

How are you feeling?

Friday Journey

As I stepped outside this morning, I heard the birdsong that truly tells me Spring is here. The brown thrasher has arrived, singing from the higest tree limb in the yard. For numerous springs - my Mom, Dad, and I would hold nightly vigils over his nest in the forsythia bush, keeping the cats at bay. I know with the 5 outside cats, this year should prove to be very exciting at 2AM.

The viburnum smells luscious - sweet clover scent. I will be trimming all the old dead wood out this year.

Down the road for a Friday walk. No hurry today - because of the three 12 hour days spend Mon - Wed , I have the day off. The cattle are in the West pasture, so I will not see them very often. I'm hearing loads of cardinals and robins, and twitterings of finches and sparrows. The green grass, yellow dandelions, and purple violets along the road brighten my trip. In town, I stop to look at the coral ruffled tulips which are now fully out to a glowing orange and yellow combination.

Along the canal, the water is quiet. Too late in the morning to see the pair of ducks and the pair of geese that must both be building nests near the canal bank.

Walking back up my road, I keep my eyes peeled for a wild blanketflower that pops up every year.

Back up my walk , I thank the Lord for all. The poem by Elisabeth Barrett Browning comes to mind - "Out in the Fields with God". Now for a day of yardwork.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday evening - welcome new walker!

We have a new walker amongst our midst. Purechristianthink will be joining us on our journey. Welcome and thank you for joining us.

I walked about a mile and a half last evening. I saw a young rabbit (2nd time I have seen it in the same yard, so now I know where it lives), woodpecker (need to research it to find out which one), bluejay and mockingbird. I actually did see some "human beans" working out in the yard.

I am listening to River of Doubt, which has proven to be quite entertaining. It's an historical account of Teddy Roosevelt's trip through South America and the trials and tribulations on that trip.

Today was straight to rehearsal for the group I sing with "Voices of Angels" = we are preparing for our concert in May.

Since Sunday, I have walked approximately 3.5 miles, so need to get a move on!

Thursday Morning

A little later this morning than yesterday - took time to play with kit cats. The 2 older ones play together and are usually well behaved in all rooms. The little terror needs special attention - and is not afraid of anything.

Then off for my walk.

I do believe the dogwoods and viburnum are starting to blossom out. The wind and rain have been hard on the magnolia, but it is still blooming. As I walk through town, I saw a lovely patch of coral ruflled tulips. That brought to mind some old school lessons - of using the spring tulips to start a few lessons on Holland. Especially in the lower grades, tulips were favorites to draw and color. And then of course the wind mlls and the Dutch clogs.

And I thought to myself - now you are dealing with numbers, what a change! That started me thinking about the plan the Lord has for each of us - what is His plan for me?

With that question still in my mind, I return home to prepare for work.

I'm going! I'm going!

All right, y'all! I'm four miles behind already. Sheesh! But now that the weather is so nice and not a cloud in sight, I have no excuse.

Already today, I've managed to get outside and enjoy the world a little. I am hanging all of my laundry on the line these days--even the towels. So it is an excuse to get out, hear the birds sing, note the flowers that are still blooming and thrill at the scent of wisteria winging past me. The cats come along and greet me (I have five now, you know). Hanging laundry on the line is almost as good as taking a shower to generate ideas and jumpstart the creative flow. Ideas have been far and few between in my life of late.

At any rate, I'm really happy to see the renewed committment to walking, right along with the opportunity for a new beginning. I ended our 40 Days a little short.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And so It is Wednesday!

Where does the time go? I can not believe we are half way through April.

Up and out of the house at 6AM - the sun wasn't even up yet.

Cloudy, so no sun rise to see, but it was just so peaceful to go a little farther on my route. I heard both ducks and geese this morning. We have a pond across the road, the Rock River about a half mile to the West, and the Hennepin Canal a half mile to the South. So we have a flight path overhead.

