Monday, April 30, 2007

a weekend of walking

We were up a the cabin this weekend so got some walking done. Just "swimming" right along! (I'm having way too much fun creating new tickers!!) 2.2 miles with my husband, 3.3 miles alone and 2.3 miles with my son and daughter-in-law. Love that site - no more 10ths!! We had real nice weather; dock is now in.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good Shepherd Sunday

Pier walk again Sunday, much stronger now even though the sand was still a little squishy. Talked to my friend Amy on the cellphone part of the way--fun, though it was a little noisy.

17 miles....Will see if I can get out there today as well, though I have quite a bit to do before church.

The 4th Sunday of Easter

How we doing, ladies, on this wonderful Easter walk? I am walking with the audio book 1776 by David McCullough, and went out twice (beautiful day in Ohio), 2 miles each time. I think one disc is about 2.5 miles, but I came in and listened inside to the end of disc 1 because I was, in a word, pooped. So adding 4 to my 39 that gives me 43 miles on my Easter walk.

I loved McCullough's John Adams which we read in our book club, and if I can get this finished by May 7, I'll recommend it for next year (we have to have read a book in order to recommend it, and we make our list in May for the following year (Sept-May).

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Walking along the trail

I did my slowest walk ever -- the whole way I told myself, no hurry, just enjoy - don't worry about speeding up, just soak in nature and listen to your music, Cathy. And that I did. There were more folks out on the trail than ever today -- a family walking and biking, individuals running, couples holding hands and enjoying their time together and individuals riding bikes or walking.

My heel bothered me a little bit, so trying not to add any more stress on it, yet continue the walking.

Norma may have been wearing her sky blue pants (see picture below), but I was wearing my blue floral capris (I love calling them pedal pushers) and a blue top. My feet had ankle socks and blue sandal birkenstocks. No pictures please for me! I know I would look dorky, but that's ok - I am not doing it to make a fashion statement.

I have this urge to do this while I am walking but try to contain myself. When i am listening to the music (and so much of it is classical or choral music), I have this urge to want to conduct the music. I have enough of a reputation of being quirky, so that would just top it off and seal it if I did.

I did notice there were several pieces of music that is so neat to walk with throughout the nature trail. One of the movements from Bach Brandenburg Concertos (and I don't remember which) hit the spot on one part of the trail and then a special arrangement of Debussy's Clair de Lune and one of Satie's selections (which I can't remember which one) was especially nice during the walk.

Anyway, I walked 3.3 miles today. It was a good walk, one that I wanted to go longer. That is a good thing!

Finally a walking post

I met up with fellow revgal Lorna yesterday, and we walked and talked at the beach together with my husband Tim. It was beautiful, and we got so engrossed in our conversation we ended up walking almost 4 miles without thinking about it- it did get cold though as the sun set! :-)

Read more about Lorna's visit here.

No blue skies

so I wore my new blue sky jersey pants (on sale at K-Mart) for inspiration and added a mile anyway. I'm up to 37 now. No i-pod for me--I'm definitely old-tech.

Update: Added 2 miles on Saturday, so I'm at 39.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Relay for Life Walk

Today I walked a slow 1.5 miles on the track for Relay for Life. Pleasant weather and listened to quiet music on my Ipod.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to the Beach

Pier to pier again yesterday, so I'm up to fourteen miles.

It was tough, as I couldn't find a firm stretch of sand and realized also I was still recovering from the stomach flu I picked up on retreat. So when I got to Balboa I stretched, rested on the grass a bit, and then walked back along the strand instead.

The healers in my order prayed for and anointed me and as a bonus I think they helped zap out some of the remaining pain in my right foot and knees--woohoo!

We're under a tornado watch

so I only walked one mile, and one mile yesterday, so that brings me to 36 miles. If the weather clears a little, I might walk after supper. Today I did a Thursday Thirteen rather than Poetry Thursday (challenge was too difficult).

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Walked at the park

I did two miles today--one at the park, and one around the condo grounds. So that puts me at 34 miles. Beautiful dandelions at the park--usually I don't get excited about that, but with such a cold spring, any flower looks good. Hope they don't spray them.

More miles....

