Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still creeping along!

Is Holy Week part of Lent? ;) I'm going to get last week back!

I did manage to get a mile in today. Between bugging out of my regular home last week and at least three days of nearly constant rain, I hadn't managed a mile all week. It was terrible. I noticed that I began to get grouchy and felt as gray and heavy as the oppressive looking clouds outside my window. This evening--finally--the sky not only cleared, but it is the brightest blue that I can remember So, even though I only grabbed the time for a routine walk around the neighborhood, it was refreshing.

Whew - it is finished....

Just walked 2.5 miles - I have exceeded my 40 miles. Easter for me will be the Great 50 days - 50 miles.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Multi-colored birds and things

I added another mile yesterday so I'm up to 23--I'll have to really huff and puff to catch Cathy. Yesterday I also read a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Pied Beauty, abouth multi- or two colored items in nature. It was so charming using the word images with pied, brindle, freckle, stipple, etc., that it just made me smile. Look for God's artistic touch and how he plays with colors and shapes on your walks this week. Spring is a good time for an artist's eye.

Imagine a little cute ticker bug here: As of March 29, Norma had 23 miles during Lent.
Update: added 2 miles in the park on Friday making it 25 miles.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Chalk up 4 more

Yesterday we had two couples over for dinner after church and showed photos of our trip to Finland this past summer. They left about 3:30 and I immediately fell asleep on the couch. I then took a 2 mile walk--must have been about 77 degrees--then took dinner left overs to my daughter (about a 15 minute drive). She had on the movie "The wedding planner," which I'd never seen, so I stayed through the end of it. Her husband has gone to Cleveland for a week to help his father. Such a sweetheart.

Then today I got in 2 miles at the park. A young man was running--passed me several times. I saw something I rarely see around here--he was wearing a Chicago Cubs t-shirt. Also, I had the radio on. Rush Limbaugh says he has lost 35 lbs in 42 days. He admits he is a yo-yo dieter and will probably put it back on, but that doesn't seem a worry. Also, believes not drinking any alcohol is essential if you want to lose weight. So there was some discussion of diets, metabolism and exercise, which apparently he doesn't believe in, at least not for weight loss. Lots of unhappy e-mails from his listeners. At Bible study the other night, one of the men mentioned losing 9 lbs in one week. I don't know what they're doing, but I think slow and steady wins the prize. I know the exercise is good for me, but I do have more leg pain at night when I've walked during the day. Need to remember to do more stretches. Anyone else experience this?

I was doing some reading at a nutrition site about fructose (corn syrup) and how it was hardly in use at all 30-40 years ago (not sure of the date on the site). Some nutritionists think it is the culprit in the obesity epidemic. That's apparently the reason Coca Cola doesn't taste like it used to--but in Mexico the bottlers still use sugar.

Well, I have rambled far and wide. Happy walking, ladies!

Update:21 miles.
Update: added another mile, now 22 miles

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday's walk

Yesterday I walked the cushioned track - and folks this might get to be boring because one can only write so much about the same path, however, I will try and share and tell of how I try to make it so I don't get bored. I walked the morning, not as early as I would have liked but this lazy bones did not get out of the house until around 9:45. When I got there, a few people were on the track - all of us were what I think of us as the TURTLES - there were no hares on this track this morning, which was fine by me. The only person that passed me was a tall man and of course his stride was longer than any of the rest of us. It's nice with the Ipod - the Diane Rehm podcasts last just about as long as an hour walk and she almost always has something interesting on her program. I listened to her recent program on Parkinson's disease - interesting discussion. The last 10 minutes of my walk finished with the Pray as you go podcast - it continues to feed me spiritually through its music and scripture. I also decided to join the YMCA again - after a few walks where the heat was enough that I felt as though I might want to find an alternative to walking outside during the summer. My first choice is outside, but there are too many days with the heat index over 100 degrees here in the deep south. Anyway, I walked approximately 2.6 miles yesterday. Much easier after a few days of adjusting to new shoes!