The first half of my walk was for thinking about work projects, but about a third of the way along, I thought enough of that and just enjoyed the cool turning to warm and the sun peeking out from the clouds.

Walking past the houses in town, I can see and smell so much of Spring. I added about 3 blocks to my route, going part way along the Canal. Found some tiny spring flowers that must be some type of grass.


We took the dogs out to the Nature Preserve and walked the Orange Loop, a mile through the woods with a few ups and downs. I ran up a hill! But I felt clumsy on little wooden "bridges" across the muddy parts. This trail is just about exactly a mile.
I find I want to keep track the way my husband did when he hiked the Appalachian Trail, so:
Day 4--1 mile, 5.7 total miles.

haven't got off to a good start here

I've been trapped behind my pc all day, trying to make sense of a paper on the Eucharist for seminary. (course paper = mini thesis)


look out, Houdini

I got up to 23 minutes with Perky Fitness Chick this morning. The good news is that working out on the soft carpet at home seems to be helping my Achilles tendon, which was unhappy from walking on concrete (and who could blame it?)

Hootie seems mystified by the female human's mysterious morning actions in front of the television. I think he realizes he's safe from potential vet trips during this time, but he still found a safe place under a dining room chair, away from assorted knee lifts, kickbacks, and brisk walking in place.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday Catch up


Back on the trail and over being not up to par. You all have been busy. I "treadmilled" last night for about 15 minutes, but was out at sunrise this AM to see the world.

It is really lovely walk - my normal route. The redbud tees and some wild plum trees are in full bloom - the dogwoods are still slow. Pink and yellow tulips are blooming along the way - mine are just starting to come out. It is so good to smell spring.

The field by my road is still filled with cattle - the little ones have really grown in the past week. I think the farmer neighbor is just about ready to move them to another field and start planting.

We have had unusually warm weather, not in the 90's. Just warm enough to make you want to be outside digging in the dirt and planting flowers.

My current walk is just about 2 miles, which I hope to expand to 3 miles early in the AM before work - great stress reliever.

See you tomorrow!

Off to a Big Start

Easter Sunday only allowed time for a short (1/2 mile) walk in the neighborhood with family and various dogs.
But on Monday, my husband and I took off for New Hampshire, and I clocked 4.2 challenging (for me) miles up a steep trail and back the long way. I was sore at the end, but felt a great sense of accomplishment, since all the walking I have been doing during Lent, both on the ground and the elliptical, had prepared me even better than I had hoped!
Today I am sore and took a day off, but I will be back to it tomorrow.
Total as of today: 4.7 miles.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Late Monday evening

Yesterday I took a long walk for me - 2 miles and took a different path. I can't locate my pedometer ( I know it is around here somewhere), so I drove it and got the 2 mile verification. During that walk which took me around 50 minutes (I did not push myself and walked more leisurely since it was close to 90 and I didn't want to be too sore today since it had been over a week since I last walked). I decided to listen to the book "River of Doubt" which is an historical account of Theodore Roosevelt's journey down the Amazon River. I am always trying to listen to books while I walk and have a hard time holding my interest, but this one is doing pretty good.

I look forward to walking 50 miles during the GREAT 50 days. I need to be realistic and know that I will not be able to every day, but should strive for that. Today I did not get home until late because of meetings and more paperwork after school ended. Then a quick trip to the library to return some books. Came home and did the thing that nipped my walking in the bud. I sat down for a few minutes and that magnet in my body attached itself to the chair.

Like Emily, we are now encountering 90+ degree heat so the walks will need to be later in the day - after school ends, early morning walks might be in order too. School is out in late May and that is sooner than we think!


Oh yes my friends, I walked well over a mile today. 7.2 miles by my pedometer. This was thanks to my brief morning walk with the insane-o dogs, plus the two airports where I was given extra opportunities for walking due to locations of gates and their changes. Not very scenic; slightly spiritual, as I sang Taize chant while I went.