Another 3.5 miles! My dog (Beta the Border Collie) is loving all this walking. Say, there were the 40 days of Lent, what comes after the Great 50 days of Easter? ...the 60 days of Summer? Hey! Check out my new ticker! =)

Monday, April 23, 2007

This is fun!

Hey! I did a mile before workout this morning and I just got back from 3.5 miles with Beta the Border Collie =) for a total of 4.5 for today! Yippeee!!! Could easily find reasons to not go walking but I love moving the ladybug along in the grass!!!

A bit overcast

Three and a half miles and it's only 12:55, so I may get some more time in. Had a big lunch of veggies--turnip greens, onions, peppers and carrots with a dollup of sour cream, and I'd made a strawberry dessert that wasn't too bad. I had about a quart of strawberries left from last week that were starting to look a bit tired. So I gently cooked them in a little apple juice, sprinkled in some mixed berry sugar free jello, ran it through the blender, and added a carton of sugar free Cool-Whip. It made eight 1/2 cups of ?? (I'm calling it pudding, but it's not real firm). Whatever you do, don't cook fresh fruit in an iron skillet. I did that once--really an awful color.

Am I trucking, or what?

Update: I got a mile + in at the park after lunch, and a mile + walking the condo grounds after supper. So that makes 2.5 more miles for 32 miles.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

South Philly

Walked 2 miles (best guess) Friday: to the train station to take the Main Line out to my old parish in Wayne, PA; then to the church and back; then from the station back to the friend's apartment I was staying at. Beautiful sunny day and it was especially fun to walk through Chinatown.

Total of 11 miles this Easter.

To my daughter's house...

and back! 2 more miles! Wanted to do more earlier but it rained most of the afternoon.

Polly asks me questions - and I answer....

Polly asks:

I'm reading your post and it hits parents, their good friends and my brother and his wife went to the Mayhaw Festival this weekend. What a hoot! They went last year too. They live in Pensacola FL. And over spring break my husband, our middle daughter and her college roommate were in Helen for a week. That anywhere near you? I like how you post pictures. What do you do with all the t-shirts from your 5Ks?

Oh how it is a small world! The Mayhaw Festival in Colquitt, Georgia is about 20 miles from where I live. We live in the southwest corner of Georgia. Helen is in the northeast corner of GA and about 350 miles from us. By the way, mayhaws grow in boggy areas and are a member of the rose family. Their tart berries make a wonderul mellow jelly, which people love around here. It's a soft pink in color!

All those tshirts amount to 2 right now - and until I lose some more weight, will not fit me in the HIPs. When they do, I will wear them. If I get too many, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!

Today I walked 3.7 miles -- this afternoon and it was a slow and easy walk.

Now it's almost hot

I added 2 more miles today. Now just watching some silly, romantic movies. Sort of trying to figure out the ticker. It updates even on the old posts, and today it gave me Cathy's ticker before I even wrote anything. Seems to be a few "bugs" in my tulip garden. But isn't it cute?

5k race

Yesterday I walked a 5k at the Mayhaw Festival. This is an event about 20 miles from our town. It was a good size --- maybe about 100 runners/walkers or so? Beautiful morning and there were a smattering of people we knew or recognized. (Picture in this posting - I am in blue - daughter is holding her medal. The other two are friends who are church members.
The race was fine and was pretty well covered. The local police and county sherriff's department kept us protected. Think they had fun just watching us. Then the parade was getting set up and so there was a little confusion, but not so much that it kept us from finishing.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Beautiful weather today

I got in another 2.5 miles, even wore my pedometer. Watched a family playing frisbee outside. I think some of our flowering trees are going to survive.

Nice day for a walk!

My married daughter and I took the dog (Beta the Border Collie) and off we went - 3.8 miles in an hour. [I love that - it tells you the precise distance walked.] It was a bit windy by the lake near my house but still a nice day for walking (and spending time with my daughter). Several people were "attempting" to get their docks and boat lifts in - too much wind, too many waves for it to be pleasant. I was wearing my daughter's pedometer - 7435 steps! WOW! Sounds like a lot! I bought a bike this weekend so will be biking [it counts on AARP's Get Fit on Route 66] and walking [which counts here AND on Walk Around The World!!!] this summer. It's 8 miles around the nearby lake and my goal is to bike it 3 times a week ( I've said it - gotta do it!). Also bought a used Burley bike trailer for the dog (!) to ride along in when we bike. She's getting old (12) and can no longer keep up on longer rides. She looks like a little queen in a chariot! What a hoot!