Added 2 more

It was actually hot when I went out on Saturday. I started with a light jacket, and soon shed that. I posted two photos of an eagle and hawk squabbling over some real estate at my other blog (not my photos but the ODNR) that a friend e-mailed to me. I can hear birds while walking around here, but they stay well hidden. I think they try to stay clear of the dogs, several of which look like little dust mops, but they bark.

On another topic: today's selection in my one-a-day poetry book was Lord Byron. My, what a scumbag (reading the notes of his life). Makes you realize that people have always been fascinated with celebrities and their lifestyle.

Update: 17 miles during Lent

Two and a half more miles:

I missed two days when I took my son out of town for a night at a motel and a day shopping. Too bad I can't count mall walking time! But I tried to make up the greater part of it this evening. We walked down by the river again. We had to modify our loop halfway through when we discovered that a large flock of turkeys were frightened by our approach. So we doubled back and went in the opposite direction.

I should have taken my camera today! We were standing still for a moment watching two deer watch us. I was disconcerted at first to see a large dark thing approaching us. After a breathless moment I realized it was a turkey intent on mating. He was answering another turkey that was further down the field. He came unusually close to us with his tail spread and his wings dragging. When the deer realized we were distracted they made their way into the tree line. We glanced back in their direction just in time to see their white tails vanish. There is an entire row of redbuds and pear trees in bloom that make a spectacular show.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another day, another walk

I walked about 2 miles this afternoon - it was 85 degrees and HOT. The last 1/2 mile, I felt my "motor was becoming overheated" - I had water in the car and it was wonderful. However, this is the time of the year that it start getting so hot that it is very hard to walk for this slowpoke. So I will have to change my walk time to later in the evening or very early in the morning.

Anyway, it is satisfying to see me so near to my Lenten goal!

Six miles

I walked two miles on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, and after doing the mail run for the church, I plan to stop at the park and walk two more, so that makes six. A storm is suppose to blow in this afternoon, but it is warm with a bit of sunshine this morning.

Stop by and read my poem about the Old Lady Blogger. It's based on the Father William poem.

Mileage update: 15 miles

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Walk

Walked 1.6 miles today - got a blister on the bottom of my foot since I was convinced I could walk without socks. hmmmm Guess I learned! I am thinking I MIGHT make it to over the 40 mile mark by Easter! I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring walk by the river:

We walked at least three miles today. It was so beautiful, so perfectly comfortable, except for a brisk wind. We even took some extra time to explore some things that we usually breeze past. One of them was the old barn. And another was an old dugout that has caved in and is nearly lost in the underbrush. All the flowering trees seem to be in bloom and there are signs of spring everywhere. I posted some pictures on my regular blog of our adventure. We dawdled so much that we realized I was late for my Lenten study when we saw our neighbors, members of our church, as they drove past us when we were returning home. And they don't go early!

Yesterday I crossed the 20 mile marker! What a relief.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Walk

I walked with a friend today and we walked along our boat basin - the place was full of trucks and their trailers empty --- boats were out on the river/lake enjoying the cool crisp weather (could have been a tournament too). Children were out playing baseball, or softball, families at the park, and there were a smattering of walkers out there. The walk around the basin is 1.1 mile, and we also took the boardwalk that is by the river which is 1/4 of a mile. In total we walked 2.6 miles.

Now.... on a more negative note..

I wish there were sidewalks, I wish that the drivers were a little more considerate of walkers.

On a more positive note, I know I am walking faster, my pants are getting looser also!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Trying to get some walking in during a busy week along with rain that seemed to get in the way. So at lunch I did a quick walk of 1.4 miles during the lunch hour. I wouldn't call it a power walk, but I wouldn't call it leisurely either since I didn't want to be late back for work (planning day for teachers). Maybe a pleisure walk? Anyway, I am almost at the halfway point for making 40 miles!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Simply walking!

The weather has been beautiful and warm these past two days. Yesterday I walked with my husband around the block where he works. It's a long block and we walked three times around to make a mile. Today, I took my dog with me again through the housing edition. Today he stopped walking at a slightly safer distance from the yards where he knows a dog lives--making his walking effort shorter and my carrying effort longer.

