Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Monday

Pretty good for this last week. Easter Sunday was only 2 miles because it started to storm. Had I not been so lazy, I could have walked right after church and made the 4 miles.

All yesterday I thought about how much Easter means to me. Our church service centered around new beginnings and the resurrection. The music, the lilies and other spring flowers on the altar, and pastor's sermon about "God's got you" meaning no matter what happens He has you in His hands to guide you had me thinking on my walk about how God is with me through tough times and through beautiful times.

My walk today was brisk and full of bird twitterings. I know it is Spring here because I heard a meadowlark and a brown thrasher. The juncos are still here, but by tomorrow morning, I bet they will be flying North - no matter when Easter is on the calendar, most seem to go north on Easter Monday (leaving just a few stragglers behind).