Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The weather has held--no rain, and cooler than northern Illinois or central Ohio. So I've been able to add a street each day to my west end to east end walk--all the way east along the lakefront, then Monday I returned on 3rd, Tuesday on 4th, and today, Wednesday on 5th. Fifth is a bit of challenge in that there is a hill between 4th and 5th. But it's interesting to see the changes from year to year--although there are more houses for sale than I realized. Yesterday I saw a huron sillouetted against the sunrise but didn't have my camera. Today I took the camera, but he/she saw me first and flew off. The only wildlife I caught was this very shy calico (she's feral but gets food from all the neighbors).

After Lynne's inspiring comment at Joanne's post a few back, last night I did a second round trip along the lakefront, so combining those two with my walks to the grocery, the farmers market and Rhein Center I think I did at least 6 miles yesterday. Yeah! The calories, however, keep coming. Boo!

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