:) See y'all tomorrow!

walking with Perky Fitness Chick

(said chick would not be me)

It's 97 here in Oklahoma City. 97. That puts a crimp in the walking outside plan. . .not that I didn't fall off the wagon for a while there in Lent even when it wasn't so hot.

So I bought a couple of walking DVDs with the aforementioned Perky Fitness Chick. Time will tell how long I can take the perkiness and the repetitive music--I may have to mute the DVD and find my own music. Nonetheless, I think this is a good solution, at least for the moment.

I'll have to find some trees for a little stroll outside though.

Happy Easter! Happy Walking!

Dear Friends,

I was so delighted to join this group when invited - what a GREAT idea - and then didn't post one single time (though I did do some Lenten walking). This Lent has been hard for me in the typical ways and some others, too.

But I am grateful and thrilled at the opportunity to take on this challenge. His mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is great! As is yours.

Off to walk through airports today - blessings on you all -

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter - The Great 50 days - 50 miles

Easter Sunday

Unfortunately my Easter has been disrupted by the flu, I think. Woke up with the normal flu symptoms - sore throat, headache, coughs. Since we have had many cases of mumps in the area and I did not have mumps as a child, I thought it best to stay home and make sure that I was not contagious.

Even so, I pulled out my Bible to read the passages of Palm Sunday through Easter.
Also read from a book of devotions and listened to church services on the radio.
I thought about what our lives would be like if Easter never happened - it is not imaginable.

I am feeling better after napping the late morning through just a little while ago. I guess the aspirin, chicken soup, and tea have helped. I am hoping this is a one day thing and will be doing my normal walk tomorrow.

It has been stormy and rainy most the afternoon. Such a day - tomorrow is supposed to be sunny to partly cloudy. So I will start the Great 50 Days on Day 2.

Easter Sunday - Alleluia

A glorious warm Easter Day. Outside of the church were these baskets of flowers for the children to "flower the cross." Is this a tradition that any of you are familiar?

Flowering the cross is something I remember from my childhood - on Easter morning, children bring flowers to place on a cross covered with chicken wire. These flowers are pink perfection camellias, knockout roses, hydrangeas and somehow some silk tulips became a part of the arrangement (pretty though!) The flowers that we usually place on the cross are long gone - azaleas.

Now.... I must go walk. A new season.. new life.. Alleluia!
Special Note: New image for the great 50 days is on the page to replace the Lenten one.

Turku Cathedral Easter Sunday

This was the site that greeted me when I arrived at the cathedral this afternoon.

I walked there - joined by hubby and the dog for most of the journey. After the service I walked through the town (opposite direction) as I'd been invited to dinner with some English friends.

It still isn't very warm, but spring is finally trying hard to break through - most of the snow has gone, and this weekend they've done their best to clean major streets of sand etc.

There isn't any sign of growth in any gardens yet, and very few trees have even 'woken up' a tiny bit - it was only 2C last night. So still a long way to go.

But the walking was good and spring is definitely in the air. Hallelujah

Easter the GREAT 50 days

I'm hopeful that spring is coming ...
and that I can then walk with a spring in my step

Today to the cathedral in the drizzle, but that doesn't stop the light from shining from INSIDE me.

Christ is Risen.
Do we even come close to knowing what that means to us personally?

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Saturday Walk

Each day brings out more Spring. The little wild Tulips are just starting to open and I have found more violets as I walk out the driveway. There are at least two wrens singing.

Walking down my road, I see many dandelions. They will soon be in the yard - I know they are pesty, but they are pretty. Besides my yard is always filled with wild "stuff".

Stopped to say hello to one of my town neighbors and then on my way to the bicycle path. Short walk today, but as I turn, I heard a splash from the canal - either a fish or a beaver.

On the way back, the sky was blue for miles - no clouds. But rain for tonight and tomorrow.

Now I'm ready to start the Easter weekend.

