Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday's walk

Yesterday I walked the cushioned track - and folks this might get to be boring because one can only write so much about the same path, however, I will try and share and tell of how I try to make it so I don't get bored. I walked the morning, not as early as I would have liked but this lazy bones did not get out of the house until around 9:45. When I got there, a few people were on the track - all of us were what I think of us as the TURTLES - there were no hares on this track this morning, which was fine by me. The only person that passed me was a tall man and of course his stride was longer than any of the rest of us. It's nice with the Ipod - the Diane Rehm podcasts last just about as long as an hour walk and she almost always has something interesting on her program. I listened to her recent program on Parkinson's disease - interesting discussion. The last 10 minutes of my walk finished with the Pray as you go podcast - it continues to feed me spiritually through its music and scripture. I also decided to join the YMCA again - after a few walks where the heat was enough that I felt as though I might want to find an alternative to walking outside during the summer. My first choice is outside, but there are too many days with the heat index over 100 degrees here in the deep south. Anyway, I walked approximately 2.6 miles yesterday. Much easier after a few days of adjusting to new shoes!

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Norma said...

You are definitely passing us all up even if you are a turle. I like her show too--such interesting topics. But I don't have an i-pod so have to listen to what ever is on when I walk.