So Not Walking Is Now Back to Walking

Hello All.

First, with Cathy in thoughts on the 5K.

12 more days until I receive the final let go from the doctors for recovering from hip replacement surgery. I am now walking outside (still with the walker and 20% limit on the left hip - but that should be done by May 3). With the Spring weather and all, I am walking the boundary of my acre. I think that is over three blocks, a mile equals about 12 blocks. So, I should be up to 4 walks around the acre each day by next Friday.

This morning I did the three blocks and tonight I'll be doing three more. We take so much for granted. I missed being outside part of Fall, all of Winter, and part of Spring. I walked over to the pink vibernum for a closer look at the blooms and the heavenly smell and wandered out to the edge of the driveway to see the pink hyacinth and dutchmen's britches, then along the bramble roses and back along the road way, then to the north boundary, east to the east boundary (checking on the roses - lost a lot of roses last winter - did not get them covered), south to the south boundary (checking on the lilacs and flowering almond), then west to the road and along the bramble roses. It is so good to be back.
I'm looking at a new exercise program - Nordic Walking. The progam uses special walking sticks to promote cardiovascular exercise and assists in gaining total body strength and endurance.The walking sticks should help me maintain my stride as I hope to make the 50 mile goal.

More later.

Today's the day...

...of Cathy's 5K. Cathy, I'm going to walk it with you in spirit. If I could figure out how to download to my mp3 I'd take Norma's 10 Great Christian Biographies by Mohler with me. Weather looking like it does I may end up on the treadmill, but the day is yet young!

Friday, April 20, 2007

10 great Christian biographies

was the name of the radio program I walked to for my 3rd and 4th mile today. I'd never heard Albert Mohler before, but a very interesting program for a librarian. I walked 2 miles before lunch. So now I have 21.5 miles in. I should have really done a few extra rounds and clipped off that .5 mi.

2 miles

Hey! Just got back from workout - went early and stayed late so I could (at least) get 2 miles in for start for the weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pot Luck tonight at church

Good thing I got in 3 miles today for 17.5 during the Easter walk.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One mile credit

I didn't actually "walk" today except around in a circle at the food pantry. We walk along with the client while they select food from the various food groups, ending with personal items and then taking the grocery cart out to their car. My legs feels like it was a 5 mile run (concrete floors). 14.5 miles for my Easter walk.

Pier to Pier Again

Did the beach walk again--and found five sand dollars and a starfish--on Monday.

Nine miles down, forty one to go.

Will try to get out again after teaching this afternoon.

I'm leaving for retreat in Philadelphia tomorrow; will probably walk a bit but am not sure if I'll be able to measure it.

one more mile!

I stayed and did a mile on the treadmill at the small gym where I work out. Woohoo!! =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wow to the walkers!

I cannot believe how many posts there have been in the past few days. I am excited at the number of miles are being posted, plus the cheerleading that is going on here! Hooray!
I walked 2 miles today, giving my total in Easter of 18 miles.
This Saturday another 5k walk - I hope I can do it!

Blue skies over Columbus

I added four miles in 2 outings today. So I have 13.5 miles for our Easter walk.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Field of dandelions

I walked over to a church today and walked in their side yard--through dandelions. Not the tall ones, but low to the ground. Still it was nice to see the signs of spring. Two miles, so I'm up to 9.5 miles.

This is such a sad day with the shootings at VA Tech. My heart aches for those parents.

Can you tell...

Monday is my day off!!! So I went ahead and took the dog with me for more walking...3.3 miles. Some praise and worship, some prayer. The ladybug is making tracks!!

p.s. to Cathy

The will be a great time AND gas saver. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten in my car (or made my husband drive the route) to see what the distance was. I read about AARPs Get Fit in an earlier blog posting of yours and I think the Walk Around the World resource was yours too. FUN! And I wanted to tell you we (I have played it for 2 of my kids) love the "I just keep walking" song/video from youtube you posted some time back. Seriously, I cry each time I listen to it. So true..... Walk on...Walk on....