Holy Saturday

I have failed miserably this week and attempting to take my walks- I have had obligations every day after work and into the evening. Much has been neglected in addition to the walks.

However, there is hope.... tomorrow begins a new season - a season of joy, a feast day of all feast days - Easter is a new beginning and the blog will reflect the season change to the great 50 days. 50 miles is the goal... or a mile each day... or however you set your goal.

Though I know I did not successfully walk 40 miles, I know that I walked more than I would have if it had not been for setting it as a goal. During the great 50 days, the challenge will be to be walking when it becomes hot and humid here which begins in May. And then the insects..

Thank you all for participating in this journey. What a wonderful group you are - please spread the word for those who might join us in the Easter walk.


does walking from the house to my friend's car, and then from there to the cathedral - all of 3 mins (each way) count?


I thought not (sigh)

Mark me as a non-show for Good Friday

And today looks less than promising too - as it's TS's 16th birthday and we've got visitors.

I'll go to the midnight service tonight - by car - (No way I'll walk there /back alone) but before that hope to take the dog for a short walk. Maybe one mile (max)

But tomorrow (Easter Sunday) I'll walk to the cathedral and next week we start the 50 in 50 right? We've done good because we've done what we can.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Walked later than I had planned, but that proved great. The storms last night and sun this morning blossomed out the Redbud tree and I saw the first Violet of the season. I had thought to walk to the cemetary to place bouquets on family graves, but wasn't sure whether the cattle (especially the bulls) had been moved to other fields, so later that was a short trip in the car up the back way and climbing over the barbed wire fence.....

Back to my walk. Two new friends today - a border collie and a well fed orange cat. Down by the canal were a pair of ducks. I'm sure they are starting a nest near by the bank. It really smells of spring, the farmer neighbor has done some light tilling. The earth smells so good! You can even smell the fresh spring dirt in town. Walking along and thinking how wonderful this all is (one reason I wasn't up early enough, I stayed in bed longer to count up my blessings and thank the Lord for all I have and all I receive). As I am walking back up my road, I think about the seasons and what a wonderful gift from God, each of those seaons is.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Getting Up to Date


Shorter walk, but spend some time watching the cattle. Tried to get a good count of the babies, but they were either romping and running or having a milk snack. My last count of 15 still stands. Got a later start than I had planned, so it was growing dark when I was at the halfway point. On my way back I heard the night songs of the barn swallows. I also watched some terns and geese fly overhead.

Time for a cup of tea.

Thursday AM:

This morning I started my walk by visiting my yard and seeing what is blooming. Some daffodils in front and back, the pink hyacinth are just bursting, and the little dutchmen britches are showing up - where are the violets? I found what my Mom called a Wild Tulip. I have been caring for that plant for three years, making sure I don't mow the leaves - it is going to bloom this year. Buds should be out by tomorow. The Magnolia is just budding out, but the dogwoods are barely showing signs of budding - they will be late this year. That took a while.

I went on down to the bicycle path and to the interstate overpass. It is a strange year - some trees are really leafing out, but others have just started to show the signs of spring - must be the effect last summer's drought. I'm headed to work for a couple of hours.

Tomorrow I want to walking at sunrise, it is so beautiful then.

only 15 mins

walk max today

dryer roads and although it was overcast and not sunny the clouds were high up so it wasn't oppressive but I just didn't have time to walk more.

tomorrow is Good Friday and I'll walk to the cathedral (I hope)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Walked before going to work - a good thing because worked late, returning home at 10PM. (Will write about my today's walk tonight.)

Met a new friend with a big bark and a wagging tail. His owner was standing at the front door of the house calling him back to the house. Walked down to the bicycle path and back.

The sun is shining and the grass is growing greener. I see more blossoms in the little town than at my house - must be because there is less shelter on the little bluff my house sits. I head back another route, seeing a patch of daffodils and just blossoming out tulips. More and more birds are twittering. Turning into my driveway, I see that the cardinals are becoming territorial over who is going to build where.