So I'm inching up and nearing the halfway point.

Another good day for walking

It was 61 this morning, then the rain came, but by 1 p.m. I was able to go to the park and got in 2 miles. I saw only men today--one 40-something was jogging with no shirt and short shorts. I think he was quite enjoying his body and wanted everyone else to. One guy was sitting in a truck--mixing something in a test tube! Some were just strolling or walking their dogs (on a leash). I did see one really impressive sight--six of the fattest robins ever bathing in a large puddle. Oh, they were having such a good time. Wish I'd had the camera.

Today at my regular blog I reviewed a book that might interest some of you, Alternative Medicine. It is co-authored by a Christian doctor and pharmacist (who also has a theology degree). When my husband saw it on the counter this morning he said, "Oh, he was at our Bible study this morning." His in-laws are friends of ours, so they must be visiting. Even so, I wasn't aware of the book until it was mentioned in the Wall St. Journal a few months ago.

Mileage total: 9 miles

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Three miles today

If you can't walk in Columbus, OH today, you're just not trying! I walked a mile in the morning around the condo grounds, then got a trash bag and picked up branches which fell during our last few winter storms. Then I also went to the park in the afternoon and did 2 miles. It was almost hot!

I watched a dog, not on a leash, escape from the "control" of its owner to chase a mother pushing a baby stroller with an elderly dog on a leash (who couldn't have run if its life depended on it). The owner ran frantically shouting commands, which the dog ignored, of course. The mom was smart and stopped, waited and controlled her dog (which may have been blind and deaf). When the owner huffed and puffed her way to her dog (who really appeared to be just joyously friendly and excited at the sight of another dog), she picked it up and took it back to the area--where the leash was lying on the ground!

Reminder to all dog owners: all dogs will bite. You just don't know yet when and why and what triggers it.

Total: 7 miles

Good and not so good!

Friday my husband and I walked down by the river again. It was uneventful. We also took a jog out to the river itself and stood above--way above it--a short while before sundown. It was so beautiful. I wished that I had my camera with me.

Saturday was beautiful, but I was so busy that I missed my walk. And Sunday it rained all the livelong day! Then Monday my husband and I repeated Friday's walk. We did see three turkeys. At least one was a gobbler and he had his tail spread and his wings drooping. And it was very muddy!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Finally started walking

I walked a mile last week, and 3 miles this week. That's not the greatest progress, but better than nothing. Maybe with the time change and longer, lighter evenings I'll be more inspired.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Curious things do happen!

We have just returned from our evening walk. We were going to walk down by the river again. On our way down big snake road, I told my husband that just a few minutes earlier, when I was driving up the hill, I had seen two husky men walking down it. They were strangers. I'd never seen them before and considering their builds they must have been brothers, although older--maybe in their thirties. They were carrying sticks. Not wimpy little sticks, but good stout ones. When I saw them I was suspicious. I don't know what it was in particular about them, but they seemed angry to me. I told him that I didn't want to catch up with them. Of course, he wasn't the least bit worried. After ten minutes or so, they could have been long gone.

We unlocked the gate to the nursery and went down behind the barn, the way we usually do. From the bottom of the hill we swing either right or left and make a loop back around a group of trees. That, it seems, turns out to be approximately a mile. This time we headed left and up the narrow track along the fence to the property. Across a field we caught sight of a deer. She ran when we began to walk again.

We were most of the way to the soy bean field when I heard what sounded like men's voices in the distance. My husband's hearing isn't as good as mine. He suggested that someone at the rent house was talking loud. But I didn't think so. I would bet the rent house was a good third of mile away. I continued to listen and look and then I spotted the men. They were walking up the road from the rent house that we loop back on. What is weird is that they were carrying trash bags with something in them.

This land is private land. It belongs to my husband's employer and family. I continued to look. Dang, if I didn't wear a bright green sweatshirt this evening. I saw them see us. It is difficult to hide in a brown landscape wearing bright green.

