Thursday, June 25, 2009

More wildlife

This black cat in my path is probably not feral. She didn't seem afraid, but neither did she come when I called. Smart kitty. Owners should not be allowing their pets to run loose--just because it's safe for children, doesn't mean it's OK to let your pets "litter."
This morning I walked about 35 minutes leaving the house about 5:45--east along the lakefront, then up to 7th on Poplar and back west, then north to our cottage on 3rd. I stopped several times to enjoy the scenery, and once to get my breath from that hill on Poplar between 4th and 5th. I'm not a tennis player, but those clay courts on 7th look mightly fine.
The story is that back in the 1870s when Lakeside was very young, a 14 year old girl named all the north south streets after trees. Louise Franck's father was an engineer and laid out the streets and she helped him.

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