Leaving a little early this afternoon to run a few Easter errands and then home to enjoy a Spring walk.


oops it's still Lent!

I've been down and sad and perplexed and a whole range of other emotions that I couldn't even name, and my life seemed as grey as the dismal weather we've had for THREE weeks. But yesterday I prayed for refreshing rain into my spirit, and Father God heard and answered. And this morning I've woken up to a blue sky and the SUN.

I'm walking to the cathedral this afternoon to meet my pastor friend, and it will be glorious.

Thank you God!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

on the move

I walked again today after a few days off. Friday I was travelling home, Saturday and Sunday the weather was too ghastly, and yesterday, I don't know what happened to yesterday.

But today I walked again and it was good - even though the weather is still grim.

I walked to the hospital dropping the dog off at MIL's en route. I had a check up done (BP, cholesterol etc - and they did a ultrasound of my arteries and veins (in neck and arm) to see if there were fatty deposits. There weren't - praise God ! so I walked away feeling pretty good! (grin) - we've been taking part in a cholesterol project since our son was born 16 years ago - and it means that they give routine check ups for the whole family. I'd put on 2kg since last year and could do with losing those and a couple more - but the best news was that my BP was good. if anything a little low 99/55 - but I'd high BP three years ago and so walking the dog and trying to stress less has paid off in more ways than that.

Then I walked home again (about 25 mins) , jumped in the car and went down to the school to sort out admin and pick up tests to correct. I found out that I'll only have one day a week teaching again next year. Not good for the finances, but anyway ...

I had hoped there'd be signs of spring by now - we had snow again yesterday - the wet nasty kind -but it may be April but spring most surely isn't here yet.

For that reason I think 50 in 50 might be a whole lot more fun!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Easter Week

I walked this morning. The sun was shining bright and just a little breeze. With this being Easter Week, I'm concentrating on what Easter brings to me.

Nothing strikes so close to home as holiday memories of parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents deceased. Tucked in with those memories is God's promise of what is to come - reminding you that this life you are living now is only a small portion of what you will have in the future.

I also thank the Lord for His Gift of Life to me and all my little pleasures -family, pets, the "wild critters", trees, flowers, creeks, wind, rain, sun, moon, stars........ . This list could go on forever.

A day off today and on Thursday and Friday - much to do at home, so with my walk and thoughts still in my mind, I am off to start my projects.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Morning Bright

It is almost 6:30 AM. The sun will be be peeking over the hill just as I am walking. A little chilly but not so bad walking - no wind. I check out the hyacinth at the edge of the driveway. Lttle buds are forming. In the rose patch, I'm watching for Dutchmen Britches. These are pale blush blooms that we brought from the woods when my parents built this house. This week is going to be warm with some showers - maybe I'll have many different blossoms for Easter. What a joy that God created these treasures.

The birds are definitely full force into spring song and the woodpecker or maybe a flicker is pecking away in a tree across the road - house or food maybe both. This is what I see and hear as I walk past my home.

I am doing a pretty good walk - my fenceline is exactly a 1/2 mile from the highway. The bicycle path is another 1/2 mile plus two blocks. No thoughts about work this morning, am enjoying a great Sunday early morning stroll. I'm thinking about Advent to Easter and old Sunday School and Confirmation Bible study lessons are being remembered as well as favorite hymns. These rambling thoughts carried me two miles. Thank you Lord for all my senses, memories, what I'm seeing and hearing now, and your future plans for me.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I am back to reality and now at home. The beach was wonderful and I did get a good walk in one day. Right now, the weather is iffy here with a tornado watch and periodic rain. I might get a walk in later today, but the radar is not looking good. :(

I cannot complain about the rain since we desperately need it. We are way below average for the year so the rain is needed to put the pollen in its place and not in the air where it is wreaking havoc with the sinus sufferers.