The ladybug is on the move....

I went early to workout again this morning and did a 1/2 mile before and a 1/2 mile after. I'm logging the hour of strength training/lifting elsewhere (AARP's Get Fit on Route 66 - thanks to Cathy!) I also signed on to Walk Around the World so I guess I am triple dipping!!!!! Is that allowed??? =) It is going to get up to 70 today so maybe I'll walk outside later. Probably not tho because I am going to my knitting class this morning and a basic bike maintenance class (community ed) tonight. A person has to take some down time to sit and read and ponder and meditate (and nap!!!!) Blessings on your week and your walkings.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday afternoon

I got out for another mile today--sun was peeking through but extremely windy. So now I'm at 7.5 miles. I hope none of you are in the areas getting such bad weather--rain storms in the NE and tornadoes in FL. We had Bible study tonight and everyone was in winter clothes and there was a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Weekend effort

Yesterday I asked my husband how far it was from here to there and back - the distance I had walked. He said "about" 2 miles. I said no, no, no, no "abouts". I need to know exactly. I told him "tenths" count!!! So he drove it and it was only 1.8 miles. So, today I ventured forth for about an hour and then I drove the distance and it was 3.3 miles. So, this weekend effort brings me to 6.1 miles. Both days I walked with my mp3 and shared time with Ron Kenoly, The Newsboys, dcTalk, Philips Craig & Dean, Mary Mary, Nicole Nordeman - to name a few.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Walking in adverse conditions

It is 41 degrees in Columbus today with a cold drizzle. What to do? I decided to walk in the house--upstairs, downstairs, through all the rooms and repeat. This drove the cat crazy. She usually follows me around waiting for a lap to sit in. She soon took out her frustrations by chewing on the artificial flowers. So after .94 km (.58 miles), I put on my coat and picked up an umbrella and walked for a mile outside. I could see the golfers across the street. Nothing stops them.

So now I have 6.5 miles finished of the 50. Can I get an Amen?!

At my regular blog, I've got some suggestions about the VPL.

Pier to Pier

Walked at the edge of the water from the Balboa pier to the Newport pier and back yesterday, while praying and mulling over the sermon I'm trying to write today.

I need to walk more than a mile at a time, because I need to swim some days too. So I was relieved that my knees actually seemed to appreciate the longer walk, and that my right heel held up okay--I think the firm sand was a little softer than concrete.

It's a three mile round trip, bringing me to six out of the fifty miles. Gotta get a ticker but right now I gotta get back to that sermon.

Nature Trail walking

I walked our local nature trail today - it is paved and has various options to walk. I left about 10 and walked 3. 35 miles. My Ipod's battery was down so I must have left it on so i was unable to listen to any structured sound, but had a wonderful opportunity to listen to birds, the wind blowing through the trees, as well as children's voices in the nearby baseball fields. There were a few walkers on the trail, as well as one bicyclist. 3.35 miles in 83 minutes.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A sunny Friday

It's still wintery here in Ohio--not expected to get much out of the 40s for a week, but the sky is blue and I got in a mile of walking. So I'm up to four miles for the fifty. I'll try to get out a bit later too. We have a new neighbor moving in so I was checking that out. And I got locked out. My husband was taking his shower (he leads an aerobics class for women), and didn't hear me. So I went next door to call. Always take your keys!!!

Update: got another mile in after lunch, so that is five miles for the fifty.

Got my ticker!!!

I did it! My first mile....

I went early to workout this morning and did my first mile on the treadmill. My plan is to "catch up" this weekend and get (and stay) on track. Gotta get me a ticker to track my miles!!!! No more snow in the forecast so I plan to walk outside. I prefer outdoors to the treadmill. Walking up north is even better.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

2 miles today - April 12

Today was a 2 mile walk at the YMCA - packed with kids and families for soccer and the track surrounding it was the path I took. Today was a day I felt like I had lead in my legs...

