Saturday, June 04, 2011

Now I'm Back

Long time since I have posted - needed to change e-mail accounts.

Still walking my route of 4 miles to, by, and back from the Hennepin Canal. Fewer walks so far this year, but that is going to change. My walk this morning was purely for pleasure and not for speed. Saw lots of acquaintances along the way. Too late to see the Blue Heron, but saw and heard robins, cardinals, gold finches, wrens, and other birds, as well as the squirrels and rabbits.

Although we have had quite a bit of rain, the mile stretch of the canal path I walk shows that section of the canal as needing dredging. Don't think that will happen - but, maybe it will someday turn into a wetland.

Break time is over - going out to dig in the dirt and plant roses and other flowers.