By the way, I am listening to Pray as you Go ( during my walks. If you have an MP3 player, you can download them. They have scripture and music, and the format is in the Ignatian style of scripture reading. I have enjoyed it so much!

As we near Holy Week, so many of us will be busy (and some of us are as we prepare for a busy week at church), I am curious if any of you would like to celebrate the Great 50 days with 50 days 50 miles. Tell me your thoughts. I need the community to continue walking in this spiritual way. You all have been a wonderful inspiration. Perhaps others will join us each liturgical season as we walk through the Church Year. What do you think?

won't walk today either

I'm exhausted. I'm about to curl up with a book and later on watch Midsommer murders with DD and then have a sauna.

I start to walk again tomorrow, but I did notice today that while there's still some snow here in Finland and it's around zero (32F) there is a touch of spring in the air and in places I can see grass. It's brown still but I can see it. And that excited me today. Tomorrow I will see if I can spot any buds or shoots. I love the first signs of spring and yes, I feel, it's finally 'just round the corner'

Saturdy's Chilly walk

Really chilly for April, but the birds were singing and the sun was out. I keep looking at the new plants coming up - the daylilies, iris, daffodils, hyacinth, and some tulips. Slowly, but surely, each is growing a little more each day. The buds on the magnolia tree are beginning to show that the blossoms are soon to be. Last year the magnolia tree was in bloom for almost two weeks, because of moderate changes in temperature and little wind. Usually it has one day of really warm and windy weather.

I walked down through my little town - Colona. Just short of the bicycle path, I turned to go back by another route. I noticed it was breezier than when I started out. This has been good walk, waking me up for a new day and bringing to me more of the Lord's creation.

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Late Thursday and Cold Friday

Thursday - Stayed at work too late to walk. So it was the treadmill for about 15 minutes - seemed like an hour. The treadmill is in the spare room where Blue kit cat sleeps. He thinks the noise the treadmill makes is great fun and likes to nip at my feet. If he would be a good boy, he could be with the other two cats. Maybe sometime this year, we will all be a peaceable kingdom. I really have to concentrate with treadmill walking - probably because I get bored. Nothing to watch growing - I guess I need incentive.

Friday Morning - Not too cold or windy yet, but they are predicting a drop in temp by 3PM, so I'm walking before I go to work. I am anxious for daylight savings time hours to get lighter earlier so I can walk more before going to work. It is 6:30AM and really foggy - I think everyone was sleeping in, not much traffic on my road. This fog did not swirl around like it does sometimes - it just stayed still. Everything is monotone in shades of gray. Even the cattle and calves are staying close to the barn, waiting for a load of hay for breakfast. The rain has provided some water to the creek that fills with spring water and runoff from the field. Last year was the first year I remember that creek being mud , no water running through. I have just enough time to walk a block through the little town before returning. On my way back, I'm planning projects for the day. Once I am up my walk, I look to see if I have more daffodil buds. They should be blooming in about a week. Better walking days are predicted for this weekend.

no walking today

Where is everybody????

I spent 7 hours getting home today. Tomorrow I walk I hope, though the weather is ghastly.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring is Springing

Home at a decent time and out comes the ladder to do a little outside work before my walk. Cleaning out the downspouts, I know that when the honey locust trees leaf out, I 'll have to do a second time.

Then to my walk. I'm seeing deep blue scillas and an early-bird daffodil bud as well as the crocus. Walking along the road, I take some time to clean away the old leaves from new green leaves of daylilies that bloom in the middle of a brambling rosebed ( the roses need some work). As I'm walking, I plan some outside work for the weekend - to uncover the roses and see what will have to be replanted (very dry last year). I walked next to the fence and got up close and personal with a beautiful brown calf, such long eyelashes. Next thingI know I'm back at my fenceline, checking out the forsythia (not blooming yet).