Crashing Waves

...were what I saw on yesterday's prayer/gratitude walk along the Newport Strand. Made my spirit soar, especially as I was rejoicing at the gift of being offered two fellowships for next year; I'll be taking the one in Toronto at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. So I will make the most of walking by the Pacific while we're here. :-)

Three miles in Easter so far.

Said this in a comment already, but it bears repeating: welcome Polly!

Hello! I'm new to this!!!

Hey! I'm Polly and have spent much of the morning getting here....setting up an account, etc. I came across this blog when I was looking for something intentional and tangible to keep me focused on the 50 days of Easter. I emailed Laura and then received an invite from Cathy and 3 days later (!) here I am. Since this is my first ever blogging I realize there may be rules that I am unaware of so chide my gently =) OK. Until I see how (if) this works I'll keep it short.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 miles today

Norma asked if we are "resetting the ticker" -- it's up to you. I am resetting for Easter on my personal ticker for the Great 50 days, but I also keep up with different totals in different places.

Right now I am in New Mexico on Get Fit with Route 66 - that's on the AARP site.

I have accumulated almost 50 miles on the Walk around the World site.

I walked 2 miles today -- giving me a total of 4 miles during Easter.

So we're resetting the ticker?

I did 3 miles today in two stints. Warmed up a bit. Northern Ohio had 36" of snow for Easter, but we just had flurries. It was quite pleasant and sunny today, but oh those spring flowers that were blooming last week look so sad.!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting Started

Happy Easter Monday, walking women! This is my first post, reporting two of my fifty miles done.

Holy Saturday night Matt and I walked from our restaurant in Ventura to the Mission--it was only eighth tenths of a mile, but then I realized I could add on our pier walking with the kids Easter morning. And today after teaching I went to Newport and walked from the pier to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, got some prayer time and stretched again, then said a Sophia rosary on the walk back. It's a half mile each way, as best as I can estimate.

I am looking forward to getting back into walking on the days I don't swim--the only exercise I have done for the last year so due to some foot and knee problems which are gradually clearing up.

I said a little prayer for all my walking sisters too--thanks so much for letting me join you.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poky Puppy

Today I walked 2 miles, and ever have one of those dreams where when you walk you feel like you are walking in slow motion? Well mine was not a dream, and I felt like I had lead legs. After 2 miles, I felt like that was a sign to stop, so did not go 3 like I had wanted.

Norma is going like a jack rabbit and I believe she must might pass us all!!! You go, Norma!!!

Hope it's good for walking

We're headed for Lakeside on Lake Erie today. Seems a storm took a huge chunk of one of our trees. Lakeside is a Chautauqua community owned by an association controlled by the United Methodist Church. We own our home, but not the land on which it sits. So it looks like we'll be stuck getting rid of the fallen limb. I really don't do much yard work--just enough to get into poison ivy (that was back in 1989), but I hope to get some walking in along the lake if it stays warm. Although I don't set goals (I'm a problem solver and we hate goals), I might consider thinking about 4 miles. I'll let you know when I get back.

Feral cats are these "bumps on a log" in the photo taken by our neighbor

Update: I got in my 4 miles, so I'm up to 31 now. It's been a great day to walk, but a storm and cold weather is to move in tonight. And the association workers came while we were there, cut up the limb and hauled it away. What a relief! And entire tree was gone on our neighbor's property, and it looks like it pushed in the screened porch when it fell, because the kitties in the above photo were living on their porch.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Keep Walkin

I thought this appropriate for this blog....

Fabulous today

The weather was perfect today, so I walked another two miles. Parked at the library and returned my books, then zipped around the park. The man walking in front of me was carrying a folded umbrella, but there wasn't a cloud for 50 miles. Cool weather to move in by Wednesday.

27 miles during Lent.

I'm here and walking!

I've been a very absent member of this blog for...a year! or more?

But! Here I am to take up Cathy's challenge of walking 15 miles during Holy Week. (Maybe I won't get THAT far...! but it's good to have a goal.)

I have been very rigorous in my participation at Jazzercise for the last several months, but I backed my car into a pole last week and developed a small whiplash. The chiropractor has asked me not to return to exercise class for at least another week...yikes!

So I am back to walking. Hope y'all will still let me play!