It scared me because after they paused looking our way, they appeared to begin to come straight across towards us. I have an excellent imagination and it never ceases to function. I wasn't going to wait around for them so I started back toward the nursery. Rather than going all the way to the regular road that goes north of the barns, we headed up a steep track that comes out in back of the green houses. I made tracks up that hill! I haven't been that winded in a long time.

At the top of the hill I turned around and I could see that they were still looking at us. I'll let you know if anything comes of it--since I didn't have the guts to check them out. Had I had on a darker shade sweatshirt, I told my husband I would have stalked those men to see what they were up to.

Unfortunately, I came out a half a mile short of my goal for the day.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Two miles yesterday:

I did manage two miles yesterday. My husband and I walked down to the river and made a large circle before coming back. It was a beautiful evening. We like to go right before sundown in hopes of seeing deer, but other than tracks we saw no wild things.

Today Mr. Dickens, my Maltese dog, and I walked around the housing addition behind our house. He considers a good walk to be one where he is carried so he can sniff the wind and get a good view. But he's a little FAT boy and waddling gets tiresome. I made him walk a little bit for his sake. He wins when he sits and won't budge.

So, I'm up three miles. If the weather holds out, maybe I'll keep catching up v-e-r-y slowly.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I like the ticker!

I've walked for the past two days, but not today yet. Sunday I took a jaunt around the neighborhood again. Samo, samo! And yesterday I walked around the park near the high school. That works quite nicely when I manage to get there before I have to pick my son up at the school that is one block away from it. That was an uneventful walk too other than that the weather was beautiful.

I'm still way behind since I was sick so many days last week. I hope to catch up soon. I reserved enough time yesterday, but my hip began to hurt so I circled back to the car.

I also checked out the Route 66 one. I like it because it includes time for vacuming and other rigorous housework and gardening, so it should go faster. On the other hand, I haven't found that it can be posted on a blog so it isn't quite the encouragement that the ticker is.

Have a good walk!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday's Walk

Sunday's walk took on a little different path as I am trying out different places to walk. Today I walked 1.6 miles. The redbuds are blooming and I saw a couple of dogwoods ready to pop wide open. It's interesting with the dogwoods as some ones predictable bloom first every year while others take their sweet time. Carolina Jasmine is showing off in the yards too.

I also found something interesting. AARP has a neat "play thing" on its website called Get Fit on Route 66. Here's how it works:

Go to: and sign up. For every minute you exercise/walk you travel that many miles down Route 66. Of course the goal is to travel the entire route.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Walk

I found this at Ticker Factory -- I thought it was cute and some of you might like to give it a whirl. You can set it up the way you want it to look. It was kind of fun.

Neat way to keep it documented.

We walked 2 miles today around our park, known as the boat basin. We stopped to feed the goats, emus, and mule that are in an enclosed area.

Walking the hose:

Okay, it was a very strange day. My son took a day off from work and called me--he gets lonely around the house. The conversation turned out to be a long one. Since I couldn't do anything else while holding the phone, I decided to take my walk by walking around my backyard several times. It should work since the yard is approximately 3/4 of an acre. Walk 20 minutes rapidly and that should roughly equal a mile.

That was all well and good, but at some point the conversation turned emotional and I lost my focus on the fence. It was only when I bumped my head on the bird feeder that I realized that I had begun to walk on top of the hose, like a kid on a curb, and it had passed beneath the pecan tree.

I hope that none of the neighbors saw that I was walking in figure 8's in my backyard!

In other news, the birds still want to be elusive, but I outsmarted one. It isn't a good picture. She almost didn't hold still long enough, but there she is on the branch one second before she took flight.

Friday, March 02, 2007

TGIF & photo

Beautiful day for walking - terrible day for trying to take a picture of a bird! Also, taking your dog for a walk is not suggested if you are going to try to take a picture of a bird. That should have been a no brainer.

Anyway, I think we should scrap the bird photo and let's try something different. How about taking a picture of what I think of as yard art? People have a variety of things in their yard, so let's try that for the next week.

Walked 1.6 miles this afternoon. Listened to today's Pray as you go devotional on my iPod as I walked.