I wanted to share two paper back books - Beneath His Wings and In the Shelter of His Wings, published by Harvest House Publishers. Both are compilations of Bible verses, songs, and poems of faith. They are beautifully illustrated by Carolyn Shore Wright - birds and flowers. I enjoy reading a passage each day, knowing that God is always by my side.

Take care and have Joyous Walks!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monday Night and Tuesday Morn

Monday: Arrived home from work too late to walk outside even with day light savings time starting. So I tried the treadmill for a bit - Blue kit cat raced aound and around. I was laughing so hard, I only managed about 5 minutes - will do a double in the AM.

Tuesday: Outside was crisp and sunny. I really used this walk to think about work and the balance I am trying so hard to achieve. Some days I have it - some days not. So as I'm walking, I'm asking the Lord to help me be tactful and patient while I tread through more changes that need to be accomplished. I'm looking at the greener grass as I head up the walk and see that the little finches are now the color of lemondrops - such a lovely yellow. So with that sunny picture in my mind, I will head off to work.


my calves have really ached today. Not sure if it was the swimming, the stairs at the pool yesterday or what - but ouch ouch ouch. I didn't notice much until coffee time - our classes are upstairs today and coming down the stairs I had to hobble.

I did walk to the supermarket (had an icecream!) and back and hallelujah the sun tried to come out for the first time in days.

I've been struggling a bit with my prayers and longing to get home and have solitary walks with the dog and quiet time too. I've been here in Tallinn for two weeks now and have three more days of lectures. I should get home at 10pm on Friday night and am happy about that.

How are you all doing?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday - Did a long walk - 5k, sponsered by Gilda's Club. All proceeds support our local Gilda's House. Walked with a best friend who will soon be a cancer survivor of one year. The walk / run is in a residential section of one our near by cities - Bettendorf, IA. The local area here includes counties in Iowa and Illinois and is know as the Quad Cities although there are many other communities that feed into this metropolitan area. This walk was mostly for pace - I was happy to have completed in under 45 minutes. It was a little cool but by the end of the walk I was warmed up and thanking the Lord for friendships and family.

Sunday - Big storm brewing, so I walked just a little over a mile. Our sky was gray. To the South and West, reports on the TV showed that the dark clouds, wind, hail, and rain moved in within seconds of the sky being sunny. As I walked, I saw the cattle beginning to group like they do before a storm. The little ones were still enjoying their romps, but there was much mooing by the "mamas". I decided to make sure kit cats were in the basement with me before the storm hit - that meant catching the two bigger ones before they crawled under the bed. When I got in, retrieved the bigger cats first and placed them in a big cage, then went for Blue, who doesn't mind being in a kennel. When all was accomplished, settled down for a big storm, but just a little wind and some rain. Saw a rainbow when we went upstairs, such a lovely sight and promise.

still walking

Saturday I walked to the supermarket and back in the rain.

Sunday Andreas and I walked to the Russian speaking youth centre in the old town. (You can read more about the centre here if you are interested)

and today
we had a day off and treated ourselves to an hour and a half in the newly built spa on the outskirts of the old town. We walked there and then I swam 750 m too. Andreas can't see well without his glasses so I walked up the steps (three times!) to the slide with him - later on I also slid down the longest of the slides myself. Twice.

We'll walk to the supermarket again later today. I'm in need of fruit.
The weather's a bit better (it's stopped raining and the snow / slush has mostly gone. But parts of Tallinn are like a construction site - so it's very muddy) I go home to Finland on Friday evening and hope to find out that spring is coming there too.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday /Saturday

Walked to the cinema in the rain yesterday.
Now walking to the supermarket in very dismal conditions. It's grey,overcast, damp and muddy (lots of construction in Tallinn)

it's probably about a mile round trip to the market, and 1.5 to the cinema, but neither are 'nice' walks in the best of weather and in this, well a necessity not a joy.

That said I think our spiritual lives do have days where we don't feel like doing it - and so discipline in walking is good too, but I do hope the sky will be blue and the sun will shine again soon. Monday would be great as I have a free day then.